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5 Best SMS Forwarding Services

best SMS Forwarding Services

SMS forwarder service is an app that sends texts to another phone or pc via text messages or email. Your today’s goal could be to be focused on your pc and avoid distractions from your phone and that is where SMS forwarding service will come to your rescue. This guide will show you how to receive someone else’s messages on your phone or computer without physically reaching the other phone.

SMS Forwarding Services

SMS Forwarding Services

There are several SMS forwarding apps but we will focus on the top 5 currently. Phone leash- phone leash app allows you to remotely answer text messages from any email address or phone. All you have to do is install the application to the phone you intend to leave, then link to the second phone via email and you are good to go. 

The main distinctive feature of this application is that you can import text messaging history and get the GPS location of the other phone.

  • AutoForward text

    If you have two mobile devices (personal and work), this application reduces the hustle to carry both devices everywhere. One feature that makes this app stand out is its SSL feature(security sockets layer). It ensures the security of the user’s activity and details throughout the forwarding process. It also allows you to filter the keywords of messages to be forwarded.

  • Mighty Text

    this app is top-rated by users due to its wide range of useful features, it can do more than just SMS forwarding. It has a lot of additional features like SMS backup and restores, a built-in dialer for making phone calls on your pc, file syncing from your smartphone to computer, and many more. You can also receive notifications from Snapchat, tinder, and WhatsApp.

  • SMS forwarder pro (Zygote Labs)

    this is another APK known for its increased security. It offers both 128-bit AES SSL encryption, this ensures top security through the forwarding process. Just like AutoForward text, it allows filtering the keywords of messages to be forwarded.

  • Easy SMS Texts forwarder

    If you are new to SMS forwarding services and you are worried about how to use one, this application is for you. It is super easy for beginners and you will get step-by-step instructions on how to use it.

3 Precautions to take before using SMS Forwarding Services

According to, these are the best practices when using SMS forwarding services:

  • Update the application to its latest version-
    Old versions of almost all applications are prone to hacking. They normally do not have strong end-to-end encryption and hackers can easily break through the security protocols and use it as a source of spying on your activities. Due to users’ complaints, developers tend to enhance security flaws on the next versions that is why it is always recommended to stay up to date.
  • Download apps that have good ratings-
    Android SMS forwarding apps are normally found on the google play store. Before downloading an application, you should first take a survey on the ratings of each app. If the users are satisfied, then proceed to your download.
  • Avoid free versions-
    Free SMS forwarding apps are normally used by hackers to bait internet users to download and use these applications. However, they could be spyware developed by them to spy on unsuspecting users.


Almost all the applications listed above can give GPS locations of the main phone hence you can easily track and recover your device in case you misplace it. SMS forwarding service has a lot of advantages from saving your time up to avoid unnecessary distractions, this is only if you choose the right one. You should take your time before picking an app to do the job. You could be helping hackers unknowingly mine sensitive information from you, be informed!

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