Best Ways to Clear or Delete Google Browsing History on iPad

Best Ways to Clear or Delete Google Browsing History

We leave our mark wherever we go. EVEN DIGITALLY. Just like how you would leave a trail of muddy footprints in your way, you also leave a “Digital Footprint”.A Digital Footprint or your Digital Footprint is a generous trail of the data you have generated while using the internet.

How Do you Clear Google search history on the iPad?

This comprises of  all the websites you have visited in the past, mails you have sent(Professionally or otherwise) and even things you have splurged on ONLINE, the generous time you spend scrolling around on your various social media platforms

(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and much more). From every post to comment and even your caption is you unknowingly leaving traces of you on the internet. Suddenly the spy movies that I have been watching over the years finally making sense!

It is important to notice that since we spend an ample amount of time either browsing or working online we are building a sort of portfolio of who we are online and upon research, I found out that, that information is more public than we would like to assume(l am attaching link to the article for more info)

When you access a website, the company is able to access information about you( your birth date, age, family history, etc). This happens both unwittingly and voluntarily by the company’s website when you accessed the website for whatever reason. This portfolio of yours helps the website/company understand and reach their target audience accordingly.

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An article I recently read up online said “Purchase behavior data may be used as a basis to reduce credit limits or increase interest rates”


There will be a day when the saying “Mother knows it all” will change to ‘Internet knows it all”

Don’t you think?

How do I delete our all Google Search history on my iPad?

Before you jump into how to clear our Google search history on iPad you ought to understand why you should do it! Just like any other search engine Google to is storing your information wherever you are accessing it from!

Your Google browsing history lets you retrace your steps back to websites you maybe read an amazing article on or websites where you read free online books on! Which is an amazing perk!

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Keeping this aside from your Google search history also takes up your space it is and also is the sole cause for the random ads popping up on your system every day. Yes, your browsing history makes you the target of companies who are selling a product like you have been searching for!

Clearing out the cache(space in your hard drive)/browising history and also the cookies on a regular basis helps you keep your privacy more guarded and your browser with the freed up space will work more smoothly.

The only downside of doing this would be that you’re saved up information will get deleted in the process.

You don’t have to part ways with your browser history, there may be links and files that are of high importance and parting ways with them could land you in trouble.

Also, you do tend to have remorse when you hit delete so here is a way to keep all your necessary data before deleting your browser history.

Download your google data using Google’s Takeout feature. It lets you download data from all that Google offers, the apps and other services. If you do your writing online and store artworks too on the google drive like me then you will really need to download everything on google docs.

You will be easily able to move huge chunks of images, clear out your google drive. You can archive your old documents to the physical media. Creating archives of the important files and also saving up your purchased books from google play music.

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How do I delete Google searches?

  • Step 1– Open up your google dashboard. Which you can simply do by typing google dashboard on the google search bar( works if you are logged in using your google id). Or you can open up the settings on the 3 dot-like icons on your google page and then click on manage your google account and type out google dashboard on the search bar.
  • Step 2–  Once on your google dashboard click on DOWNLOAD YOUR DATA.DOWNLOAD YOUR DATA
  • Step 3– On clicking your page is redirected to one where you will see EXPORT A COPY IN YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT IF YOU WANT TO BACK IT UP OR USE IT WITH A SERVICE OUTSIDE OF GOOGLE. Below this will be a list of things you want to save and choose not to save by simply click in the box in front of each section.
    This is where you choose what information you want to be saved and what needs to be discarded.
  • Step 4– After doing that click on next
  • Step 5– You now reach the DELIVERY METHOD

You see 2 options, ONE TIME ARCHIVE or SCHEDULED EXPORTS EVERY 2 MONTHS for a year. Click on your choice, Select how you want your files to be saved and the archive size and then click on next.

Voila! All your information is saved up and we can move on to clearing out the Browsing history.

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Here’s a list of ways to clear your google browsing history on your iPad! The following methods are easy and effective!

Method 1- the easiest way out AKA- Deleting history from iPad using the SETTINGS

This method is a sure-shot way to wipe out all your past history in the google search engine!

So how do we do this?
You will have to start by opening up your settings on the iPad. We have to access the SAFARI browser which is the built-in browser for all Apple devices and accessing the Google history on your safari to delete it off your iPad

  • Open up the settings on your iPad
  • Scroll down until you spot Safari on your iPad and tap on it to open it upClick Safari
  • After opening up Safari you will find CLEAR HISTORY AND WEBSITE DATA at the bottom of your screen when you scroll down, click on it to clear the history. A message will pop up that will ask you if you want to confirm the step.Clear safari History and Website Data
  • Click on CLEAR HISTORY AND DATA bar to confirm it again.clear history on safari
  • Once this is done you will see that you can now no longer click on CLEAR HISTORY AND WEBSITE. This means that your history has been cleared out. You will have successfully cleared out the history.

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Method 2– Deleting your Google history online on the iPad

This method is for those who use Google Chrome as their browser on all the apple devices. What this method will do is delete the browsing history from all your apple or any other devices with the same email id!

  • Start by opening up your google chrome app
  • Click on the  3 dot icon at the bottom of your iPad screen
    3 dot icon
  • On clicking the icon it opens up a list. Here you need to click on History
  • A long list of all that you have done online will show up. From your research on a project to the kind of movies you have watched, in short, all the websites you may have accessed at some point. Click on CLEAR BROWSING DATA that is written in red at the bottom of your screen.clear browsing data
  • Select the type of information you want to remove from your browsing history. I will choose to not delete my saved passwords here as I have the tendency to forget them, you may choose to do the opposite and then click on the CLEAR BROWSING DATA that you see as a red icon on the screen. Once again a confirmation will pop up, click CLEAR BROWSING DATA one last time folks!Voila! All your browsing history connected to that particular e-mail Id is removed from your iPad as well as all the other Apple devices using the same Id!

Method 3– Using Gmail app on your iPad to clear browsing Google history

Most of us have Gmail accounts, for work or for personal uses as they come with numerous perks! From easily being able to store your data on the google drive to using the word and excel sheets to be shared easily. This method helps you in deleting particular items that you do not wish to be seen.

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This method involves using the Gmail app on your iPad to delete your browsing history.

  • Open up your Gmail app on the iPad
  • Click on the icon that looks like 3 horizontal lines topped on top of each other and then click on settings.
  • Tap on where you see the name of your account/email id
  • A new screen opens up, here tap on MANAGE YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT
  • Tap on DATA AND PERSONALIZATION and scroll down under this section until you reach ACTIVITY AND TIMELINE. Tap on MY ACTIVITY. You will spot a 3 dot icon, click on it and then tap on DELETE ACTIVITY BY.Tap on DATA AND PERSONALIZATION
  • This opens up a page that will let you delete your data by date and even day!

This makes deleting the data rather easy also you can choose to keep the important links you deem necessary for future references.

Method 4- Deleting Google search history using the browser of choice on iPad

This method will involve you accessing your browser(chrome/safari) on your iPad.

  • Open up the browser of choice
  • Enter the link below on the address bar of your browser of choice – Link
  • Now log into your Google account and you shall see MY ACTIVITY list and click on it, this process will be a lot similar to Method3, the one where we cleared up our google search history using the Gmail Id! Here too you will need your Gmail Id.see MY ACTIVITY list
  • After this click on the 3 dot icon at the top of your screen. This will unfold options to choose from, tap on DELETE ACTIVITY BY.
  • You are now directed towards a page where you can very easily delete your google search history by date, day and product. A little time consuming I’d say so keep this as your last resort if nothing else works. But this method like the third helps you on not deleting important links that you deem necessary.

Method 5- Deleting Google search history using Safari browser

Apple users know that your apple iPhone/iPads/Mac’s come with an inbuilt browser called SAFARI. Writing down how you can wipe out your history with simple clicks on the safari browser.

clear browsing data

  • Open up Safari browser
  • Click on the icon that looks like an open book at the bottom of your screen
  • Click on the icon that looks like a watch at the top of your screen
  • Now click on Clear, you will spot this at the bottom of your screen on the right-hand side. You can choose how far back you in to your browser you want to go into with clearing out your search history from the options given!

And that’s all!

These were 5 easy and effective ways of clearing out Google browsing history. If you have easier methods to go about clearing out your browser history do let me know in the comments below!

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