61+ Best Android Games to Play in 2024

There are such a significant number of extraordinary games for Android telephones in the Google Play Store, that it very well may be extremely intense choosing what to play. That is the reason we’ve aggregated a rundown of proposals that incorporates our picks of the best free android games that are right now accessible.

The best free android gamest majority of them are free, some cost a couple of bucks, however, every one of them will give an engaging background in a hurry.

List of Best Android Games to Play

In case you’re searching for the best new android games accessible in the Google Play Store, you’ve gone to the opportune spot. We update this rundown at whatever point another game turns out that is deserving of being added to this rundown, so you’ll generally think about the best in class games.

Regardless of whether you’re new to Android and need some new, new Android Games to begin working out your Google Play library or essentially searching for the most recent stylish games that are deserving of your time and consideration, these are the best mobile games you can discover at the present time. So, enjoy our article and find out the best Android game of the season.

Best Free Android Games 2024

1) Oddmar


The year 2024 has been amazing for the gaming community. The Android Games released in 2021 have the standard high. One such game is Oddmar, which is highly recommended and praised by the best gamers across the world. The detailed art and style along with beautiful animation are the new inclusions and could be the primary reason that this game has been appreciated quite significantly.

Such gaming features you would rarely see in any other mobile game.  With having a great protagonist and excellent story to illustrate to the users, the game has its class. Well-crafted indie platformers are some of the best attractions that you would ever see.

You are the gamer who will be characterized as Oddmar. The character you would be is more interesting because you are provided with the magical powers, yet you were exiled Viking.  The one who never satisfied his ancestors.

The game is set for you, that now you have the time to redeem yourself through the journey of redemption.

The variety of enemies and some distinctive challenges keep the game very fresh along with having a pretty decent design graphics. The obstacles you face and the puzzle you solve, are something that excites more. To add some nice gameplay variety, you need to complete the bonus levels which come in regular intervals during the gameplay.

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2)  Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

A while ago when Pokémon Go first propelled in 2016, The gamers bounced directly on the temporary fad alongside a huge number of other common players.

From that point forward, we’ve seen the organization duplicated by different brands wanting to take advantage of the portable AR gaming rage that Niantic has culminated, yet nothing has verged on coordinating Pokémon Go’s social effect or resilience.

Right up ’til the present time, we still habitually go over Pokémon Go players out in the wild getting and crushing to level and develop their Pokémon, and that is great.

It’s only pleasant to see this incredible game proceed to develop and extend, and is the reason we’ve re-added it to our rundown of the best games for Android. Pokémon Go is as yet one of those uncommon Android Games that are totally allowed to play insofar as you’re willing to place in the physical work, with in-application buys in the event that you need a little lift along the route.

3) Judge


JUDGE is for people who love feeling violence, but only in the game though! The game is regarded as one of the grittiest and violent Android Games and is equipped with a twin-stick shooter that emphasizes the gaming experience like never before.

You play a character of a cybernetic enforcement officer where you need to deal with your enemies in the Robo-Cop style. Your primary weapon in the game is Gavel; a monster of a gun.

The game level features different challenges and each level must be completed in order to make progress in the game.

From seizing the illegal cash to upgrading your Gavel with different accessories, this game demonstrates a high level of intensity through violent actions. With JUDGE by your side, you will have the option to replay the same level if you want to apply several other combinations to complete the levels more effectively.

With super interesting soundtracks at each level even if you play the same level repeatedly, you will not get bored easily. JUDGE has everything covered for you so that you can sink in a few more hours playing this shooting game with top-notched graphics to display.

4) PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile android game free

It’s really staggering how well PUBG Mobile plays on Android. What began as a monstrous 100-player fight royal game has kept on developing and advance into the untouched best activity shooter game for mobile devices.

Drop into gigantic maps stacked with weapons, ammunition, strategic rigging, and vehicles in great fight classic modes. You drop in as an independent player or as a feature of a group and should utilize all your best aptitudes to bring down your rivals until you’re the sole survivor.

It’s not inconceivable for a prevalent PC to discover its approach to Android, yet you’ll be shocked at how well PUBG plays on a cell phone.

It’s the best game accessible for Android regardless of a portion of the all the more disappointing parts of the manner in which the coolest plunder is covered up in exploitative loot boxes that are just ought not to exist. In any case, the game is allowed to-play and available for such a large number of gamers.

5) Stranger Things: The Game

Stranger Things: The Game

The combination of action and adventure is what defines the characteristics of this game. Stranger things are the tie-in mobile game and have managed to establish a reputation among the gaming communities.

You will get full playable characters and tons of things to collect throughout the game. Based on a retro theme, the game is a perfect fit for your mobile screen with an amazing display of graphics.

The gameplay displays spacious Hawkins town and an adjust Markwood forest which you can explore during the live game. It presents classic Zelda-style gameplay where you can switch between the characters to solve the complex puzzles.

We must give credit to the marketing team of Netflix, they have made sure they were building something exciting from the original web series. And how good they are in developing the game from a series. Undoubtedly, the game is one of the contenders to win the game of the year.

6) Fortnite


The Fortnite, the name is enough when you find out its popularity amongst gamers. It is one of its kind and has the largest consumers. The popularity game is spread all over the world. Fortnite the best game made for Android mobiles, but unfortunately, the game is not available on Google Play Store.

To get this game, you need to search over the Epic Games website. The one who doesn’t know the gameplay would like to know that the Fortnite is a battle royale. And you have to absolutely spot on with the colors and the strategies that you apply.

The gameplay holds the adventure where you need to be more effective than others while building the structure within a territory.

Compete with other best player once you feel you have mastered the art of building structures. Even if you will not able to compete accurately as required, you can enjoy the gameplay.

7) Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends best android game free

The all-new exciting alien combat is here. The touch of sprinkle shooting with the availability of RPG provides the best shooting experience. If you love shooter action, the game is only designed for you.

Get your suits up and challenge the Alien force. Kill them in the combat with your ultimate weapons. The game covers a neon-lit central base full of surprises in which you will find bars, stores, casinos, and some unique characters who can provide you the mission that you have to accomplish.

The gameplay displays the need for amazing skills. Here, you need to complete the missions in order to obtain new gear. In addition to that,  to be the best space mercenary, you can opt to sell and buy new gear to build up your abilities and skills.  The combat displayed here occurs very rapidly and in an uncountable manner.

The game also offers customization options so that you take on a specific mission with other gamers to enhance your skills and abilities in the real-time arena. There is no doubt that the game is considered as one of the best sci-fi shooter action Android Games full of thrills and amazing sound experience.

8) Oceanhorn

Oceanhorn free game for android

So,  you have played Legend of Zelda, right? If you do, then the oceanhorn would be the game made for you. What makes the game so interesting? Is it the audio or is it visual? The answer is both, it has a solid narrative and an exceptional visual display.

More than that, the game includes some of the greatest soundtracks which keep you engaged and focused while playing the game.

The excitement of playing this game never stops. It has everything you need when you really have nothing to do and want to relax. You can always choose to play this game.

It offers you an action-packed adventure along with enticing quests. On top of that, piles of treasures, magic, monsters, and quiz are such elements that make you play more and more.

9) Dragon ball legends

Dragon ball legends

The Dragon Ball series has seen to some degree a resurgence in the course of recent years, and Dragon Ball Legends profits by that.

The game is a great deal of fun, particularly in case you’re a Dragon Ball fan, and it sees you battle through a progression of various levels, gathering capacities and characters en-route. The amazing display of greatly designed animated characters will leave you awestruck.

Being one of the most popular animated series, Dragon Ball has now been instilled in a game mode. It’s likewise worked to be played in picture mode, which makes it simple to play out and about.

The characters you play with are quite innovative and designed in a way that you feel real gaming experience. With the power and fighting skills you have, you can get the ultimate battle experience.

10) Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 android game

Do you want to step up on the accelerator and want to experience what going in speed does to you? You must try playing Real Racing 3. For all those who love racing Android Games, this game would be your go-to selection.

The game has craftily designed cars that give you real-time thrilled. In addition to that, without innovative tracks, and graphics, no game can attract gamers. The. Real racing presents a few very distinctive tracks which are designed from the real tracks around the world.

The gameplay is quite engaging! You need to perform a countless number of events, with having cross-platforms and lots of customization options, the game would never disappoint you. All we can say is that this is probably the best game in town right now. Go drive your way through!

11) Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase android game

Can you outrun your friend in the racing? We are not talking about real racing. We hope that you remember the old classic game Out Run so that we can easily explain the gameplay of the Horizon chase. But even if you don’t, you do not have to worry much. It is a simple racing game with a touch of retro design.

The game maker has included a 16-bit look that has been added with a touch of authentic and classic soundtracks. Full of art and sculpture which are characterized by a highly detailed depiction of life.

it is very refreshing in terms of being an alternative to photorealism. It also allows you to upgrade your card along with purchasing new from the store. To win the game, you have to accomplish all the challenges during your progress on colorful levels which are designed across 40 cities.

Remember, you are racing for 10 unique trophies which will be handed over to you when you complete the respective challenges.

12) Into the Dead 2

21 into the dead 2

You might have played Into the Dead, the prequel of Into the Dead 2. The game was full of zombie-killing fun. The gameplay holds a scenario where you need to continuously kill the zombies who try to attack you.

The second edition of this game is even better providing an advanced game playing full of action. The storyline of the game unfolds in which you need to save your family, and during the journey of rescue, you are needed to kill the zombies.

While battling with powerful zombies, you will also get some advanced weapons that help you in your combat with zombies. The game demands your full efforts to take down the zombie apocalypse. Get your weapons ready and start killing everything that comes between you and your family.

13)  Second Galaxy

22 second galaxy

In Second Galaxy, you’ll wind up in an open science fiction world with a great many systems to investigate. Every universe houses dull issue, planets, stars, and different amazements — and with your ship, it’s your central goal to investigate them, exchange with different players, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

You can assume the job of a trader, a transporter, guardian, etc — and in the game, you’ll meet and exchange with genuine players.

14) Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Pokémon Go was a notable game considering its capacity to mix this present reality with the advanced, yet it turns out Pokemon isn’t the main establishment that can profit by the treatment.

In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you’ll find new spells, move among stops, and shield the wizarding scene from potential catastrophe. Safe to state, in the event that you delighted in Pokemon Go and are into Harry Potter, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an incredible game to get.

15) Dr.Mario World

Dr.Mario World

Dr. Mario World is Nintendo’s most recent versatile offering, and it’s fundamentally a portable rendition of that exemplary Dr. Mario game from the 1990s. In the game, you move cases around, coordinating containers with infections on the level.

It’s suggestive of Tetris, very simple to play, and is ideal for individuals who need to put in almost no time at once.

16) Pac-Man


A few Android Games stand the trial of time superior to other people. Great arcade game Pac-Man is as yet giving gamers keep running for their cash about four decades after its discharge. The Android Pac-Man application remains consistent with the first configuration while adding a couple of new levels to keep things new.

17) Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2

Sonic the Hedgehog is a genuine exemplary, one Sega has at long last carried to cell phones with the Sega Forever accumulation.

The first Sonic the Hedgehog was discharged to Android some time back, however, the most recent in the adventure is Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2, in which you’ll need to stop the malice Dr. Eggman — who has collaborated with Metal Sonic.

18) Minecraft -Pocket Edition

Minecraft -Pocket Edition

The phenomenon known as Minecraft made an incredibly successful jump to smartphones, giving fans of the franchise the ability to mine, explore, and build their way to 8-bit glory anywhere.

19) Breaking bad: Criminal Elements

reaking bad: Criminal Elements

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements is the thing that happens when you cross Sim City with the much-adored Breaking Bad. In the game, you’ll fabricate a meth lab, expanding your pay and safeguarding yourself against your opponents.

As you develop, your lab will extend and you’ll make more money, and keeping in mind that the game is somewhat forceful with the in-application buys, any Breaking Bad fans will value the gestures to the TV appear.

20) Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey

After a fruitful release on iOS, Alto’s Odyssey is currently at long last accessible on Android and it’s accessible for nothing. In the game, which is a follow-up to Alto’s Adventure, you’ll investigate flawlessly structured levels, crush crosswise over vines, and ricochet on sight-seeing balloons as you reveal the riddles of the desert. It’s a lovely game and one well worth playing.

21) The Eyes of Ara

The Eyes of Ara

In case you’re a riddle game veteran, you’re likely acquainted with Android Games like Myst and The Room. The Eyes of Ara could be portrayed as a blend between those two games, in which you investigate a wonderful world, make sense of riddles, open various rooms, and the sky’s the limit from there.

The game was initially discharged for PC, however, it’s currently accessible on portable as well — and at $5, we believe it’s a lot.

22)  Trivia Crack 2

Trivia Crack 2

A few years after the first introduction, Trivia Crack 2 is at long last here. The game keeps a large number of the components that individuals adored in the first game yet include some extraordinary additional highlights.

In the game, there are a great many various inquiries to challenge you, online-focused modes, support for more than 20 dialects, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

23) Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

Regardless of whether you’re not a Fallout fan, this addictive sim is extraordinary compared to other Android games around. Passage into the earth and fabricate a vault to accommodate your tenants and help them endure the dystopian badlands. Would you be able to keep them alive even with pillagers, rad roaches, and different dangers?

24) Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters

Pokémon Masters is the following enormous Pokémon game for portable. The game is determined to the island of Pasio and sees you doing combating coaches, improving your Pokémon, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

You can even play different coaches on the web and in the game, and everything has been improved and upgraded for portable use.

25) Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

Develop your settlement, plan your barriers, raise a military, and guide your clan to triumph against terrible trolls or other tribe pioneers. Clash of Clans is a decent blend of moderate arranging and speedy, tumultuous fights, yet on the off chance that you join a group is set up to focus on customary fights or you’ll be letting your colleagues down. This is the most favorite game for all.

26) Pro Evolution Soccer 

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Pro Evolution Soccer has for quite some time been a staple among soccer fans and in light of current circumstances.

While the game has generally been played on the PlayStation and PC, as of late it’s been accessible on portable too — with extraordinary outcomes. The game is free, as well, however in the event that you do pay cash, you might have the option to get additional players.

27) Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends

It is a recent addition to racing Android Games. The Asphalt franchise has already developed some of the most popular games which have constantly encouraged gamers to join the racing track.

The Asphalt franchise has introduced the world with Asphalt 8: Airborne and Asphalt Xtreme, and the gaming community have appreciated the gameplay significantly. The game consists of 50 features of cars. in addition, you can take on different challenges and work around the game content.

The game also includes online multiplayer games and single-player options. However, the game only offers auto-go mechanism so that you won’t be able to control the car while racing. This is also the prime reason that many players have argued about it.

Moreover, the graphics are quite decent, you will get the great racing experience with Asphalt 9: Legends.

28) Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars

Introducing in front of you one of the latest Android Games oriented by Supercell. It is basically a brawler game that also enables multiplayer gaming experience along with MOBA elements. The gameplay begins as you are dropped into this game with a couple of teammates where you need to brawl with your enemies and try to win the game.

The other inclusion is that the game provides some unique mode in which you can collect crystals, this mode is named as straight brawl mode.

Another mode is named as heist mode in which you need to rob your opponent’s treasure. In addition,  whenever you beat the enemy boss, you get bounty as a reward. Thus, try to increase the bounty level.

It feels like a Supercell game and that is, for the most part, something worth being thankful for. Supercell likewise makes Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, and Boom Beach in the event that you need something somewhat extraordinary. Fight Stars was perhaps the greatest arrival of 2018

29) Critical Ops

Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS

Critical Ops is among the fresher age of first individual shooters and it’s truly outstanding. In this title, you’ll fight fear mongers in an assortment of urban-arranged levels or you can play as the terrorists in the event that you need to. It has a solid online multiplayer network where you can play with your companions too.

It’s as yet a work in advancement, yet it appears to hit quite a few imprints and it’s refreshed every now and again. In the event that you’d like a first-individual shooter that is totally free, NOVA 3: Freedom Edition is very great also. They’re both free Android games worth looking at.

30) EA Sports Games


We are sure that you have played one of the games that are developed by the EA Sports game. If you ever played sporting games, 8 out 10 times,  they might have developed under the watch of EA Sports.

EA primly believes in creating that is more inclined toward the world of sports. You may have explored games Like Madden NFL overdrive game FIFA Soccer, NBA Live Mobile, EA Sports UFC, and a lot more, these are all EA Sports’ products.

Each game has the same elements that are used in gameplay. You can experience the real sporting thanks to the real and decent graphics.

SIM mechanic is the one element that is included in all such Android Games. If we talk about controlling and managing the game, we should add the fact that the controls are usually good and adjustable. On the contrary, EA Sports has faced criticism since it offers a great number of free materials in the game.

Many players have found such an aspect of the game very annoying. However, EA is the only known developer of sporting Android Games. Moreover, EA has also developed games like Star WARS: Galaxy of Heroes. The reason to mention the game is that it has been admired by countless users, however.

31) Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


The final fantasy Brave Exvius is one of the most popular fantasy games available out there. The free gaming experience is rewarded with the inclusion of exciting elements.

From having an original game to actually experiencing the real town, this game has very appealing offerings. From finding the hidden treasure, and secret dungeon to exploring tons of lore, the game simply covers all the possible aspects of being the most amazing game.

Generally, the game flows very smoothly until and unless you meet the hard opponent and enemy bosses. You can easily play the whole route until you face the boss, this time you need to think critically to beat them.

Just like other Android Games, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius does provides rewards points every time you enter the game. In addition, you would like to accomplish various missions and compete for the quest so that you can gain a fresh gaming experience.

Apart from this game, you can try Mobius Final Fantasy, which is another exciting game with the same franchise.

32)  Hearthstone


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is an exciting card dueling game. The gameplay is quite similar to other card games that you used to play. Here, you need to unlock cards and construct the deck which will be used against the other play with whom you are dueling.

You can also build multiple decks and if you consider updating the game regularly, you can add a few more content and cards in your bucket list. The game is also responsive to the web so that you can log in with your account via mobile as well as from the web.

If you feel you are still not prepared to face the real players, you can always take a fight against the bots. It will emphasize your skills and in no time, you will be ready for real combat. The game is available on Google Play Store and it’s free. Thus, we would suggest you play this game. It’s worth playing! 

33) HQ Trivia

HQ - Trivia & Words

HQ Trivia is the latest edition in hit games. This game offers you a live game show experience on your mobile screen. It is basically hosted a game show where people compete with each other at the same time.

You will be asked 12 questions, and you need to answer each question in 10 seconds or less. The last man standing after all the 12 questions will be declared as the winner.  The main highlight of this game is that you get a chance to win real money, yes, that’s right.

The one thing that stands out most is that the players get real money by participating in the real-time contest. This is something that has been very unique, and users are quite impressed with the gameplay. The game starts at 9 PM EST, and on weekdays, you can play this game at 3 PM EST.

This also implies that you will have 12 Android Games per week. The game developers are making a few amendments in the game, which you can find with recent updates. 



MADFINGER Games is a standout amongst other portable game engineers for first-person shooters. Their rundown of titles incorporates overwhelming hitters like the Shadowgun arrangement (counting their most recent discharge, Shadowgun Legends), the Dead Trigger arrangement (two Android Games), and UNKILLED.

Dead Trigger and UNKILLED are a group of zombie shooters with huge amounts of missions, some online PvP substance, and huge amounts of stuff to do.

Shadowgun is a science fiction shooter arrangement with a crusade, online PvP, and that’s just the beginning. The vast majority of the fundamental Android Games are freemium. They are largely amazingly great Android Games in spite of that, however.

35) Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Reloaded

How about flying a plane and shooting your enemies during one of the craziest Sky battles! Yes, the sky is not the limit for the real gamers who are still not aware of Sky Force reloaded.

The latest Sky Force Reloaded has an absolute demonstration of old school shooters. The gameplay is quite orthodox; however, the franchise has changed the dimensions of Graphics.

They are more realistic and providing real battle experience. Sky Force Reloaded is a top-down, scroll shooting game where you will be flying a place and subsequently firing at your enemies and avoiding bullets.

The advanced graphic would offer you a better game display even if you have an old shooter the same as an earlier version of Sky Force. All in all, we can say that it’s a good gaming experience and the fact that it is a free game, you should see how it goes in your hand.

36) Vainglory


Vainglory is perhaps the best MOBA game available on the Android Platform. Having a solid gaming sense, it offers high frame rates and unlimited free play.

You can team up with other players and challenge your enemies just like you see in all MBOAs Android Games. While teaming up with other people, you will be able to make solid connections with other players. In addition to that, you will get enough fascinating experience while playing this game.

It has the best graphic display and more than that you will have 25 heroes to unlock during your gameplay. There is another mode in which you can play with computer bots instead of real players. Last but not least, this game is available for free on Google play.

37) Rush Rally

Rush Rally 3

Rush Rally 3 brings support style rally dashing to Android. For fast impacts, you can dig into single meeting mode, with a co-driver roaring in your ear; or there’s the granulating metal of rallycross, setting you against PC vehicles evidently powered by animosity. In case you’re in it for the whole deal, inundate yourself in a full vacation mode.

None of those alternatives would matter a scribble if the hustling wasn’t up to a lot. Luckily, it’s great. The game looks like it, with savvy visuals and perspectives, in the case of belting around a dashing circuit or bursting through a woods.

The controls function admirably, as well, giving various arrangements to oblige a scope of inclinations (tilt; virtual catches) – and expertise levels. With everything taken into account, it’s sufficient for the game to get that desired checkered banner.

38) Need for speed most wanted

Need for speed most wanted

Anybody expecting the sort of free-meandering hustling from the support adaptations of this title will be miffed, yet Need for Speed: Most Wanted is in any case probably the best round of its sort on Android. Indeed, the tracks are direct, with just the odd alternate way, however, the real dashing piece is sublime.

You belt along the undesirable lanes of a dull, dark city, attempting to win occasions that will help your self-image and notoriety the same. Wins swell your coffers, empowering you to purchase new vehicles for entering extraordinary occasions.

The game looks beautiful on Android and has a high-octane soundtrack to ask you onwards. However, for the most part, this current one’s about the controls – a smooth blend of responsive tilt and easy floating that makes everything feel nearer to OutRun 2 than a commonly problematic portable hustling toll.

39) Thimbleweed park

Thimbleweed park

Thimbleweed Park is an adventure that sends you back to the halcyon days of 1987. Mainly because that’s when it’s set, in the titular Thimbleweed Park, and there’s been a murder. But also, this game recalls classic PC point-and-clicker Maniac Mansion, in everything from visual style to interface.

That doesn’t mean this is a crusty old relic. Industry veterans Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick have written a winning script (which gets increasingly weird as you play), and come up with dozens of cunning, tricky puzzles to keep your brain fizzing throughout the game’s 15-to-20-hour length.

Now and again, it perhaps gets a bit too obtuse. But mostly, this is a game that knows it’s a game – and that also wants you to know it’s a take-no-prisoners puzzle title. One that features plumbers who are also paranormal investigators, dressed as pigeons.

Top Paid Android Games

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

If you haven’t played Stardew Valley, we recommend you grab your device and download it. It is so much fun to play Android Games like this that provides the best farming simulator experience. It is a robust 16 bit open-ended RPG game that enables players to design their own character along with providing a farming option as well.

the story unfolds with the arrival of your character in Pelican town, where you have developed your family farm which is run by your grandfather.

You must be thinking about what are the other parameters that make the game more fun to play.  So here they are. The game offers you the liberty to modernize your character. Moreover, it gives you the freedom to play as if you own the game.

If you notice the game while building your farm, you will analyze that the gameplay is based on crop and resource management.  Such quality gameplay has managed to attract mobile gamers who are constantly looking for something innovative in RPG games. Stardew Valley promises to be the best game in which you will be able to explore more about the game and its strategy.

There is a lot this game has to offer. Meanwhile, you plant and harvest your Field, you are provided with the option by which you can level up your character’s skills. You are given different sets of tools and by going fishing or foraging in the woods, maintain the relationship with the citizen of the town, you can level up your character.

Death Road to Canada

2.Death Road to Canada

Death Road to Canada is a must-play. The gamers are still not tired of appreciating the game and what it brings to the table. With more exciting gaming control, you will have better combat experience while facing the Zombies. You are on a deadly mission to save Canada from the greatest zombie Apocalypse.

This game is available for $10, and the interesting fact is that the same game is available for $1 due to the sale.

Beating zombies is not an easy task, for this you would require a death squad with some scrappy characters to safeguard Canada. You are on the urge of understanding the safety of Canada and need to protect it from the Zombies.

During the battle journey, you will need to maintain your supplies so that you will need to perform loot to collect the materials. In addition to that, the gameplay also emphasizes your skills when you manage your team’s health and morale successfully.

The random feature is what this game is all about. You will get randomly generated items while playing Death Road to Canada. Even you can create and build up your character randomly. The game enables you to experience the uniqueness and dynamic road trip of action RPG.

Game Controls

Furthermore, one thing that people are not getting used to significantly. We are talking about the game controls which are quite steep to learn in the first place. In addition to that, you will some time going while understanding the control combination.

Gradually, you will understand the basic tactics such as when to run, when to attack, what are the possibilities of you being alive in the game and a lot more. However, the learning experience is what makes Death Road to Canada more interesting to play.

There is a lot more this game has to offer. It could be more than that you would have expected in a zombie apocalypse game. It has 10 different game modes that you can unlock. The depth of the game is quite remarkable even if you think that the price should have been cheaper. All we can say is that It is worth playing this game, you can invest your time in it.

Graveyard keeper

Graveyard keeper

If you prefer to play Android Games with dark humor where you can display your creativity, then Graveyard Keeper is the perfect crime partner to you. Once you start playing this game, we bet you would not have any idea about how time is passing so quickly. You may sink for hours.

At first impression, you would think that being a dark game, is it good to play such a game in which you have to be characterized as a gravedigger. Would you think it is a depressing and more peril kind of gameplay? However, if you look at the game features, you will be amazed by your game character.

Graveyard Keeper’s distinct art style and the combination of open-world and deep crafting make this game very interesting.

There are a few more features that you may like to consider. These Android Games also offer you a reward for being crafty and creative while managing the graveyard. You can notch up more business by selling dead bodies to the local dealers and host switching parties.  You can also poison the local citizen to enhance your business.

Advantage of Opting for a Premium Version of This Game

The prime advantage of opting for a premium version of this game is that you will have the option to explore more in this game. You can play for hours and hours to collect the resources and obtaining secret treasures. While playing Android Games, the prime function that you need to do is forage the open world that you are presented with and maintain the graveyard.

In addition to that, the attraction of dungeons and completing the exciting quests is always present so that you can sink a few more hours while playing Graveyard keeper.

The game is creative and has a concise and pristine art-style. With the inclusion of beautiful animation, this game turns out to be a direct port to a PC game. You never know, you would discover more combination of controls and figure our hidden offerings to be the best graveyard keeper.



Very rarely you would find a puzzle game full of fun and including strategy. The more interesting fact about Holedown is that it does not require more power-ups options and extra lives while playing the game.

The one thing that was unique in 2018 that it was one of the best emerging Android Games on the Android platform. Holedown offers you the best puzzle game experience in which you have to apply and build up a new strategy to maintain the core gameplay of celestial bodies. Your journey will start from you being with the asteroids to the Sun.

Through-out the journey, you will be using a classic game strategy that to work around with bouncing balls of blocks. You need to shoot the exact number of the hit which is mentioned on the bouncing block. Only then, you will be able to destroy it. Another strategy would be destroying a supporting brick to clear out the view.

This is a pick-up and play a game and has a very straightforward concept to understand game control. However, you better learn quickly since there is a lot more this game offers that you can learn and improve your skills. The design of the game levels is designed in a way that you will be provided with curved bricks.


These bricks allow you to construct bank shots that can clear the massive area of bricks. It’s not as easy as you think. The difficulty rises every time you take one shot. The blocks will move one step up, and the longest distance you can manage between bricks and blocks, you will get the reward. Once the block touches the upper side, its game over for you.

While playing the game, you will see collectible items such as crystals which can help you upgrade the game lever in which you can get more balls to shoot and destroy the bricks. The significance of these upgrades will be understood once you reach a higher level of planets.

But till then, you can unleash your shots on the planets that come along. This game keeps you engaged and you won’t realize the time that you have spent playing Holedown. The game is available at the cost of $3.99, but it is worth spending money for sure!

Battle Chaser: NightWar

6. Battle Chaser: NightWar

BattleChasers: NightWar is a top-grossing JRPG game that you would love to play in 2021. The game offers you concise ROG experience, what more you would expect from an award-winning game.

In addition to that, you don’t have to worry about in-app purchases and paid DLC. So, just download the game and enjoy one of the emerging RPG experiences via Battle Chaser: NightWar.

The gameplay is quite exciting as you start from the robust overworld with a hidden dungeon in it. You have to search for those hidden dungeons and takedown epic enemy bosses that come during the way.

The turn-based battle is propelled by every one of the top choices you recall from the JRPG kind and is a genuine threat in any event, for an easy-going fan.

Alongside the thick and rambling world to investigate that is overflowing with adversaries to fight with, there are profound creating components also for redesigning your group’s weapons, shields, and supernatural adornments.

An RPG is just on a par with its story and character and given that this game depends on a realistic novel of a similar name we’re given completely created characters and a convincing story.

Game info

The primary character of the story a little youngster named Gully who is on a journey to discover her dad, Aramus, an eminence legend who abandoned amazing gauntlets before he bafflingly has vanished that his girl presently utilizes in her own epic experience.

Gully is joined by a supporting cast that incorporates Knowlan the astute old mage who consistently goes with Calibretto, an old war golem worked for the fight to come that built up his own consciousness and feelings yet who is at present, a kick-ass fighter in battle to safeguard his companions.

There is another interesting character named Garrison, who is a paladin and a good friend of Armus. He comes along to protect the Gully in the further journey. The last but not least, Red Monika,  a rogue outlaw. The game is a must-play. Experience the JRPG bias BattleChasers.

Chameleon Run

Chameleon Run

How good are you with your reflexes and reactions! If you feel you are good enough then Chameleon Run Is the game that you have been seeking for too long. The gameplay holds the strategy of Auto-runner.

The auto-runner gameplay makes you adjust quickly and checks your ability to react to certain situations. Don’t worry, it is quite funny even though it may scratch your brain.

The name of the game is speed and it starts in a manner where you will be placed across colored platforms. What power you have? The jump skills, you can jump higher and longer due to the special power that you possess.

You can also change color. Meanwhile, in order to complete the level, you need to go through with each section while keeping in mind that you are only allowed to touch the objects that match your color.


Besides, the in-built features, the real joy comes when you touch the controls. They are pretty well placed and you can precisely input your touch. For instance, when you switch the color switch as soon as you touch the platform, your character gets a super boost.

In addition to that, the jump controls are also accurately placed so that you can easily double jump the obstacles. The game graphics are non-linear so that you can choose multiple paths to reach the final destination.

Moreover, there are three unique materials that you need to collect in order to complete the level.

The concept of speed-running cannot be justified by the length of the game. Even though Chameleon’s runner is quite short, it offers the best possible running and jumping experience. All in all, the game is very interactive but needed some innovation so that more gamers are attracted. Chameleon Run costs you around $1.99.

The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old Sins

The award-winning puzzle game is what The Room: Old sins are known as. It is the latest puzzle game developed by Fireproof Android Games. The Room offers you the place which is a home of skilled engineers.  The game unfold when the engineer went missing and you find a dollhouse in the space on the roof.

During the game, you need to apply sophisticated ways to find and solve incredibly sophisticated puzzle boxes. Meanwhile, you will also find gadgets and machines. You are on a mission where you need to explore the dollhouse in order to solve the mystery about the Engineer and his wife.

By solving each puzzle along the way, you will step closer to finding out what happened to the engineer and his family.

Are you still unaware of the game From The Room series?  You must sink into the greatest puzzle game that ever developed for mobile phones. The combination of graphics and audio gives you fearsome experience while playing the game. The sound gradually increases when you inspect heavy objects and solves puzzles during the journey.

Tesla vs Lovecraft

Tesla vs Lovecraft

Tesla vs Lovecraft is the latest edition from Finnish developers 10tons LTD, and the game is exceptionally awesome. The game holds the story of Nikola Tesla and his hi-tech inventions which are developed to protect you against the H.P. Lovecraft.

The vengeful person has released the endless waves of nightmarish giants that could harm you. Therefore, with the help of Nikola’s inventions, you need to fight your way out of the monsters.

The game is thoughtfully developed and has polished gameplay. It has twin-stick controls for performing primary functions that are moving and shootings.

The exciting stage comes when more than 200 enemies gathered around you which you can spot on your mobile screen. While battling with them, you have to be fast and precise with your shooting abilities. Besides this, there is also good news for you.

You can always power up your skills and level by killing monsters in the game. In addition to that, you will also have perks available for you which are accessible in a roguelike manner.

Power-ups and weapons have randomly emerged on the map. In the game, you will also need to obtain six important pieces that are needed to build the Tesla Mech. The Tesla Mech can cut down any small group of enemies in a short distance.


Last but not least, the game offers Bluetooth controllers which is something that you won’t regularly see in mobile games. Isn’t it fantastic to have Bluetooth controllers so that you can comfortably play the game?

Besides this, it provides exceptional touch screen controllers that enhance the gaming experience for the betterment. The game has covered many aspects in order to provide ultimate combat experience to the users.

You will find DLC over there that produces new monsters, weapons, and perks.  You can spend $9.99 to buy this game. Don’t worry, it’s okay to spend the money over the game that provides you entertainment along with displaying creative graphics.

Reign: Her Majesty

Reign: Her Majesty

In early 2016, Reigns was considered as one of the best games for Android mobile games. In addition, it has actually won the first-ever Google play contest. So, there is no doubt that we must mention this game into our list of top Android games which you can enjoy playing in 2024.

In Reigns, you are the one who will be characterized as the Monarch and you have to take some important decisions in order to balance your kingdom against the different aspects of the game.

You need to work around on four different aspects that can affect your kingdom. The aspects are such as a church, the army, the people and the royal wealth.

If you failed to maintain the balance over these aspects, or do not fulfill the requirement to build your reign, your reign will be demolished and you have to start with the new reigns.

The sequel plays the same as the earlier game. The difference is that this time around you will be characterized as a queen and not the king,  Here, you can interact with the multiple storylines after competing with the other characters.

You will be quite comfortable while playing this game since the gameplay offers such easiness where you need to swipe left or right just like card games. Moreover, the journey is also filled with Easter eggs that come along the way.


If you have already played the older version, then this game will also suit you. With the arrival of new game features and plenty of mechanics, this game Touchscreen controls for platforming games are famously hard to get directly on versatile, yet then a game like Oddmar goes along and demonstrates the business exactly how it’s finished.

Everything feels perfectly with the left half of the screen controlling your level development and the correct side committed to hopping, assaulting, ground-beating, and run assaults. would be your best company whenever you get bored.



The game lovers are not fully satisfied with the availability of in-depth strategy games on the Play Store. There are not enough of such games on Play Store, thus your hunger for playing strategy games remain dissatisfied.

However, with the arrival of all-new Tropico has changed the dimensions in the gaming community. Celebrate your role as an EL President where you need to develop your Caribbean island and check whether you can line up your own pocket or not.

You can play this game while keeping in mind that you need to rule the island as a military dictator and secondly, you need to build a safe house for your people. You also need to maintain the living standard by keeping modernizing Carrabin island.

The combination of both the unique and revolutionary material and the political strategy have lifted the standard of this game. You can enjoy it on your Android mobile device.

Tropico costs around $12. Purchase it and you will get a full version of this game. More interestingly, it is an add-free game, and you can play it in offline mode.

Download from play store: Here

RBI Baseball 19

RBI Baseball 19

On the off chance that you’re a baseball fan, at that point, this present one’s certainly for you. RBI is Major League Baseball’s legitimate ball game for 2024, and highlights refreshed programs, recreation components, and play at each baseball park in the MLB.

The game is moderately simple to control and enables players to gather in excess of 165 legends of baseball. The game is somewhat expensive at $7, however, there aren’t any extra in-application buys.

Pocket City

Pocket City

Pocket city was one of the most popular Android Games in 2018, and there are a few other reasons in the list which enforce us to add this game list as well.

The gameplay is quite the same as the old famous game SimCity. If you remember, where you need to build a city and provide everyone enough space to work and play.

In addition to that, you need to observe the biological and environmental impact of whatever you do in the game. As the level progresses in the game, players will be able to complete the missions and collect experience points.

Additionally, players get unlockable buildings to build the city. Interestingly, the game is very thoughtfully designed as it brings immense analytical skills from you, you can generate a specific report displaying the happiness graph of your citizens. The control is decent and the game is a house full of content.

The game is available in two formats. The free version of Pocket City has a smaller area of play. While on the other hand, you can get a premium version that costs around $3.99 and start building your city.



Repulze exists in future past racers driving vehicles very rapidly; rather, they’re put in trial air cushion vehicle that belt along at crazy pace. Track structure’s customs have additionally been jettisoned, level courses being supplanted by exciting ride like developments that toss you around in stomach-agitating style.

The game’s part into three stages. It starts with time preliminaries that have you go through explicit shaded entryways, and closures with you taking on AI adversaries, periodically – and unsporting – exploding them with weapons.

There’s a science fiction backstory about manufactured men and enterprises, however, this current one’s about speed. From the outset, the skittish controls will discover you over and over crushing into track sides and thinking about whether somebody should take your air-cushion vehicle permit away.

Be that as it may, ace the tracks and controls the same, and Repulze turns into a thrilling background as you bomb along close to the end goal

Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP : Renegade

The initial two Riptide Android Games had you zoom along with undulating watery circuits encompassed by glimmering metal towers. Riptide GP: Renegade offers another cut of splashy cutting edge dashing, however, this time discovers you drenched in the shabby underbelly of the game.

Likewise with the past Android Games, despite everything you’re guiding a hydrofoil, and dashing includes going extremely, quick, yet in addition being an enormous hotshot at each accessible chance.

On the off chance that you hit an incline or wave that throws you into the air, you’d best excursion your ride about or do a handstand, so as to get turbo-help on landing. Reasonable racers get nothing.

The vacation mode discovers you winning money, redesigning your ride, and most likely overlooking the marginally tedious story bits. The hustling, however, is radiant – a relating blend of old fashioned arcade rushes and current portable touchscreen smarts.

Mini Motor Racing

Mini Motor Racing

Small scale Motor Racing is an exciting top-down racer that discovers modest vehicles dashing about claustrophobic circuits that wind and turn in an unmistakable exertion to have you more than once crash into dividers.

The autos handle more like remote control vehicles than genuine toll, implying that races are normally tight – and effectively lost on the off chance that you look away from the screen for one minute.

There’s a huge amount of substance here – a huge number of races set over a wide scope of situations. You zoom through vestiges and hurry about beachside tracks. The AI’s occasionally a piece excessively forceful, yet with sharp vehicle redesigns, and nitro help use when dashing, you’ll be taking more than the infrequent checkered banner.

Final Freeway

Final Freeway

Final Freeway 2R is a retro hustling game, outrightly motivated by Sega’s great Outrun. You belt along in a red vehicle, destroying a street where everybody’s somewhat suspiciously driving a similar way. From time to time, you hit a fork, enabling you to choose your course. At the same time, gooey music booms out of your gadget’s speakers.

For old hands, you’ll be in a sort of gaming paradise. What’s more, apparently, this current game’s superior to anything the one that roused it, feeling increasingly liquid and nuanced.

In case you’re utilized to progressively reasonable charge, give Final Freeway 2R a go – you may wind up changed over by its windy frame of mind, vivid visuals, and the requirement for really crazy speed.



Minit is an inquisitive brute – a sort of time-assault RPG experience. Given that RPGs, for the most part, let you wander at recreation, the possibility of a 60-second life expectancy may stun you. Thus it goes in your underlying attempts at Minit, which demonstrate puzzling and confounding.

Sooner or later, however, everything starts to bode well. Gathered things make due to your next manifestation. You work out pathways to new prizes, and how to chop down your courses by the valuable seconds required to perform key activities.

The net outcome is a game that appears as though it has shot in from 1985, and that will play like a noodly old-school RPG, however, that is in truth impeccably intended for getting and-play in a hurry versatile gaming.

80 days

80 days

Of the considerable number of endeavors to play with the shows of books and story-drove gaming on portable, 80 Days is the best time. It happens in 1872 with an unequivocal steampunk bend, yet where Phileas Fogg continues as before old showoff.

As his trusty valet, you should help Fogg follow through on a bet to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days. This includes overseeing/exchanging things and cautiously choosing courses.

For the most part, however, connection drops by method for a pacey, every now and again energizing spread account, similar to a Choose Your Own Adventure book on quick forward.

A late-2015 substance update included 150,000 words, two new plots, and 30 urban communities to an undertaking that previously bragged bounty replay esteem — not least when you’ve encountered the delights of submerged trains and huge mechanical elephants in India, and miracle what different wonders anticipate disclosure in this universe of marvels.

Her Story

Her Story

In Her Story, you wind up confronting a creaky work station with programming planned by a twisted person. It before long turns out to be clear the supposed L.O.G.I.C. database houses police meetings of a lady accused of homicide.

Yet, the tape’s been hacked to bits and is open just by watchwords; ‘supportively’, the framework just shows five list items on the double.

Normally, these inventions exist to drive you to play investigator, squeezing out intimations from video scraps to work out what to scan for straightaway, gradually sorting out the riddle in your mind.

A novel and spellbinding background, Her Story will keep even the most remotely inquisitive Android gamer grasped until the puzzle is fathomed.

Milkmaid of the Milky Way

Milkmaid of the Milky Way

Introductory minutes in point-and-snap experience Milkmaid of the Milky Way are so quiet the game’s in peril of falling over. You play as Ruth, a young lady living on a remote branch in a 1920s Norwegian fjords.

She makes dairy items, offered to a town a few hours away. At that point, all of a sudden, a gigantic gold spaceship slides, taking her cows.

Luckily, Ruth chooses she’s having none of that, jumps on board the spaceship, and winds up entangled in a story of intergalactic battles.

To state substantially more would ruin things, yet we can say that this old-school experience is an exceptionally charming approach to put in a couple of hours.

The riddles are legitimate yet fulfilling; the visuals are lovely; and the game amusingly gives the majority of its story in rhyme, which is pleasingly interesting and pleasantly extraordinary.

Samorost 3

Samorost 3

Samorost 3 is an affection letter to great point-and-snap experience Android Games. You investigate your environment, uncover items, and after that make sense of where best to utilize them.

Direct staff, at that point (from a certain perspective – numerous riddles are firmly mysterious), however, what sets Samorost 3 separated is that it’s persistently flawless, and loaded with heart.

The storyline is bonkers, including a distraught priest who utilized a monstrous mechanical hydra to crush up a heap of planetoids. You, as a yearning space-fixated little person, must make sense of how to fix things.

The game is stuffed with perfect subtleties that joy, from the jerk of a creepy crawly’s radio wires to a scene where the hero effectively urges close by animals to sing and starts clench hand punching the air while hitting the dance floor with happiness.

Only two mystical minutes among numerous in perhaps the best case of adventuring on Android.

Love you to Bits

Love you to Bits

Love You To Bits is an outwardly astonishing and determinedly imaginative point-and-snap puzzler. It highlights Kosmo, a space pilgrim scanning for the dissipated bits of his robot sweetheart, bars the dormant head that is still in his grasp. Which is somewhat yucky.

Try not to consider that to an extreme, however, in light of the fact that this game is stunning.

Through its many different scenes, it plays recklessly with popular culture references, provoking you to beat a 2D Monument Valley, sending up Star Wars, and at one point dumping you on a planet of primates.

Once in a while, you’ll have to make a jump of rationale to finish an assignment, and riddles, for the most part, include lifting things up and utilizing them in the correct spot – scarcely the stature of advancement.

Yet, this current game’s so charming and adroitly structured you’d be dormant yourself to neglect to adore it, at any rate, a bit.

Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery

Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery

Superbrothers Sword and Sworcery is an experience game that is about disclosure and investigation.

It’s a determinedly lovely encounter, with rich retro-implanted craftsmanship and a lavish soundtrack. The game urges you to inhale everything in, take as much time as necessary, and work at your very own pace.

In contrast to most experiences, which will, in general, be fixated on inventories, Sworcery is for the most part worried about riddles that are restricted to one screen. Arrangements are oftentimes theoretical, including controlling your condition or even time itself.

You may free forest spirits with melodic ability, or find an answer requires playing at set focuses during the lunar schedule.

It may seem to be somewhat commendable now and again, and there are a few slips up, for example, the cumbersome, awkward battle, yet Sworcery is suggestive and expressive and loaded with compensation offs that tend towards the enchanted, except if you happen to be dead inside.

Witch Eye


Witch Eye has a significant number of the elements of a retro platformer – beautiful, thick designs; watching adversaries; a trouble level that can approach ‘rebuffing’. One thing it doesn’t have is platforming, on the grounds that as opposed to jumping about, you control a drifting eyeball.

Things being what they are, a witch is close behind the knight who appropriated her reserve. Normally, being a witch, she changes into a drifting eyeball to pursue him down. (Broomsticks, obviously, are so a year ago.) Controls-wise, this leaves you swiping to move the eyeball and tapping to stop.

Here and there, you can burst through levels, abstaining from slamming into adversaries to dispatch them. In any case, doing so denies you of the fulfillment of discovering collectibles, and aching eyeball development so you have taken shots at bringing down managers in brilliantly acknowledged fights.


Taking all things together, at that point, an iPad game that is an incredible blend of old and new, unmistakably enhanced for contact.

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