Best 2024 iPad Cases: Your All-new iPad Deserves A Fascinating Match

The first thing I did after purchasing my iPad was to search for a screen guard and a solid case to protect it! WHY? Simply because it definitely is worth the protection and of course it deserves to be blinged up just like you! 

Let’s start the list with the most basic covers that promise to provide maximum protection! 

  • OTTERBOX- DEFENDER series Case
    OTTERBOX- DEFENDER series case

Otterbox designs some of the best protective and sleek accessories for iPad’s as well as iPhone cases! The products may leave a dent on your pocket (cost a whopping $ 62.96) BUT

  •  The cover provides drop protection, the defender series case guard’s against some rough tumbles and drops! 
  • Has a triple-layer defense against drops and shocks 
  • It provides all-round coverage. The inbuilt screen protector guards the screen just like a mother it’s baby! ( look at pictures above for a better understanding) It is made up of a clear plastic screen.
  • The cover has a shield stand attached to it so you can now easily slant it to watch movies. All you have to do is snap around the case! This will also provide your iPad with extra protection. 
  • The shell is made up of Polycarbonate and has a foam core. The shell is covered with a Synthetic rubber slipcover. 
  • Provides port cover to protect your ports from dust and dirt that are the root cause of your iPad struggling to charge! 
  • The only 2 drawbacks would be that 
    1. They do not offer a variety of colors to choose from 
    2. The cover reminds me of a gadget something right out of Mission Impossible and that in my eyes means Boring! 
    3. ZUGU Case

The first look at the ZUGU case tells you that it is a smart, sleek and lightweight case! 

  • The case is made up of an anti-rip leather exterior, a fiberglass internal structure and the interior is fully microfiber! Giving your iPad protection as well a more luxurious feel at the same time. 
  • The cover can protect your iPad from the worst falls or so the company claims! Thanking it to the polycarbonate and rubber shell that goes around it. 
  • The covers material is anti-slide.
  • It comes with a magnetic kickstand and clasp that holds the screen shut tightly which prevents battery loss!  
  • This magnetic stand can be adjusted to 8 different angles so you can enjoy the best view even while you lie down on your bed. A set of grooves have been created for you to securely fit the stand into ( check the image above to get a better understanding) 
  • Can be mounted securely on any metal fridge(WOAH) 
  • The cover also has a special pocket for you to safely carry your Apple pencil around with you at all times. 
  • Offers you 4 shades to choose from, not big on the variety department there! 
  • The price starts at $39.99 and can go up to $59.99, the price depending on the model of the iPad! Definitely worth the money.
  • New Trent’s GLADIUS Rugged case series 

   I was particularly smitten with this particular iPad case solely because of the handy strap at the back. 

  • The case provides protection not just on the body but on the corners of the iPad as well, saving it from cracks and breaks! 
  • It has a built-in screen protector, has a plastic shield that will cover the screen of your iPad. 
  • The case has an attached pull-out stand which is made up of aluminum is sure to make your movie/video viewing on the iPad better. 
  • My favorite! Has a strap attached at the back for easy one-handed operation. People claim this strap comes in really handy when they are giving presentations.
  • points out that you can’t move the app icons between screens because of the way the case covers the top and bottom edges. 
  • Prized at $40 


  • MOSHI Versa cover case 


(Photo courtesy-


(Photo courtesy-

Inspired by Origami, the Versa cover case can be easily folded into multiple positions to form a stand and that is one of the unique selling points of this cover! 

  • It provides 360-degree protection. The cover’s shock-absorbing frame protects the device from cracks and scratches while the soft microfiber that covers the iPad puts a protective shield on it. 
  • The adaptable cover takes inspiration from the Japanese art of paper folding called origami! Morphs into 3 different viewing options, the angles perfect and are sure to make your reading, viewing and even writing experience a ball. 
  • The cover has built-in magnets, this helps the iPad to save up on the battery as the cover supports the iPad’s sleep and wake function. Puts your iPad back to sleep without having to press any buttons! 
  • It comes with a place for your Apple pencil as well! 
  • Weighs 171gms or 6.03 oz
  • Available in 3 colors namely- black, grey and pink. 
  • It is priced at $42 on Amazon and $57 on Walmart

People have complained of the stability this product provides while they flip it to landscape when typing and at the $42 I would much rather prefer buying the  ZUGU case. 


  • MAXBOOST iPad cover 


( Photo courtesy-

The brand produces your basic PU material covers that are extremely affordable.

  • The PU leather cover has a microfiber lining is handy and portable. It also has a hard-back casing to protect your iPad from cracks and chips. 
  • The bumper is heavy-duty and flexible to provide all-round protection. 
  • Supports automatic sleep and wake functions. All you have to do is open the cover to wake your iPad and flip the cover shut when you want to put it in sleep mode. 
  • The cover comes with a tri-fold stand so you are able to place it in positions that are comfortable for you to write, watch movies/videos or read in. 
  • Priced at $3.95 on Amazon
  • The brand provides a no-hassle warranty with lifetime protection. 
  • It is only available in the black color you see in the images above. 

The price and the slim fit of the product make it the perfect buy. Keep in mind that it does not support Apple pencil charging. 


  • SPECK’S Balance Folio 


(Photo Courtesy-

I must admit that I LOVED the color options Speck provides. Apart from that, the product is also sturdy! 

  • The cover is made up of PU leather, light durable and portable. 
  • The inside of the balance folio is lined with a soft lining to protect your iPad from scratches. 
  • Don’t be fooled by the material of the cover because it comes with 4-foot drop protection and promises to keep it safe from accidental drops and bumps. 
  • Has a raised edge around the screen to provide that extra care to your screen in case of an accidental drop. 
  • Supports automatic sleep and wake functions. All you have to do is open the cover to wake your iPad and flip the cover shut when you want to put it in sleep mode. 
  • The magnetic closure clasps lock easily and keep the cover closed. 
  • The cover lets you enjoy multiple viewing, reading and writing options! The front flap has ridges to fix your iPad into to do so. 
  • The brand gives you a 1 year’s worth of warranty. 
  • Priced at $39.95

It’s hard to pick faults with this product as they a provide you with 7 shades to choose from! 


  • SUPCASE’s Unicorn Beetle Case


(Photo Courtesy-

Supcase is infamous for its phone covers and for its sturdy iPad covers as well! 

  • The cover is made up of a PC hard shell and flexible TPU while the interior is double layered and soft to ensure protection from accidental bumps and cracks.
  • Has a built-in screen protector to protect the iPad’s screen from scratches
  • The cover has port covers to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt within the ports.
  • It comes with a tiny stand that you can flip open to view videos/movies, read or write in a desirable position. 
  • Priced at $25, it is a budget buy! 

The only drawback would be that the questionable ability of the stand and the screen protector. 


  • ZTOTOP Case for iPad 


(Photo Courtesy- )  

This particular iPad cover was added to the list because let’s face black can get boring and in our heads, we say screw protection when you look at your sappy iPad covers. 

  • The cover is made up of PU Leather and the interior is lined with a soft microfiber to save your iPad from scratches and bumps.
  • It comes with an inbuilt hand strap, pencil holder and an organizer pocket to carry your necessary products with you. 
  • Has an auto wake and sleep feature as the magnetic cover shuts your iPad as right when you the cover is flipped shut. 
  • The cover also has grooves to adjust your iPad into multiple viewing, reading and writing angles.
  • You get to choose from a variety of 12 colors that range from the nude-ish rose gold to navy blue and even red! 
  • Priced at $20.99 

Unlike the other covers, this is not as sturdy but definitely sleeker! 

You may also check out the Dodo case or Vaja cases if you want to get a custom made iPad case. The cost of your iPad cover would range from $59( starting price of the dodo case) to $220( starting price of the Vaja case). Click on the links below to get your custom iPad cover. 

Dodo case-

Vaja case- 

These were some of the best iPad covers of the year. They are perfect for your prized possessions!  

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