Best Way to Fix iPhone Keep Restarting in 2024

iPhone Keeps Restarting - How to Fix?

There can be various reasons for the iPhone that keeps restarting. This is a common problem in which the iPhone screen displays the Apple logo. It goes back into the same loop instead of booting the phone and restarts the device again. Here are a few reasons for the problem that the iPhone keeps restarting:

  • Malware Attack: It is one of the most common causes of the restart loop. Malware attacks can damage any OS. This is due to the installation of any unsupported applications into iOS devices. That’s why iPhone users are advised not to download any application from other sources. It makes the device vulnerable to security threats.
  • Bad Update: This is one of the most common issues for the iPhone reboot looping error. While updating your device to a new version of iOS, if the process gets halted in between then it may result in a few issues. The unstable update of iOS can also result in this problem.
  • Unstable Driver: Any driver can become unstable after an important change in your iPhone. It can place your iPhone in the reboot loop mode. The best way to resolve this problem is by updating your firmware.

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Solutions for iPhone keeps Restarting Issue:

1. Delete Troublesome Apps:

Delete some Apps in iphone

If your iPhone starts on the rebooting cycle when you installed some new apps, maybe these apps are the problem. Follow the given below steps to delete the apps from your iPhone:

  • You need to tap and hold the app’s icon until you see the small x on the upper corner of the app on the iPhone home screen. 
  • Then tap the x and choose to delete the app and its data.
  • When you delete the app, reboot your iPhone by pressing and holding the Power button.

Then sync your phone to iTunes.

2.Turn your iPhone On/Off:

Sometimes turning on/off the iPhone fixes the problem of iPhone keeps restarting. You can try this as it is an easy method.

turn off iphone

3. Reset all the settings:

You can factory reset your device. Sometimes, you need to reset all the settings that can reset the faulty settings as well. Follow the given below steps to factory reset your settings.

reset all settings

  • You need to open the Apps panel and scroll down to search for settings application. You can open Settings from your Home screen. 
  • Then find and tap to select the General option from the given list.
  • Then the General settings panel appears.
  • You need to search for the Reset option.
  • Then tap to open reset settings. You can find reset at the bottom of the General settings.
  • You need to select Reset all settings to proceed further. If your iPhone is protected, you need to enter the passcode.
  •  When resetting the settings completes then reboot your device.

4. Force Restart your phone:

restart your iPhoneIt is one of the easiest solutions to resolve the iPhone keeps restarting issue. You need to long-press the Power and Home button simultaneously for ten seconds to force restart your phone. This fixes a small error with the booting process of your phone.

5. Factory Reset your phone: Best tip for what to do if your iphone Keeps restarting

erase content and settings

If your phone is suffering from a malware attack or gets a wrong update, then the issue can easily be resolved by resetting your phone. However, it will erase your phone’s data during the process. It is necessary to backup your data before this process. You need to follow the given below steps to factory reset your phone:

    • You need to connect a lightning cable to your iPhone. Ensure that the other half is not connected to the system yet.
    • Then long-press the Home button on your phone for 10 seconds while connecting it to a system.
    • Then release the home button while launching iTunes on your system.
    • Your device is now in the recovery mode. It displays an iTunes symbol.

Now, you can restore it with iTunes.

6. Connect the Phone to iTunes:

Connect the Phone to iTunes

If the iPhone keeps restarting, you can connect it to iTunes to resolve the issue. Even after placing your phone in the recovery mode, you can connect it to iTunes to recover your data. Follow the given below steps to resolve the iPhone keeps restarting issue with iTunes:

    • You need to connect your phone to the system with the help of a cable and launch iTunes.
    • Then it detects a problem with your device. It displays the pop-up message.
    • Then click on the Restore button to retrieve this problem.

You can manually resolve it by launching iTunes and going to its Summary page. Then click on the Restore Backups button under the Backups section. This enables you to restore your backup data on your phone.

7. The DFU Reboot:

This is a very effective method. However, you will lose all data on your iPhone because it is a complete restore of the iPhone. It is necessary to back up your data before doing this process. Follow the given below steps:

  • You need to connect the iPhone to the computer, then power off the iPhone.
  • When the iPhone is off, hold the Power and Home buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds.
  • Then release the Power button. You need to keep holding the Home button until you see an iTunes message saying ‘iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.

Then release the Home button. Your iPhone screen becomes all black and the iPhone enters the DFU mode.

8. Update Apps

The old version of apps sometimes creates problems. They consume a lot of power, run slowly and also become unresponsive. It is better to run only the updated version of apps. You need to go to App Store the Updates and then update all the apps.

9. Check Battery:

Check Battery on iPhone
Your battery may be damaged and it can cause your phone to restart again and again. You can get this tested by a professional. This is a common reason especially if you started facing the problem after dropping your phone in water.

10. Remove your SIM Card:

You need to remove your SIM card and try using the phone for an hour. You ensure that you connect to WiFi and notice any issues. If the problem still continues then it has nothing to do with the SIM Card. If your problem is solved by removing SIM Card then it probable that your Carrier settings may be wrong or your SIM may be damaged.

11.Recover an old backup:

Recover an old backup

It is necessary that you keep your iPhone backup on your PC. If you have a recent backup, try to restore it. If the iPhone restart issue is due to some settings, then the backup helps you restore everything in a proper state.

12. iOS System Recovery:

You can use iOS System Recovery to fix iPhone stuck in a reboot loop. iOS System Recovery is a tool specializing in troubleshooting iOS system issues such as iPhone gets stuck in recovery mode, iPhone keeps restarting. Follow the below steps:

  • You need to install iOS System Recovery on your Mac.
  • Then launch it and connect your iPhone to it. You must place your iPhone into Recovery Mode and then choose Start.
  • Then download related Firmware.
  • The software automatically detects the model of your iPhone. You need to confirm whether it is correct.
  • Then click the Download button to start downloading firmware.
  • Then repair the iPhone to Normal.
  • When the downloading process completes, it starts to run the repairing process.
  • It may take quite a few minutes. The software provides a direct way to fix the issue.
  • You can finish this process by following the on-screen instructions.

The above-mentioned solutions are very easy to fix the problem of the iPhone keeps restarting. You also need to keep your iPhone away from unusual applications. You can try any of the above-mentioned methods. Each method is one of the best in working and efficient ways to sort out the problem.

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