iPhone/Android Car Maintenance Apps in 2024

This is the 21st century, a modern era; a world built on technology. Therefore, it is obvious that you find an best iPhone/Android Car Maintenance Apps in 2024 for everything. So, the Car Maintenance app is no longer a surprise for you. As we know, maintaining a car could be tiresome. The owner needs to spend a significant amount of time and money behind it. The only way you can be satisfied is when your car is well maintained. However, in today’s fast-paced world, probably, no one would want to get engaged in certain tasks that can be easily done via the app.

Unfortunately, many car owners end up getting frustrated when they need to deal with regular check-ups. The struggle is real when you cannot find the gas station in your area or at the right time when your car requires servicing and oil change. These are some confusing and complicated activities that every user wants to avoid. The saddest part of all is when you cannot maintain the car, you are enforced to sell it. And, if you don’t, you would be spending a lot of money on repair work.

Car Maintenance Apps For iOS and Android 2024

The majority of your car’s difficulties can be evaded by monitoring your vehicle regularly Customary maintenance is known to forestall a ton of issues your vehicle may run into in the event that it wasn’t dealt with. With iPhone vehicle maintenance applications, you can undoubtedly become familiar with a ton of information about what makes up your vehicle, what parts need your customary consideration and what sort of care can keep the vehicle running without inconveniences, breakdowns.

Like most current Smartphone applications, these following vehicle/Car maintenance applications are intended to make your life simpler. The data they give causes you to deal with your vehicle all the more successfully, proficiently and cost-successfully . Besides, they each offer the same kind of administrations, so you can profit by having every one of them on your cell phone at the same time.

Best Car Maintenance Apps For iPhone/Android & iPad

With regards to vehicle maintenance, how many of us have to replace our oil, check our transmission liquid levels, or take our vehicles in for a truly necessary exam?

Fortunately, there are applications that assist you in following vehicle maintenance and expenses. iPhone and iPad vehicle maintenance applications give a mixture of data that will keep you ahead of your vehicle’s maintenance plan throughout the year. They make you mindful of what parts need normal maintenance, top to bottom fuel following, and considerably more.

Repair Pal

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The app was developed by a bunch of people who got frustrated with the over expensive and tiring process involved in maintaining their cars. The central idea of the app was to not let any consumer overpay for the services. Moreover, it provides instant roadside assistance. The basic work of the app is to maintain transparency between auto repair prices and consumers.

RepairPal works in a very creative way. It sums up the place where you live, the model of your car, the shop that you’re going to, – analyses all these aspects, and then gives an average amount that may need to be paid to the shop. This app works extensively for the purpose of not letting you get cheated when it comes to the prices.

It tries to give you the most accurate data when it comes to repairing price estimates. It guides you in terms of who is the most recommended local mechanic, irrespective of your location. The location-based GPS makes it convenient to take an appointment on call and get the work done. The independent price estimates of RepairPal help you save time and money efficiently. The RepairPal network is really trusted for one-touch roadside assistance which includes automobile manufacturer helplines as well.

Essential Features:
❖ Instant Roadside Assistance
❖ Vast and trusted network
❖ Efficient Time and Money saving
❖ The system relies on multiple sources of proprietary data to provide accurate prices.

Bottom Line: This app acts as the best advisor when you’re about to face a situation of overpricing. Multiple sources of proprietary data and the vast and trusted network make it all the more reliable.

Car Minder

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Provided that the activities logged into the app are accurate and updated every now and then, it does the wonderful work of reminding you what service of the car has to be done and when ! The app is developed mainly for the purpose of keeping a log of the service and fuel consumption of your vehicle. It keeps a track of oil changes, tire rotations etc., you’re not left confused about when was the last time you serviced your car .

The convenient and nicely done interface makes sure that the logging of all these tasks is easily done, and the reminders are given promptly. With this, it also detects problems that you may have to face in the near future by analyzing the information logged into it previously. So, taking better care of your car becomes easier, more frequent, and on time! If the instructions given by the app are followed, better performance and longer life of the vehicle is assured.

And not only this, it doesn’t limit you to keep track of a single-vehicle either! Yes, you can log information about all the cars you have, and the cherry on the cake is that it works equally well for motorcycles! It displays the average mileage, most recent mileage and a graph of all fill-ups that helps you compare your last fill up to the average. The database can be backed up easily on iTunes and can be recovered easily using a computer in case one loses a phon e.

Essential Features:
❖ Lets you manage multiple cars
❖ Maintains separate gas and Repair log for each car
❖ Vehicle service and repair history can be shared via email
❖ Multiple ways to calculate fuel economy

Bottom Line: For the ones who love their cars but do not have much time to keep a track of the health of their vehicle, this app can do wonders! Really useful as it keeps track of a lot of aspects and that too for multiple vehicles at a time.


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If the pocket is your concern before grabbing the car keys every time, you’re no different than the crowd of 70 million other people that use the Gas buddy app and you shouldn’t miss to have it on your phone either! This app works extensively for the purpose of letting it’s users save themselves a fortune. It is a travel and navigation app which unlike its other counterparts, helps you find out the cheapest gas station and in many such ways helps you to plan budget trips. The interface is kept quite simple in order for drivers of all age groups to use it conveniently. It also offers special offers along with the cheap gas.

There are 27 ways given to guide you to save on fuel for your vehicle. For the drivers based in North America, this app has become their first choice to shop and save their money. The app has a different feature of covering 150,000+ gas stations in North America unlike fuel retailers, GPS, or any other savings app. The structure for cashback and other savings for apps is kept easy to use for the majority of gas station brands across America . Shell, Phillips 66, Citgo, Wawa, and Racetrac are a few examples from the plethora of gas stations that it covers. An option of filtering gas stations on the basis of Price, Location, Brand, Car Washes, Restaurants, and Restrooms is provided along with the reviews written by the GasBuddy community for the customers to make a good choice for themselves.

Essential Features :
❖ Cashbacks on shopping with the app
❖ Covers the majority of gas stations across America
❖ Updates about an upcoming hike of fuel price
❖ Reviews for the better choice

Bottom Line: There must be a solid reason as to why the app has such a large number of users. It is a must-have app for budget drivers. Surely a very useful tool for long trips to places you are not acquainted to.


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This app Acar/ Fuelly is an app to have every detail not only about your car but also your any vehicle. This app can be used in android and iPhone both along with having multiple logins at one time. You can have all your data sorted in this app, be it your past records related to your vehicle also. It also provides backup so that no important document about your vehicle can get missed from you. It is very easy to navigate and it has a very friendly user interface too. It is very easy to use and without any hustle one can feed in any data be it about fuels, services, any kind of expense and all trips . Not only this, but it also has features to provide logging the specification of any part of the vehicle.

It shows you complete statistics of your vehicle with quick searching and filtering features. There are reminders functions as well, wherein you can set any reminder related to your vehicle. The fuel mileage feature shows fuel calculations in multiple units. Along with this, the app logs all kind of purchase and selling as well as accident records of your vehicle. I t has more frequent data backups and automatic data backups too. It provides the service reminder of engine oil and air filters too. And it has localized language features and it has been translated into German, Spanish, French , Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Greek, Slovak, and many more are coming.

Essential Features:
❖ The most essential feature which this app has it of maintaining records of every data related to anything
❖ It has a built-in reminder function which will never let you forget even by mistake .
❖ It can provide monthly backup and automatic backups too.
❖ It also has a facility to provide GPS and also has home screen options such as new fill-ups, new service and expenses .
Bottom Line: It is a great have to have handy in your android or iPhone as it has provided almost every service which one needs while maintaining and taking care of any vehicle.


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This app CarFax is used mainly to buy second-hand vehicles which includes minivans, SUVs, trucks, or sedans. This app brings you in contact with 1=owner of a reportedly well maintained vehicle and avoids the ones which have had accidents in the past. It shows all registered cars, which are certified and has all documents which are required to sell/purchase new cars. This app enables you to have all reports of the cars which have been used in the past. So that in future if any document is needed, one can use that hassle free. It saves a lot of time by using filters as per one’s choice which is again a very straightforward process.

It gives many options for vehicles you would like to purchase and once you have installed the app, you can directly share the data with the CarFax servers and communicate whenever required. Apart from this it also helps in record usage metrics. Every car on CarFax comes with a Free CarFax vehicle history report which gives the new owner all the related information about the vehicle.

It helps you access the reports in 3 ways that is, Scanning, License plate search and VIN check. In scanning, one can scan the VIN barcode (Vehicle Identification number). Any vehicle which has VIN can easily get access to vehicle reports. In License plate search, one can access the vehicle reports only with a few clicks . Lastly, in VIN check, manually typing the 17-digit VIN will get one to the reports.

Essential Features :
❖ Free access to all reports related to the vehicle
❖ A lot of time is saved on CarFax
❖ The pool of vehicles are provided to get an idea about rates and quality
❖ Quick search and hassle-free filters.

Bottom Line: This is a great app to use if you are looking to buy a new vehicle because this app gives you excellent transparency. It provides only certified and safe cars

Car Minder Plus

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Car Minder plus is an amazing application that one needs for maintaining their car. For regular maintenance, repair and any other problems related to the car, this is the best solution. It detects all the potential problems by tracking your fuel consumption, it also notifies us when the car needs an oil change, whether the tire rotation is smooth or not, whether the engine is running smoothly, etc. This application detects all your problems just by tracking the fuel economy.

Car Minder Plus is very easy to use and it also lets you save data for multiple cars and notifies immediately whenever a potential problem arises. It maintains a gas log which helps us understand our gas consumption and average mileage and in the end it shows a total gas consumption graph.

Car minder also backs up this data so that we can restore it anytime and also allows us to share this record with anyone. This application is not only for cars, but it is also great and compatible with motorcycles For a better and improved vehicle performance and easy customizable management of your vehicle, all you need is the Car Minder Plus app. The best thing about this application is it notifies when a service is due to the vehicle and it also emails the vehicle service and repair history. It has in-app help if one needs assistance. Along with that the new update is amazing and now it doesn’t crash often, all the bugs are fixed and now it runs smooth and fast like your vehicles.

Essential Features :
❖ Gas/Fuel log to track fuel economy and consumption.
❖ Manage Multiple Services like Gas log, service notification, repair needs for Each vehicle
❖ Notifies immediately when the vehicle needs attention.
❖ Backs up all the data and is restorable.

Bottom Line: Great app for vehicle enthusiasts who need to keep track of vehicle performance at all times. The only downside of this application is it crashes and the customer service could be better, but an overall great app worth its price.


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AUTOsist, as the name says is the assistant that one needs for their automobiles [vehicles]. Managing car maintenance records is dead simple with AUTOsist. The app lets you handle as many vehicles as you want. This application allows you to maintain a record of as many vehicles as you can without a mix up of data. Each vehicle record is separate and it consists of the fuel record, repair log, services due, etc. one can easily maintain a complete services history and can share, save this history in the form of document and PDF. Provided that the record is accurate it also keeps you alerted to your important tasks. As mentioned above you get the PDF of the vehicle history, it also allows you to view it across multiple devices such as iPad, tablets, and computers.

This application also provides you to set reminders for your upcoming tasks like changing the car engine oil, etc. AUTOsist is a multi-functional app that backs up all the data and we can restore and go through the data on the web portal This is a great app for businesses dealing with multiple vehicles like trucking companies, shipment companies moving and packing companies and so on. This app allows you to carry your records on the go in any device you have you can even give them offline. Moreover, the easy payment method allows you to pay directly from your iTunes account makes it an excellent app to depend on when dealing with vehicle management. What better way to access, manage, and improve your vehicle performance than AUTOsist?

Essential Features:
❖ Multiple Vehicle Management
❖ Service History Log & PDF Availability
❖ Easy Payment Method
❖ Easy Access across multiple devices.

Bottom Line: This is a very useful app. It’s a great app that keeps all your info in one place and readily available wherever you’re at. Also, The developers are very responsive and helpful. Recommended for anyone that does their own vehicle maintenance.


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The VehiCle app is like a budget planner for your car expenses. It helps you to plan and monitor your daily vehicle expenses. It also keeps track of vehicle status, fuel status, highway tolls, parking costs and even gas prices. With lots of customizable features including live tracking and fuel tracking, it becomes quite convenient for the user to manage and keep track of the vehicle. This helps you manage your budget on fuel costs accordingly. The app stores all your data in a tabular form and you can see it on an excel spreadsheet or even in HTML form on your PC. With the new version update, you can make managing your fuel expenses easier owing to the real-time expense calculator in the app.

The VehiCle app has all the necessary features required for a good car management app. All you have to do is enter some information about your car, add some pictures and all the other details required and the app summarises all that for you in a concise form for you to refer to when you need it to improve your vehicle performance. You can manage multiple vehicles through a single account on the app and also view your data over multiple devices on the go. Tracking fuel costs has never been easier. With this app, you have all these features packed into one. All this makes it an excellent app for vehicle management and control. If the instructions given by the VehiCle app are followed, better performance and longer life of the vehicle is ensured.

Essential Features :
❖ Great interface and smooth transitions.
❖ Easy vehicle management
❖ Numerous customization’s are available.
❖ Multiple device connectivity.

Bottom Line: Great app for mileage and fuel cost tracking.Easy multitasking and vehicle record management. Apart from a few aspect ratio bugs, an overall great app for someone who wants to manage a vehicle better.


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This is an app for total management and control of your car. This app takes overall care of your car, from maintenance to fuel calculation. This app can be used by people with driving occupations. Drivvo comes with a revenue tracking feature. Taxi, motorcycle, and truck drivers can record their revenues. Real-time expenses and revenue information can be gathered by the professionals. The drivers can manually enter expenses and service performance like brake change, tire rotation, oil change, turn-ups, etc. this app also helps in remembering all essential dates for your car. You can set a reminder for regular services, oil change monitoring, etc. Even taxes and fines can be set as reminders. This is a lifesaving app for your car, as it helps you identify the best fuel for your car.

The best thing about this app is there is no advertisement to disturb you on this application. You can easily transfer your data to excel/ CSV. Your whole data is safe, as it is always there in the cloud. There is 24-hour technical support is also provided. For future advancement and all over the care of your car future pro features are provided for free. You can register unlimited data on this app. On a per-day basis, the average consumption of fuel by your vehicle is tracked and recorded. This app keeps track of fuel mileage too. This is a lot to ask for from a free app.

Essential Features :
❖ Fuel efficiency management and statistics.
❖ Fuel consumption tracking
❖ Advance remainders
❖ Fuel station registration.

Bottom Line: An application for both professional drivers and personal vehicle drivers also. An app is full of features and no advertisements. Drivvo does a lot of things.


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AutoExp is a user and language application. It supports French, English, Russian, Spanish, and more. AutoExp helps you to track the statistics of your vehicle. These statistics are shown on detailed charts which allows for easy visualization. This is a very helpful app if you are a car lover. This app comes with an event reminder feature. These features remind you about vital maintenance dates, changing of oil, checking brake pads, and more. This feature adds more years to the life span of your vehicle.

Also, some in-app products are also provided, but you have to pay for these products. For day to day track, you can input car cost items and defined parameters step by step. With this app, your car will be in your pocket. This app has been given 4 stars out of 5 stars on google play. If you compare this app with others it is an expensive one, yet it justifies its price tag. Yet it is not a pocket-friendly app.

Essential Features:
❖ Event reminders
❖ Monthly report
❖ Detailed statistic
❖ Quick cost input

Bottom Line: One of the expensive applications. But the application is worth the cost.

Car Xpense Lite

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If you are looking for an app that you can customize by yourself this app is for you. In-Car Xpense Lite you can manage all your needs easily and quickly with just tap of your figure. One of the key features of this app is, it is highly customizable. You can track as well as maintain servicing dates, maintenance fees, and expenses. These apps maintain your monthly/yearly expenses. You can figure out the local shops for your shop. The prices according to the location are also given in this app. Animated pie charts are used to display expenses in this app. This app is also useful if you own more than one car. Comes with high-resolution graphics. The performance is also pretty good.

It is axis able in almost every country. Lights and process bars remind you about services, which need your attention. The backup and restoration data feature is also there. Odometer reading and store notes can be maintained for each car servicing.

Essential Features :
❖ Simple tap for entering expenses.
❖ Views expenses according to location.
❖ Allows customization.
❖ Manage multiple cars without any limit.

Bottom Line: Overall it is a good app. Although advertisement and battery consumption is an issue.

Car Costs Complete

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The Car Costs Complete app is optimized for iOS devices. This is a productive app to monitor car performance. It helps the user to know about the fuel consumption, calculates the economy(mileage) of the car, indicates fuel level, and other car costs tracker abilities. Car Costs Complete app works perfectly fine with almost every kind of car which runs on gas(benzine), diesel, and bio-fuel engines (LPG+Gas). The app provides accurate data about the fuel used, costs per ride, fuel left, and other information very precisely in the form of monthly and yearly reports. You don’t have to remember or worry about any payments regarding car service or payments because this app takes care of it by providing periodic payment reminders and notification (automated entries).

This app gives accurate statistics about car cost types divided into 8 different groups for a unique cost overview. And users can import/export all these data in CSV format and share through email. Also, the app allows multiple users and creates an individual datasheet of each user’s expenses. Car Costs Complete app covers all car expenses like maintenance or repair cost, assurances, fuel cost, leasing or credits, cleaning cost, accessories cost, and other car costs. This app has a very good history of monitoring the car performance along with excellent logging of refuelling, expenses, repair cost reports. The best part of this app is it offers all the essential car app functionality and services that every car owner needs from an app to take care of their car.

Essential Features :
❖ Provide information about the average fuel price for each fuel station.
❖ Offers daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports.
❖ 9 cost groups for different car expenses.
❖ An unlimited number of users allowed with individual expense/incomings reports.

Bottom Line: Car Costs Complete app is an ideal iOS app for monitoring the car performance and scaling various car costs.


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The myFuelLog is an iOS app to keep the latest data of your car’s cost and statics. This super easy to install app tracks down the time and location with perfection. This app helps car owners to keep the daily fuel consumption, it calculates the average(mileage) of the car, it also helps to track the total expenses of the trip, and much more. myFuelLog app is available in different international languages like English (US & UK), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and other languages. Also, it is a worldwide used app for car fuel consumption stats and expenses.

Users can export the data through channels like iTunes, Dropbox, and Mail. Updating the internal calendar is allowed in this app. The app provides data about supplies made and the places of distribution. In this app, the user is permitted to edit or delete fill-ups. Along with the ability to manage & keep a record of the service expenses, Fuel usage, and reminder about fuel fill-ups, this app is brilliant to keep stats of your travel expenses. myFuelLog has the ability to manage multiple vehicles (maximum 4 vehicles). We would recommend you install this app for hassle-free car costs data records. This app offers weekly, monthly, and yearly reports on the car costs and its performance.

Essential Features :
❖ Supports data export to iTunes, Dropbox, and mail.
❖ Modify fill-ups by own
❖ Up to 4 vehicles can be managed
❖ Track time & location

Bottom Line: myFuelLog is a well-known app for maintaining car costs and keeping records of different expenses. Download Now.

Simply Auto

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The Simple Auto app belongs to the most loved and installed mobile application for cars and other vehicle management. This app helps to track vehicle activities like fuel consumption, calculating mileage, service reminders, and much more. In this app, users get many options like record sending of fill-ups log, instant receipt uploading of fill-ups, GPS tracker, and the fuel log that allows users to check fuel efficiency/economy by Octane, Filling Station, and Fuel Brand. This app comes with instant data back up with cloud storage along with the ability to synchronize with multiple devices. If a vehicle has multiple drivers then this app comes handy for those vehicle management because the app offers instant data sharing options to the user. Hence, data sharing is super easy and convenient through this application.

Simply Auto app provides a lot of versatile features that every rider needs to track down their vehicles running cost and maintenance details. Users can set reminders about service (on the basis of mileage or date), fill-ups, vehicle expenses and maintenance costs, and other important things like generating reports and all. This app also has features like access to the vehicle’s database through the website, multiple drivers/users are allowed, supports voice command for fill-ups, easy import of data, top screen customization, other features that are best for professional drivers. In short, this 55.9 MB Simply Auto app is one of the best iOS applications for car and vehicle management. It offers you everything that you need for your vehicle data tracking and cost management.

Essential Features :
❖ 4.3 review ratings and trust by thousands of users.
❖ Support electric car tracking also.
❖ GPS tracker to record tax deductible and mileage stats.
❖ Easy data back-up and sharing options
Bottom Line: Simply Auto is the end of your search for a good car cost management iOS application. It is loved by thousands and you will too love it. Just install it now.

DIY Car Maintenance (named as OPENBAY on the app store)

Price :
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Compatibility – Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The “DIY” in the name of the app stands for “do it yourself”. The basic idea of this app is to help car owners do minor jobs themselves. Be it changing a flat tire, or changing brake pads, Openbay is always there for your rescue. Moreover, they have quite expressive videos to help you understand better and do the work easily and can be used for small purposes even while you’re offline! This app is associated more with your vehicle’s service than its maintenance. Once you enter a request for any problem that you are facing with your vehicle, Openbay serves with multiple competitive services estimates that you can choose from. Also, you can pay for your service right from the app itself which supports Apple pay.

Open bay makes sure to provide you with the best service centres nearby. Only those service centres who uphold certain quality standards and ensure a first-class customer experience are vetted and recommended by the app to its users. Services can be booked securely just with the click of a button. Openbay has a dedicated section of peace-of-mind guarantee and all the services that are rendered come with it. This guarantee basically ensures a secure payment, quality service, and no unexpected charges. Apart from the quality of service that it promises you can also manage all your vehicles and keep a different track record of all the vehicles. open bay also provides rewards on all booked and completed services which can be used towards FREE services. openbay does not support the auto body or Collision services.

Essential Features :
❖ Peace-of-mind guarantee.
❖ Quality service.
❖ Trusted workshops that maintain standards.
❖ Let you DIY – Do it yourself!

Bottom Line: If your vehicle puts you in a situation very often, this app is for you! It should be there on your mobile phone while you’re travelling. it’s really helpful!

Car Management – MOT, Inspection

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Compatibility – Is compatible with iOS 9.0 or later. supported in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

There are some facts when it comes to the United Kingdom. 1 out of every 3 vehicle reports has a NEGATIVE history. 30 reports come back as STOLEN every day! 20% have a number plate change, and hundreds are INSURANCE WRITE OFFS! Such incidents and Facts confirm the need for such an app in your phone which can help you to evaluate and check the MOT history and status of a vehicle. MOT car check and valuation is Such an app which is built for the same purpose. Not only the app keeps your vehicle as per the rules and regulations of the UK Government, but it also ensures a fair exchange and transaction while selling or buying a used vehicle.

The app is so powerful that you can keep a history of any number plate which is searched – that too, with the date and time! You can also do a history check or full HPI check with a financial check and make sure if you are serious about buying a car. Data of over 200,000 cars is available which is updated regularly based on the market conditions, standard car depreciation by the car model, the car manufacturer, and also the UK resale price norms. So you can be very sure about the price that the app estimates of a vehicle that you want to buy or sell. The app gives you a free and entire history of your vehicle along with 4 reminders at legitimate intervals to maintain the MOT norms.

Essential Features :
❖ Makes evaluation of the price of any vehicle easier.
❖ Make sure your vehicle is running as per the MOT norms.
❖ Minimizes chances of overpricing and fraud in vehicular transactions.
❖ Gives a precise estimate by taking multiple aspects under consideration.

Bottom Line: For the people who reside in the UK, this app is a very useful tool. Now you don’t have to remember the details regarding your MOT history and dues – let MOT Car Check and Valuation do it for you!

My Car Maintenance

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If you are a kind of person who wants to have every data in a tabulated and in a statistical form even when it comes to your car, here is an app for you. Track your vehicle’s efficiency in any form you want – a bar chart, a trend analysis or a pie chart. All the aspects like the vehicles cost, services, and fuel efficiency can be logged into and kept track of with the help of this app. Various conveniences like adding reminders to get notified about important events related to your car, adding notes, viewing and searching event history etc. make this app pretty fancy for the people who are very much into keeping records and analyzing performances of their cars.

Some other brilliant features of the app are that photos can be added to the vehicle album and any other documents and the pictures can be attached to an event for future reference. A proper structure of the units, odometer units and other related data can be presented in the observable forms. All the common units like litre/kg/km/miles/gallon are supported. A very practical and accurate data of aspects like costs per day, per odometer unit, and monthly cost, cost structure, fuel efficiency can be easily obtained. If you’re not very fond of advertisements, want to upload data to cloud storage, a Premium available as an in-app purchase can unlock all such and some more premium features. The cost varies from $1.49 – $109.99 depending on the plan you prefer to purchase.

Essential Features :
❖ Pictures and documents can be added for future reference.
❖ Presentation of data in a professional manner.
❖ Close to accurate estimates.
❖ Lets you track expenses and efficiency on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

Bottom Line: This app is the best for the people who want to keep a track of the expenses of their vehicle and do it in an organised manner.

SpeedView: GPS Speedometer

Price : ₹ 159
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Compatibility : Requires iOS 8.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Speedview – GPS speedometer is an Indian origin app which is available exclusively on the app store and serves the purpose of letting you track the speed of your vehicle. The app works with the help of GPS and it can be called a GPS tracker as well as a weather app. The app can be used for the purpose of fun or for serious tracking of the speed of any motor vehicle. It supports multiple units to show the speed to the people belonging to different regions. User’s current speed can be seen in miles, kilometres, or knots. Not only this his current GPS coordinates location and even at the street where he is at the given moment can be seen with the help of the app. It gives you the tracks and paths that have been followed in a particular journey, on a map.

The unit of speed can be changed by the users anytime they want to zoom in and out of the map well to have a clear vision. The app has been provided with a dedicated weather section which gives all relevant weather data for a current location such as the temperature of a place in degree Celsius or degree Fahrenheit. The air pressure, humidity, precipitation, ozone, and a brief description of the weather along with an icon that shows the weather condition is also provided. Speed view – GPS speedometer supports English, German, and Spanish languages. Family sharing is also an option.

Essential Features :
❖ Shows speed in versatile units.
❖ Many other supports like humidity, precipitation etc.
❖ Dedicated weather app.
❖ convenient user interface.

Bottom Line: The app has the value for money as it provides the services of a speedometer and a weather app.


Price :
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Compatibility :

Carango Is the first car Manager app for Android and the only one which lets you take full control of your vehicles. It is more of a finance manager for every vehicle in your garage, be it a car, a motorcycle, a truck or a bus. There are plenty of options when it comes to tools. This app can be used for both personal and professional use. The app helps you save money as you can manage multiple vehicles and register an unlimited number of refuelling services, expenses, and incomes of your car. Not only this, but carango will also process your data and you can have detailed reports – daily or monthly cost, the average consumption of fuel per kilometre and many more efficient data to rely on.

Carango answers Complex questions like which one will be the best gasoline or has a better cost-benefit for your vehicle over the others. Carango is a very useful app as you are free of spreadsheets and will never forget to schedule maintenance, finance, taxes or even Financing instalments. Carango helps you widely when it comes to refuelling as you can find the cheapest gas station through Google maps and record the refuelling to know the average consumption per kilometre. Also, The app keeps track of your incomes as well. all you have to do is record your rides, freights, sales or any kind of revenue to know how much your vehicle is returning to you as an income. The services can equally be kept a track on, and there are constant reminders for the same.

Essential Features :
❖ Tells you which fuel is the best for your vehicle.
❖ Supports vehicles with multiple tanks and fuel types like Gasoline, Ethanol, Diesel, etc.
❖ Helps you save and track money.
❖ Most suitable app for Drivers and Professionals.

Bottom Line: What’s better than having an app that lets you keep a track on money and also guides you where the money can be saved in contrast to the expenses. And all this for free! there’s no reason why drivers should not have the app on their phones.

Final Thoughts on Car maintenance applications Android/iPhone 2024

So these are Best Car maintenance applications Android/iPhone 2024 which will assist you with maintaining your vehicle and will ideally remind you of vehicle maintenance and cutoff times. In the event that you haven’t had the option to deal with your vehicle’s maintenance because of an occupied timetable then these applications are a quite valid statement, to begin with. Not completing your vehicle services on time can influence its profitability and prolongation. So ensure you keep the vehicle running great out and about, keep it up through convenient tire change, oil changes, and so on.


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