How to Uninstall Microsoft Office (2011/2016) for Mac Completely?

Uninstall Microsoft Office: If you are want to uninstall Microsoft Word or Excel or whole Microsoft Office on Mac whether because you want to install the updated version or fix some bugs in the current application, here is the guide to help you through the entire process.

3 Methods To Uninstall Microsoft Office in Macbook

Here, are the 3 best accurate methods are listed below to uninstall office (2011/2016) completely.

Microsoft Office Removal Tool for Mac

Microsoft Office Removal Tool for Mac

Microsoft offers an official uninstallation application, Microsoft Office Removal Tool, it allows its users to totally remove any version of Microsoft Office and all of its apps, including Office 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 as well as Office 365.

This removal tool only runs with Windows systems, such as Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10. In order to uninstall Microsoft Office on Mac, you can try to remove them yourself or take the help of a third-party uninstaller utility.

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Manually Uninstall Office 365 (2011/2016) on Mac

In order to uninstall Office 365 on your Mac manually, you need to sign in as an administrator on your Mac or provide an administrator name and password to successfully execute these steps.

Uninstall Office 365 (2011) on Mac

Uninstall Office 365 (2011) on Mac

Step1: Save all your work and quit all the Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote

Step2: Open Finder > Applications

Step3: Find the Microsoft Office 2011 folder. After locating it, move Office from its location to Trash.

Step4: Check if Trash has any files which you want to restore. If not, empty Trash and restart the Mac.

Uninstall Office 365 (2016) on Mac

Uninstall Office 365 (2016) on Mac

There are three parts to completely uninstall Office 365, the 2016 edition, on Mac.

Part 1 – Remove MS Office 365 Applications on Mac

Step1: Open Finder > Applications.

Step2: Press ‘Command’ button and click to select all of the Office 365 applications

Step3: Ctrl + Click the selected applications and then choose ‘Move to Trash

Part 2. Delete Office 365 Files from Mac

Step1: Open Finder and press ‘Command + Shift + h

Step2: In Finder, click ‘View > as List

Step3: Then click on ‘View > Show View Options

Step4: In the dialog box, tick ‘Show Library Folder’ and click ‘Save

Step5: Come back to Finder, head to Library > Containers. Ctrl + click or right-click on each of these folders below if present, and then select ‘Move to Trash’. Note that some of these folders might not be present.

  • Microsoft.errorreporting
  • Microsoft.Excel
  • Microsoft.netlib.shipassertprocess
  • Microsoft.Office365ServiceV2
  • Microsoft.Outlook
  • Microsoft.Powerpoint
  • Microsoft.RMS-XPCService
  • Microsoft.Word
  • Microsoft.onenote.mac

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Step6: Click the back arrow and go back to the Library folder. Open ‘Group Containers’. Ctrl + click or right-click on each of these folders below if present, and then select ‘Move to Trash’

  • ms
  • Office
  • OfficeOsfWebHost

When you move these three folders to Trash, your Outlook data will be deleted. Hence, we suggest creating a back up of these folders before you delete them.

Part 3- Remove Office Apps from Dock

Remove Office Apps from Dock

Step1: If any Office apps are put in the dock on your Mac, locate each of them

Step2: Ctrl + click and choose ‘Options

Step3: Select ‘Remove from Dock

After you have taken all of the above-mentioned steps correctly, restart your Mac and this will finish the complete uninstallation of MS Office from your machine.

Uninstall Using Third-Party Uninstallers

You will find many third-party uninstallers for this purpose. If deleting Office many is becoming taxing for you, you can take the help of these tools to make this process easier.

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