Best Android Weather Apps in 2024

Android Weather Apps: All of us are pretty aware of the seasons we have in our country, but what about climate change and weather prediction? Weather change doesn’t come with notice, and sometimes there is a tremendous change in a climate like a tornado, flood, or hurricane. here we will discuss about best weather apps for Android.

Having weather information before can be very useful in today’s time. It can help us select a proper mode of transport or plan a trip and more such scenarios.

You can quickly know how the climate will be in the next few days right on your phone through trustworthy Weather Apps. 

Which are the Best Android Weather Apps?

There are plenty of widgets and apps on google play to provide you with climate information. Here we will talk about the best weather applications of 2022 to have on Android phones. 

1) Accuweather

Accuweather app


Various Android widgets have been using Accuweather to provide accurate weather results. It’s totally reliable on accuracy. It includes hourly forecasts as well as extended forecasts.

With this app, you will be notified of bad weather, and by minute cast feature, you will have rain prediction on a minute by minute basis.

The app’s widget looks cool; it comes with a pretty dark theme that draws your attention. You can download this app for free.

2) Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather application is a weather forecasting app with humor. It shows sarcastic and funny quotes when you go through the app.

It also features exclusive weather features and even includes all the necessary features like forecasts, temperature prediction hourly, and any more stuff.

This application also includes premium features such as seventy years of weather history and a widget for your phone’s home screen. This version will cost you $1.99 for one month, and if you buy a yearly plan, it’s only $3.99.

3) Dark Sky : Best weather app android

dark sky weather app

Dark Sky is one application that guarantees hyperlocal accuracy that means within a minute, this application will provide you the time of rainfall.

The second most amazing feature here is the Global map view that tells you the location of climate change like rainfall or snowfall, pretty amazing, isn’t it? It shows worldwide weather information with accurate time and place. 

The app features do not disturb mode so you don’t get alerts while you sleep or have a meeting, as it could be frustrating. However, if you live in a critical weathered area, you should not enable this mode, so you are immediately notified when an immerse weather situation arises.

4) The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is one of the popular weather applications known for its accurate results it covers basic features and highlights valuable features like News, lightning alerts, pollen alerts. and for these amazing features this app is best android weather app for 2022.

You get to choose from a variety of widgets and themes here; there’s a separate tablet for UI. it predicts upcoming weather through 8 hours high-resolution past to future radar.

App features advanced storm cell tracking twenty kinds of map layers so you can track everything from wind, rain, traffic, and more.

Because of the global network of weather stations, Weather Channel brings hyperlocal weather data. You can select a station situated nearest to your location so you can have the most accurate Forecast.

It brings a lot of information for the community, such as webcams, photos, and also crowd reports. It simplifies the process of searching for climate-related information.

5) 1Weather : Free Weather app for Android


1Weather application has a lovely interface, which makes it fun to use application. It had tons of options for customization and themes. Here you can select from several weather widgets.

It showcases weather forecast beautify with pretty graphics; however, the only problem with the application it updates when you launch this application. It’s available free on Google play.

6) Today Weather

Today Weather application comes with a cleaner and easy to use interface. When you open the Today weather app on your phone, you will be greeted by your name.

So it selects an application from weather forecasting services such as Dark sky and AccuWeather to give you accurate climate forecastings, worldwide.

It has a dark night theme and updates you about night climate changes such as windy or stormy nights.

7) Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is one of the most likable weather apps as it shows weather forecasting along with Flickr images for most of the locations.

This application is known for hyperlocal data that it picks from weather underground stations that are spread across nations.

You can quickly check out several locations by scrolling up and down through layout. To switch between different location overview by swiping your fingers sideways.

8) Radarscope


Weather apps do have a radar feature built-in feature, but what a professional, accurate system. Radarscope brings to use of the radar feature that meteorologists and storm chasers use. This application comes for a $10 price, but it offers plenty of features.

The high-def radar scans make it worth buying. It can predict tornadoes, hail cores funnels clouds and other climate changes.

9) Google Feed

Google assistant

Google’s assistant is not primarily a weather application, but it predicts Forecast pretty accurate. You have just to ask” Hey Google what’s the weather today” or give weather alerts, you ask it in whichever manner you please.

You can also check the weather by opening Google and choose the weather card to get all the information on your regional climate change.

Google may not have all the features like weather apps, but if you are looking for something basic and have a quick glance at temperatures and alerts, Google feed works fine for that. You don’t get weather widgets or radar system here.

These applications mostly come pre-installed in Android devices, so you don’t have to waste your data on downloading it.

10) MyRadar Weather Radar

MyRadar Weather Radar

As the name tells you, MyRadar Weather Radar application is to provide a weather radar. It is a simple application that comes dozens of features.

It shows weather forecasts through playful animation and graphics, like rainfall, snowfall, or sunny climate. You can also buy some premium features via in-app purchases.

A few premium features that you can buy separately include radar and hurricane tracker. You can combine it with different weather apps to make it even better. If you don’t go for additional features, this application is free.

11) NOAA Weather

NOAA Weather

You can completely trust this application for weather accuracy as it’s connected to National Weather Services for sources. Check weather conditions of several cities at once, see forecasts, and more.

NOAA keeps you save from immerse weather conditions; it immediately notifies you whenever there is climate alert on the location you have bookmarked such as tornadoes, snowfall, heavy rainfall, etc. with all the required details.

It gives 24/7 weather forecast for any location you wish. You will have all the information you want in seconds like humidity, chances of precipitation, wind speed, visibility dew point, etc. 

All the information is observed in the form of interactive polygons on the map. Radar features areas of snow, rain, and other climate changes on map beautifully with high-resolution colors.

Snow depth features represent snow covers, depth, and other details on the map. You get precipitation forecast for 24hours. You have the option to choose background apps which include standard, hybrid, and satellite mode. 

12) Storm Radar by The Weather Channel

Storm Radar by The Weather Channel

If you live in a location of climate prone area, this application should hold a place on your mobile phone. The main focus of Storm Radar application is to predict severe weather conditions, immerse change of climate it predicts hurricanes, storms, and many such meteorological changes.

One of the amazing features of Storm app is that provides a detailed and colored overview of climate change pattern in your location, in case of rain and wind it will also mention how much rainfall will be coming on your location. 

This application is brought by The Weather channel, but it’s quite different and also better than the primary Weather Channel app. If you don’t mind seeing ads in your app, then you can download this free weather app for Android.

Storm application also features layers of customization of 20 different kinds. If features powerful and high-definition radar system that tracks extreme natural calamities

13) WeatherBug

weatherbug app


Weather Bug has all the basic features you look for in weather apps such as forecasts, temperature, radar, alerts, and more.

One interesting feature here is the eighteen different kinds of weather app to show different alerts like lightning alerts, traffic conditions, rainfall area, and many more. 

You can have widgets os this application on your home screen, but you have to download it separately. The user interface is modernized and pretty simple to use.

It comes with a paid version and free version, though if you are ok with ads, free version covers almost all the features you would need. 

What The Forecast?


What’s the Forecast is an award-winning, it was awarded the people’s choice award in 2018 in apps and services. It makes accurate forecasts and explains outside weather with funny remarks that are hilarious too read.

The application includes over 9607 phrases for describing the weather, here you also have the option of profanity you can on and off the switch whenever you like.

Best features of WTForecast include ten days daily Forecast, 48 hours of hourly Forecast, NOAA Weather alerts and Moon Phase. It also includes Air Quality index; you will also know about basic weather terms if you aren’t aware of it yet.

You can quickly have a weather overview and also share it with your friends and family over social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Weather Underground

With the help of 270,000+ personal weather station Weather underground guarantees to deliver the most accurate weather conditions.

With all the basic weather details, this app also provides health alerts like UV risks, flu prevailing in the locality, pollens, and more. Widget of this app that you can customize by choosing your preferred colors and sizes.

You can even personalize this app by choosing different themes, rearrange tiles, and maps types. You get to use a smart weather forecast feature here with which you can set an ideal weather condition for outdoor activities.


That’s it folks these are our top picks for Android weather application, choose what you find the best and share your experience with us through the comment section below.

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