3 Ways to Recover Deleted Photos on Any Android Device

Recover Deleted Photos from Android: With the accessibility of smartphones, every phone is a photographic studio now. Numerous clicks and instant feasibility of viewing those have reduced the hassle in large amounts. Earlier, people used camera reel and to capture photos and it used to get a long time to get those reels washed and developed as photos.

However, technological evolution has made it easy for all of us. Generation Y can’t even think of waiting so long after taking a picture. How can they cope with the pace of social media if they have to wait so long?

Proper photography with professional cameras may take a while as the camera SD card needs to connect with a computer to get a transfer, but smartphones don’t need that.

The in-built memory is quite large and adding an SD card enhances it more. Altogether it enables users with ample space where they can store numerous pictures. Hence, keeping the phone in the right angle with hand or with a selfie stick, taking pictures is extremely hassle-free these days.

Recover Deleted Photos From Android Phone

Recover Deleted Photos From Android Phone

However, there is a catch! The storage can bring trouble for you. In many cases, users literally get depressed when they lose their memories in terms of the picture from their android phones.

If there is a backup, you are safe, but if not, the possibility is there that you lose the pictures forever. To address this issue, technological geeks have researched a lot and found out solutions; after all, the users’ satisfaction is the prime concern for them. Here, we will discuss how you can backup deleted photos from Android phones.

Recover Photos From The Cloud Storage


Recover Photos From The Cloud Storage

Cloud is the most reliable storage for any media and documents. People prefer using the cloud as their storage because of the safety and ease of accessibility. However, a problem can occur with cloud storage as well.

For the cloud storage, you will be able to get the option of backing up your media files. If this feature turn on your phone, chances are there that you haven’t lost the photos at all. It may not be shown in the storage, but it is not lost completely.

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You can recover those photos following some ways:

  • If you have deleted photos from the gallery, those are not present in your phone storage, but those are available in the cloud. To recover them, just log in to the cloud app. In Google Photos you will get options for ‘save to device’ and in Dropbox, you will get ‘export to device’ options. Select the photos you want to recover and tab on either of the options.
  • Google Photos incorporates a trash can or bin icon in the sidebar. This is basically the recycle bin for it. If any picture deletes from your Google Photos, you will get that in the trash can. Unless to delete from the trash can, the recovery is easy. Generally, the deleted photos stay there for 60 days. Just select them and tap on ‘restore’.
  • In Dropbox, you need to log in from your computer to recover the deleted files. It gives you 30 days of time before permanent deletion.

Recover Photos From The SD Card


Recover Photos From The SD Card

Chances are there that you haven’t backed up your media in cloud storage. All you have is the Phone. How will you recover deleted photos if those are deleted from the phone? Thank God that you have SD cards and recovering media from SD card is possible. However, you can’t process the entire thing from your android phone.

You need to connect the SD card with your computer or laptop and install special recovery software to get back those files. Generally, an SD card never loses its memory automatically unless it is overwritten with other files.

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Please note that if your phone doesn’t have an SD card or cloud storage, you can use software to scan the phone, but it is nearly impossible to get a satisfying outcome from it.

Restore Photos by Using Various Methods

  • Android has its own recovery software to address these problems. The software has the capability to recover the lost media with few clicks. Generally, the software doesn’t depend on a version update or model of the phone to get work. After downloading the software, you need to click on the gallery section in Multimedia.
  • After selecting the gallery, connect the phone with the USB cable. Then, the software will scan the phone you will get the entire list of photos. Select those and click on recover.
  • Google Drive is excellent storage. If your photos are in the drive, the accessibility, deletion, and recovery everything will be easy and fast. Like Google Photos, the drive also has almost similar features. The trash can icon is the one that you will need to perform the recovery. From the trash can, you will get all deleted pictures and upon your selection, you will be able to recover those.
  • DiskDigger photo recovery app is another solution that can bring you mental peace. No matter the phone is in a root or not, it has helped many people. It is featured with ‘deep digging’ technology that performs a deeper dig in the phone memory to recover deleted photos.
  • For making this app work, you have to install it at first and then you have to select the type of scanning you want. Rooted phones may need a basic scan and a full scan may be required in case the phone is rooted. Regardless of the format of photos you have, the software can fetch them.
  • Once clicking for the scan, the software will search for the photos and by selecting the photos and clicking recovery, you will get those you have lost from your phone. After recovery, you can save those on apps like Drive, Dropbox, email or custom location in your device.


It is recommended to store the media in the cloud or at least get a backup in case of any emergency. The software can work well, but many people have raised questions on its reliability. Hence, to avoid any mishap, prevention is always a better option.

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