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How to Hide messages on iPhone?

messages on iPhone iphone: Some messages don’t stay hidden from your friends even if your phone is locked. A pop up message notification can any time appear on your phone’s screen, which can be easily seen by the person sitting next to you.

Want to completely hide messages on your phone then keep up with an article and we will tell you how to save your messages from people who peek into your phone.

Ways to Hide Messages on iPhone


Hiding text messages on the iPhone is simple, you can lock and hide messages and also turn off message preview on the iPhone. In this article, we will discuss different methods of hiding messages in your iPhone.

It includes hiding notification and alerts, hiding messages from a single person, we will also discuss some good third-party tools available in-app store which help you secure your messages. So to try all such amazing features keep reading.         

Lock your iPhone with a passcode

You probably may have done this, but if it not do it quick. Despite Apple has high-end security features like face lock and finger lock, Passcode protection is the most secure way to lock your iPhone.

Also, set up a good passcode not something that can be guessed easily guessed. You have a choice of four or six numbers for setting a passcode.

To enable your passcode tap on the following 

  • Settings
  • Touch ID & Passcode
  • Turn Passcode On.
    Turn Passcode On

If you want to change your existing passcode do the following

  • Settings
  • Touch ID (or Face ID) & Passcode
  • Change Passcode, You will need to enter your old Passcode before devising a new one.

This will avoid anyone to unlock your phone, but it can not stop them from peeking into your notification. 

Stop the message Notification

Do new messages keep showing up on your lock screen? It’s time you can stop it, one of the simplest ways to hide message is turn off previewing messages on your lock screen. This will not lock your messages from the app but will stop the message alerts displaying on your screen. 

Step1: Head to your phone’s Settings and go to Notifications.
Step2: Scroll till you find Messages.
Step3: Toggle the Allow notification button, it will switch off notifications of messages from lock screen, banner alerts etc.

Also, you can even turn off the notification sound if you want to completely hide your notification. For that Select sound in the message category and then select None underTone. So, next time if your phone is lying around you don’t have to worry, as no one would be able to see your notification.

After hide notification, you will have to constantly look for a message by opening an app, as you may not get the alerts. 

Hide alerts to new Messages

Want to hide messages popping on your screen, but still want to be notified when you receive a message? In that case, you turn off message previews so the next time somebody’s next you, a popup notification will appear on your screen stating ‘text message’. The text content of your message will be kept hidden.

Step1: Go to Setting and choose notification

Step2: Scroll down to Messages

Step3: After opening the message section, scroll down to show previews. 

Step4: Tap on the always button and choose never. This will your messages private even when your phone isn’t locked. You can even alter this option to when unlocked, means your messages will stay private when your iPhone screen is locked.

Hide notifications of a particular person

If you are bothered about message notification from a particular person than don’t worry. iPhone allow users to disable notification for a particular person too. Here is how you can do it:

Step1: Head to Settings and choose messages from the notification section.

Step2: In the Messages, Allow Notifications if you have turned it off.

Step3: Open up your Messages app and open the chat of the person whose notification you wish to silence.

Step4: You will see an ‘i’ button on the top right corner of your screen, tap on it.

Step5: Select Hide Alerts from the option. That’s it you have disabled notification for this chat.

If you open Messages you will see that there is a Do Not Disturb crescent moon icon next to the conversation. You will still be able to see the last message and you will be able to open that thread.

Hide Messages of a particular person

If hiding notification is not enough, you can hide messages of a particular person completely. So even when anyone opens up your message app they would not be able to see your chat conversation from a particular person. 

To hide a chat conversation of a particular person, you will have to remove that person from your contact. Here is how can do ir:

Step1: Open your contact search for the contact of person and tap on edit..

Step2: Scroll to the bottom and tap onDelete Contact.

Step3: Now head to Settings and go to Messages.

Step4: In Message settings scroll down to Filter Unknown Senders.

Step5: This will turn off notifications for iMessages from people who are not in your contacts and sort them into a separate list.

Step6: Now messages from that person will appear in a separate Unknown Senders list.

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Save Text Messages on your computer

Another way of hiding some of your phone’s private conversation is to save it on your computer and then delete it permanently from phone.

This way your text will be completely hidden from those who access your phone. Also you can simplify this process by taking a screenshot of your conversation and then saving it into your computer.


Install Private Text Messaging Apps

If you are not satisfied with the above settings, then you can install third party apps for having a secured conversation and hiding chats.

There are several messaging apps available with which you can have a private conversation and keep all your conversation a secret. Some of the best private text Messaging apps are below



Coverme is app provides complete privacy solution and include private texting and calling with military grade encryption algorithms. Some of the amazing features include private file sharing, self-destructing messages, and a feature called Private Vault which stores your personal documents, files, and data.



IDiscrete provide user a private space to store files securely like images, text and videos anything you wish you can store here. The unique features which makes it different from other app is the ‘Touch sequence protection security mechanism’.

So when an unauthorized person open app the app a fake loading screen will appear. The app can only open with a password which you have to enter by tapping in the right place.

Wickr Me

Wickr Me

Wickr Me is an end-to-end encrypted collaboration platform for teams and enterprises. It allows you to securely delete all messages, videos, and pictures from your device, send self-destructing messages, remove metadata from multimedia content, send encrypted messages to other Wickr Me users, and create groups of up to 10 group members for simple and highly secure team collaboration.


That’s it folks, We have told almost every possible way you can hide messages from your iPhone. Try these methods by yourself and don’t let anyone hinder your privacy.

For more such information keep visiting, we curate articles about the phone and related technologies and applications.

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