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Who blocked me on Instagram? Let’s find out together!

blocked me on instagram: Not able to search a friend’s profile on Instagram? Any thoughts that, someone blocked you? let’s find out together!

If you are not able to see your friends feed on Instagram from a longer time, chances are that he/she has blocked you. There are a few reasons why you are not able to see the person’s profile on Instagram.

Can I see who blocked me on Instagram?

Can I see who blocked me on Instagram?

Maybe the account of that user has been deactivated or it’s blocked by Instagram itself (happens in the rare case), or you may be blocked by the person. Instagram allows the user to block any person they want.

There could be any reason for a person to block like breaking up or the person has a friend dumped you. Whatever may the reason be, here we help you find out who blocked you Instagram in a few simple steps. So let’s begin!

Search for the person’s profile

Open your Instagram app on your phone and type the person’s name on the search bar, who you think has blocked you. Now while you search there are two things to consider if the person has a private account or public account.

If the suspected person has a public Account

If the person has a private account and was already followed by you on Instagram you will be able to see his/her profile but no feed. Now try to follow him, if the person has blocked you will not be able to follow him in spite of clicking follow button. This means that the person has blocked you.

What if you want to check the same thing for a person whom you are not following on Instagram? As the above search for the suspected user’s profile, if the person has blocked you, you will not be able to locate his profile even with the right username.

If the suspected person has private Account

If the account is public, you will be able to find the profile by a normal search. However, when you go to the profile, you’ll see the total number of posts from that person, but also – “No photos or videos yet!” written on the profile.

These are the ways to find out if the person has blocked on Instagram or not. For those who want to know it quick about the blocking, you can take help of third-party apps like Unfollowogram.

Can I see who blocked me on Instagram?

This kind of application will notify you when someone unfollows you from Instagram. As the person who blocked you will automatically stop following you. Your friend may have just stopped following you without actually blocking your account.


Now you know someone has blocked you, it’s time you let it go. Don’t spend much on time people who don’t consider you import instead have some time with your close friends and family. 

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