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How To Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

Using the iPhone has some many privileges like having an amazing camera, high-speed processor, a sleek body, better hardware and software integration and what not. But with these amazing features, the biggest drawback on the iPhone is the poor battery life. 

 It is said by the company that the average usage of the iPhone will lead one time charging but the users who use their phone a lot feel the need of charging their phone multiple times a day. 

If you watching TV shows, movies. Anime on your phone or gaming the battery of iPhone drains out very quickly. This leads to constant charging and carrying power bank everywhere you go.

The battery issues can cause many inconveniences in your daily life, image your dies when your traveling and you need a phone for navigation! Or you want to make an important phone call what then?

Your phone comes with lots of smart features, now you don’t have to even settle for a single drawback. We bring to your simple tips to make your iPhone battery longer lasting so that you can make the most use of your phone. 

In this article, we will discuss the following things.

  1. 12 ways to improve your iPhone battery
  2. Tips to take care when you use your iPhone so that your phone’s battery life is maintained over a longer period of time.

How to Stop iPhone battery from draining?

iphone battery draning

Check which app is draining your phone’s battery the most

Our phone contains numerous blog, some of them are just existing on your phone no purpose. Also, many apps run constantly in the background and also use your internet this which even consumes up your battery. So to save your battery from such apps you fir need to discover which apps are the culprit. 

Step1: Open setting 

Step2: Choose battery option

Step3: Scroll down to the list of application to check apps and in how much proportion it is using your phone’s battery.

Close background app refresh for unimportant apps 

After following the above steps, now you know apps which are draining your phone battery on a larger scale. So now you have to choose which apps are less or of no importance.

Also if apps which download earlier and are not useful to now uninstall to save extra space along with the battery. Now close the background app refresh for apps, from which daily updates are not required. 

Step1: Head to setting

Step2: go to General and then go to background app refresh

Step3:  Manually turn off the toggle button of apps of your choice.

Even when you don’t use the app of your phone it continuously checks to its respective servers for updates, this results in more battery consumption. This method will prevent this action saving much of your iPhone’s battery.

Check your notification’s battery consumption

notification’s battery consumption

Push notification and alert also consume much of the battery of your phone. Notification uses your phone’s battery to light up the screen and pops up messages.

Check how much battery is spent in notifications on your phone’s home and lock screen.  For this go to setting and select the battery option. 

Notification battery percentage shows how many times the display is being awakened by app alerts. Your phone’s battery can benefit if you disable unnecessary app alerts and push notifications. 

Disable notification of apps that are not important

You may not feel the need to see notification of all the apps on your phone. So, check for all apps notification and prioritize. For example, the notification from Gmail account is important but facebook likes may not be of that much importance. 

One single notification wakes your screen for 10 seconds resulting 10 seconds of your battery life. Now calculate the number of notification you receive on your phone with the battery consumption. Continuous alerts from social media and gaming apps take an excessive amount of your battery like and that is wastage for apps you don’t use. 

Follow these steps to turn off notification of such apps

Step1: Head to Settings 

Step2: Notifications, and scroll through the list 

Step3: Manually disallow alerts app by app.

Disable iOS Dynamic wallpapers

Though dynamic wallpaper seems cool, it consumes more battery compared to the static background. So disable it and save the power of your iPhone.

Step1: Setting

Step2: go to wallpapers and brightness

Step3: Choose a New Wallpaper

Step4: Select a background from your ‘Stills’ or from your Camera Roll options instead.

Enable Auto Brightness 

Higher the brightness of your screen more the consumption of your battery. Enabling the auto brightness feature will help you in dimming screen brightness automatically. This feature adjusts of your screen depending upon surrounding and also on your battery percentage.

Follow the below procedure enable the auto-brightness feature on your mobile phone:

  • Head to setting
  • Go to general
  • Accessibility 
  • Magnifier
  • Auto brightnessauto-brightness-setting-in-ios

Close Push email

While you set your email account an option is provided you to turn on push email. Push email feature check for email continuously in the background and downloads it for you. Its execution eats up your iPhone’s battery. 

To disable push emails select the following options

Step1: Go to Settings 

Step2: Open Accounts & Passwords

Step3: Fetch New Data 

Step4: Turn off Push. 

Step5: Now you can select how often your phone will reach out for updates for each account.

Turn on airplane mode in areas of poor network connectivity

When you are in an area with low network connectivity, phones’ power is doubled so that it can stay connected to the cellular network. So if you are in an area with poor or no cellular connectivity toggle on your airplane mode to save battery. This will disable network connection, tap on the wifi icon to reenable it.



Connect your iphone to wifi 

Mobile data consumes more battery compared to wifi, connect your Phone with a wifi network whenever possible.

Turn off the wireless connection when you are not using it

Wireless connections such as Airdrop, Bluetooth and Wi-fi use your battery by searching nearby devices. So, when you are not using these connections have the habit of turning it off. Swipe up the control panel on your home screen and turn off all these buttons by tapping on respective icons.

Turn off app location of apps which are unnecessary using your location

Apart from a few apps like Maps and Zomato, Uber there are various apps which are using your location for unnecessary things. Apps ask for location permission in order to advertise.

Browsing apps like Chrome uses location information to send tailored content as well as ads, while apps from my bank and Starbucks probably use it for advertising or customer profiling. Check for apps in your settings which are using your location unnecessarily and wasting phone’s battery.

Step1: Head to Setting

Step2: Go to Privacy and scroll down to location

Step3: Now, manually turn off the location of apps which you think don’t require it.

Update to the latest OS. 

With new updates, battery performance also increases, update your phone to the latest version of iOS if your iPhone supports it. iOS 12 has so far the best battery performance features. Keep checking for system updates and try to update it whenever possible by connection your phone to wifi.

Step1: Go to Settings 

Step2: General 

Step3: Software Update alert would be seen on the top of your screen. Tab on it and confirm your update

Tips to maintain the iPhone’s battery lifespan and maximize battery life.

There is a popular saying that “Prevention is better than cure” and it goes everywhere. There are certain habits you must follow for the betterment of your phone’s battery lifespan. No matter how much expensive your phone is sooner or later the battery and performance of the phone degrade. This totally depends upon the phone and usage of the phone. Some phone performance is maintained for a long period of time it is up to you.

If you practice some healthy habits and take care of the little things that we have mentioned below, you will be able to preserve your iPhone’s battery life. This will also help your phone’s power degradation.

Don’t quit apps in multitasking view

If you thought quitting apps from your phone’s multitasking view can save your battery, you are probably wrong. The multitasking view which can be accessed by double tapping on your iPhone’s screen.

Swiping apps from the multitasking view close running apps and takes it out from the accessed memory. This action takes up your battery life, as it will have to load the app over again when you next need it. When your app is open and is not used iOS will freeze it so in this it doesn’t consume much of your battery.

Avoid extreme temperature

High temperature can affect your battery life and decrease your phone batteries lifespan. Extreme heat also reduces the capacity of powering up your device in a single charge.

Apple suggests that avoid keeping phones on temperature above 35 degrees Centigrade (95-degree Fahrenheit). So avoid keeping your phone outdoor on hot summer, instead keep it inside your bag or pockets.

Charging your phone with your computer, make sure it is power plugged.

When you charge your mobile phones with your computer make sure it is power plugged in. If your computer’s battery dies it goes in sleep mode when your phone is connected it will empty your battery. So plug in your computer with charger or remove your phone from your computer as soon as it’s charged.

Remove Phone case when charging your phone

Several styled phone covers heat up your iPhone when charging. If your phone is heating up too much it might be because of your phone cover. Remove your phone cover while you charge your phone’s this will avoid your phone from heating up.

Store your phone at 40 percent power.

If you have kept a spare iPhone which you don’t use daily or have switched off your phone for a long time for whatsoever reasons take than switch up your phone by charging it 40-50 percent. An empty battery could fall into a state Apple refers to as “deep discharge,” rendering it incapable of ever holding a charge again. 

Also if your thinking to fully charge your phone than it again can damage your battery if not used for several days. If you’re storing your phone for longer than six months, Battery University recommends charging it to 40 percent before storing it. Apple recommends turning your phone every six months and making sure your phone is charged to 50%. 

We ensure that these methods help you to make your iPhone’s battery stay longer. Follow all these methods and also consider the above-mentioned habits so that your phone’s battery lifespan is maintained. If you have a query related to this topic feel free to ask us through the comment section below.

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