How To Block Unwanted Emails and Messages on Your iPhone?

Block Emails and Messages on iPhone: A cluttered and overflowing inbox is irritating and getting all those spamming emails can get frustrating. While these emails hamper your normal working they also sometimes block important emails that otherwise require your attention.

Similar is the case with messages, unknowingly we subscribe to some things that just spam our folder and are of no great help. For iPhone and iPad users, this is not a problem as Apple provides great cleaning tools to Block Emails and Messages on iPhone and enjoy only the important stuff.

Solutions to Block Emails and Messages on iPhone

Well, to Block Emails and Messages on iPhone or iPad there are various methods that can be deployed. We will be discussing all of them in detail. The options available are:

  1. Blocking the email Id through your device.
  2. Blocking the email ID through the email provider.
  3. Unsubscribe to the mail.

Blocking Email Address

1. For iOs 13+ and iPadOS

iOs 13+ and iPadOS provides you two features only for ignoring the blocked senders. In the settings to set up mail, you can have blocked as well as the blocked sender options available. The blocked list available is also shared with other apps like messages, facetime. You can, however, change the list for other apps at your convenience.

Block email addresses in OS13+ or iPadOS


Blocking in OS13+ or iPadOS has become very easy with the new features. All you have to do is make sure that the email address you want to block is added to your contacts app.

If the contact is not added, you should either add as a new contact or as an existing contact whatever suits you. Once the email address has been added to your contacts, follow the below steps:

Step1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step2: Tap on mail in the settings app.

Step3: There is a threading option available, tap on that and then select blocked sender options.

Step4: In the options provided, choose what will happen if any mail is received from a blocked sender. The choices available are: None, Mark as Blocked Leave in Inbox or Move to Trash.

Step5: After you choose the option, tap on blocked and choose Add New iOs 13 and iPadOS add new contact to blocked list

Step6: Tap on the contacts that you want to block.

Step7: Once the blocking has been enabled in the cloud, it will work across all your Apple devices.

The email ID can also be blocked directly from the Mail app

Step1: Whichever sender you want to block, open an email from the same.

Step2: Tap on the name of the sender.

Step3: In the header, click on that name that is mentioned next to the From tab.

Step4: Choose block this contact option from the mail app.

Step5: Provide you a confirmation to block that particular email address.

Step6: The contact will be added to your blocked list. You will never be able to see any emails from the particular address on your Mail app. However, the contact will be visible in your Apple mail and if you access the email from your web browsers.


Apple iOS 13 also provides additional blocking features where you can block unknown callers as well. By going to the settings and Phone and toggle tab you can silence unknown callers all for once.

2.For iOS12 and below

While there is no specific rule to block specific email addresses on your iPhone or iPad that use iOS12 and below, you can always mark the emails from that particular contact as spam. By this, you train your device and in the future, it will automatically put any mail from the particular contact into junk.

Apart from this, you can also set ground rules for particular email addresses in order to avoid the complete junk mails. You can set up a Rule for your Mac’s Mail and automatically put the emails from particular contacts to stop spam calls or mail folder.

Below are the steps to set up the Block rule for mail

Step1: Open your mail app and in the top menu choose to mail and then preferences.

Step2: Select the rules tab and add the rule along with a name.

Step3: Select the parameters for blocking and also choose the action you want to perform if the conditions are fulfilled. You can also choose the delete the mails automatically.

delete the mails automatically

Step4: Complete the rule and select ok.

You have set up a rule for unwanted emails, Now you do not have to worry about any mail from that contact.

Blocking Through Email Provider

Different mailing platforms to have provided various options of treating unwanted email addresses. Whether you are using Gmail, Yahoo or any other you can perform specific actions to avoid spam and trash emails from piling up.


Being one of the most popular email applications, let us start with exploring the block feature of Gmail:

Blocking a contact does not delete the messages from that email but instead redirects them to the spam folder.

So to avoid seeing the mail in your primary inbox, it is better to delete the email as soon as it arrives or redirects it to the trash folder by setting up an automated filter.

For doing so you will be required to follow the below steps:

Step1: Log into your Gmail account. In your inbox select the message from the sender that you wish to block. Select by clicking on the little checkbox and then click on ‘More’. You will see a dropdown from that choice to filter messages.

choose filter messages

Step2: A new window will open with a tab for the field. Fill in the form field with the email address of the contact whose messages you wish to delete.

Click on create a filter with this search at the bottom of the window and choose the delete option on the next screen. Any mails received from this email in the future will directly be deleted and got to the trash folder.

 Step3: Block the sender in Gmail: Once the mail is open click on the down arrow. You will see various blocking options and you can choose which one to select.

You can every now and then also review your blocked and filter settings. This can be done by clicking on the gear icon at the top right side of the Gmail. Select settings and in that click on filters and blocked addresses or review blocked senders.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo too has an exclusive blocking feature and allows up to 500 different senders to be blocked from your ID. In yahoo too you can configure the blocking and filtering ruled and limit the unwanted emails present in your inbox. The move to junk option also helps to Block Emails and Messages on iPhone.

Unsubscribe from email

Most of the unwanted emails we receive are our past mistakes where we subscribed to a particular website. Little did we expect it to spam our inbox this bad. For such cases, you can also unsubscribe to emails on your iPhone or iPad.

yahoo mail

While not all emails provide you the option to unsubscribe, but most of them at the end of the mail or at the start have a tiny clickable option of unsubscribing.

Once you click on that unsubscribe button, you have to confirm you want to unsubscribe from receiving emails from that particular email and you are good to go. You may be asked to fill a feedback form, but in a day or two, you will stop receiving emails from that contact.

Blocking Messages in iPhone and iPad

Block Emails and Messages on iPhone

In iPhone and iPad you can also filter out the imessages from people who are not listed in your contacts. You can also filter out iMessages from people not listed in your contacts.

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Follow the below steps to block messages from  unknown contact:

Step1: Go to the settings app on your device.

Step2: In the settings click on messages and then turn on the filter unknown senders.

Once the above steps are done, every time you open your messages, you will see a new tab for unknown senders. This option blocks your notifications from unknown senders and directly filters it into a new tab.

The list created for unknown messages can also be received from time to time through the settings app.

Another method of performing the blocking tas is directly through the message app.

Step1: Open the message from the sender you want to block.

Step2: in the top right corner is a details link, click on that.

Step3: a new screen will open. Tap on the ‘i’ icon on the screen. A list of options will open up.

Step4: From the list select the last one which mentions ‘ block this caller’.

Step5: You will be asked to confirm the blocking of the particular number. Once confirmed you will not receive any messages, calls or FaceTime from that number.

You can change the setting in other apps through the settings tab of each app. Also periodically you can review the blocked list if you want to make any changes. This can be done through the settings app on your iPhone or iPad and the going to the message tab and further into the blocked list.


Thus you can Block Emails and Messages on iPhone with the above methods. Every company has come up with ways of tackling such a nuisance. For emails, you can either block them directly through your device or through a particular service provider like Gmail or yahoo.

For messages, you can either block the contact form settings app or directly opening the message of the person you wish to block. The steps to Block Emails and Messages on iPhone have been provided above. With the above steps, you will be able to Block Emails and Messages on iPhone from your spamming inbox and piling up your messages.

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