Apple AirPods: Our Complete Guide to Apple’s Wireless Earphones

Wireless earphone was first launched Apple in the year 2016 called Air pods and it changed the definition of music listening. AirPods are much like Apple’s earpods but wireless, AirPods deliver hassle-free music listening experience.

You can listen to music hassle-free. AirPods chipset makes pairing with the iPhone very quick and easy; it also allows audio syncing and Tap ‘control registering.

If you are planning to buy an AirPod or need help in accessing it, below, you will find out all the details about AirPods. The tiny earpods do a lot more than you think. Read below to know it all. Read below, so that you don’t miss out on any features.

Guide to Wireless Apple Airpods

The Wireless Earphone of Apple

Wireless earphone of Apple works with a chip called W1 or H1. Accelerometer makes it recognize gestures; dual beamforming microphone lets hey-Siri recognition, there is another accelerometer that detects speech.

AirPod includes dual optic sensors and noise cancellation feature too. You can enable a transparency feature in your AirPods so that you remain aware of the outside voice when needed and at the same time, enjoy listening to music with peace.

The infrared sensor in AirPods will beep sound when one of the earpods is out of your ear. The beamforming mics grasp your voice loud and clear, so when you are on call the person on the other side doesn’t feel any sound distortion.

You get a charging case with AirPods which is a charging medium as well as a storage box for the set of AirPods. The size of the case is not more than a mint box or say dental floss; you can carry in your pocket or even a small purse. There is a lightning port at the bottom of the case for charging the device.

You can charge AirPod with your iPhone’s lightning cable or use of Qi wireless charger. The charging case has 20 to 24 hours of listening time and up to 18 hours of Talktime. While one charge of AirPod will deliver up to five hours of listening time and two to three hours of talk time.

What are The versions of AirPods?

What are the versions of AirPods

There are two versions of AirPod right now. Apple launched the first generation AirPod in the year 2016. The refreshed version came in the year 2019 is the second-generation AirPods, also known as AirPod 2.

Both the version are commonly known as AirPods; it is quite confusing; however, there are enough differences between the two.

The first generation AirPod come with W1 chip while AirPod 2 features an updated chip H1. The updated chip speed to switch between devices is increased twice in AirPod 2 compared to the first generation.

The battery capacity of the latest AirPod is almost the same as the earlier one you get five hours of listening time but three hours of talk time instead of two.

When we talk about design, there is no difference between the two; both are identical. The new AirPod has the hey-Siri feature; you can command or ask Siri questions when you are AirPods are enabled without needing you to tap on your phone screen.

The coolest feature of the new AirPod is the Qi wireless charging mat; you can opt to go wireless entirely if you have AirPod 2. However, AirPod 1 users have to carry their charging cable.

If you wish to use the wireless charging feature in AirPod 2, you will have to buy it with the particular wireless case for the price of $199.

If you are not a fan of wireless charging and free cable, then you can go for the standard charging case price for $159, for those who have a first-generation AirPods, you can purchase a wireless charging case for $79 and enjoy wire-free charging.

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Set up Your AirPods

Set up your AirPods

The best thing about these tiny Apple AirPods apart from the size is easy usage. You can set up and connect AirPods with your iPhone and other devices with ease.

To connect AirPods with your iPhone, follow these necessary steps:

Unlock your iPhone or iPad and open AirPods charging case

Keep the case near your phone, wait for a second; a pop message will appear on your screen.

Tap the connect button, and that’s it, you are good to go.

You need to establish a connection between your iPhone and AirPod only once later your iPhone will connect automatically connect as soon as the AirPod case is open.

Not only your iPhone but all your other device will know about your AirPods because of linked in iCloud. You will not have to establish a connection for each device individually. All the devices which are connected to your iCloud account will have the AirPod listed in the BlueTooth section, so you can easily switch between devices.

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All The Features of AirPods

All the features of AirPods

You can connect your AirPods with numerous devices, but it works best with the iPhone. All its unique features can only be seen on iPhones, especially great for the latest OS iOS 13.

Here are all the features of AirPods you can make use of with your Apple devices:

  • AirPods are wireless,
  • It is designed to have a comfortable fit
  • Five hours of battery for AirPods and 24-hour total battery of the case.
  • AirPods are charged in the case, 15 minutes of charging will give you three hours of listening time.
  • AirPods only need a one-time setup; afterward, it connects to Apple devices; the case is opened or through Bluetooth.
  • Quick connection establishes with all Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple watch.
  • The Accelerometer in the AirPods enables music streaming when you place AirPods in your ears.
  • If you need to hear outside voice, you can make use of only one AirPod to listen to music and call.
  • AirPods understands gestures like double-tapping will give you access to Siri.
  • While you are listening to music, double-tap enables changing tracks and play and pause features.
  • W1 and H1 in first and second-generation chip respectively extend BlueTooth range and battery life in AirPods.
  • Microphone in AirPods let you talk to Siri and take calls, the high quality records your voice clearly canceling noise.
  • In AirPod 2 you get hey Siri feature just like your iPhone.

These are all the features you can expect in Apple AirPods. It works amazingly with all the Apple devices.

Connecting AirPods to Android or Non-Apple Device

Connecting AirPods to Android or non-Apple device

AirPod can connect with Android or other apple devices too. You might not be able to access all the additional features, but you will be able to listen to music and shows.

You will not be able to use the automatic on and off feature or access Siri. AirPod case features a flush button that is designed to pair your Android device or any other non-Apple device with Apple AirPods.

To pair your non-Apple device with the AirPod, keep the AirPod pair in the case and open the lid. Now press and hold the flush button on the case until the led light turns white.

Your AirPod will now be visible on the Bluetooth list on your Android phone, TV or computer. To check AirPods battery level on your Android device, install the AirBattery app from the play store.

Save AirPods Battery life by Charging and Swapping one

Most of the cases you will not lose your AirPod battery in a single day. However, if you use your AirPod a lot for calls and music streaming you will have to charge it twice. Here is a way to continue using your AirPod, keep one your AirPod in the case to charge while listening with the other AirPod and swap the AirPods after a while when you need it.

When you are using only one AirPod, make sure that you place the second one in the case. This process will pump stereo signal in one bud if both the AirPods are out you will not get worth stereo sound.

Check AirPod Battery

Check AirPod Battery

When it comes to checking the battery percentage of AirPods, there are quiet options for you.

The first option is to open the AirPod charging case near your iPhone or iPad; this will pop open battery display on your phone. Next, you can have an AirPod battery widget. Keep widget in the notification today panel; this tab will only display the AirPod notification if you use it on a constant basis.

You can also check the battery status on your Apple watch with a trick.

  • Keep open your AirPod case near your Apple watch.
  • Open control centre.
  • Select the Battery option.

You will see the battery percentage of Apple watch as well as the battery of your AirPod.

Hey Siri

Hey Siri

The second-generation AirPod has the Hey Siri feature, so you use Hey Siri on your AirPod if your iPhone is far from your, Ask Siri to control volume or play your preferred music without touching your iPhone.

If you have your Apple Watch on your wrist, you can use AirPod with the watch if you are connected with the cellular data. When you say hey Siri, the volume of other stuff you are listening will be lowered, stating that Siri is listening to you, you can then say your command.

You can even ask Siri to read your messages through the AirPods the only condition is that you must be using the 13.2 iOS in your iPhone.

After you command Siri will read out your phone’s message, this is a very convenient feature when you are multitasking or doing other stuff. You will know about your messages even without looking into your phone.

Change your iPod’s Name

Change your iPod's name

You can change the default name of your AirPod through the Bluetooth setting; there is no other method except that.

To change the Name of the AirPod, go through the following steps:

  • First, connect your iPhone with the AirPod and open Bluetooth setting
  • Search for your AirPod name in the list and click on the ‘i’ icon beside it.
  • Now click on the Name field and enter the name you want for your AirPod and save.

Your AirPod will have its new name, and it will be sync through iCloud and all linked devices. 

Customize Controls

You can change the gesture features and customize Apple AirPods options by viewing AirPod’s setting. You can change the double-tap feature to a single tap or press and hold feature for any of the AirPod.

To do so follow sets below:

Like earlier with your AirPod connected to your iPhone open Bluetooth setting.

  • Click on the ‘i’ icon beside your AirPod.
  • Click on the left or right to change the function of each AirPod or dissolve the interaction.

Common AirPod Related Questions

For those who haven’t tried AirPod before will have some queries, here are some common questions majorly people with the answers.

Turn Your AirPod into a Hearing Aid

Turn your AirPod into a hearing Aid

You can use a feature called Live Listen on iOS 12 and above, with this feature you can use your AirPod as a Hearing Aid. Enabling this feature requires a setup, once that is done place your phone near to the person you are speaking, and audio will be sent on your AirPods.

Tap on the options as below

  • Open Settings
  • Choose control centre
  • Click on customize controls
  • You will see a green coloured + sign next to a Hearing option, click on it.

When you want to actually use the feature, put your AirPods in your ear and on your iPhone open the control centre.

Select the Hearing icon and click on Live Listen.

To turn this feature off repeat the same steps in the control centre and turn off the final step.

AirPods with Mac

To use your AirPod with your Mac computer, you have to select it as an output audio device.

  • Open the Bluetooth icon from the menu bar
  • Choose AirPods and then Click on connect.
  • Similarly, you can even use Airplay icon in the Music app, select AirPods to stream music from Mac.

Repeat the same process as mentioned earlier, Bluetooth setting, tap on the ‘i’ icon.

Now click on the microphone tab and choose your AirPod that you want to use all the time.

Change Controls on Mac

Apart from iPhone, you can alter AirPods setting on your Mac computers. To do so, select Bluetooth icon from the menu bar and choose Apple AirPods and then click on the Connect option.

Connect AirPods with your Mac follows the steps below:

  • System Preferences
  • Bluetooth
  • Tap on Options beside AirPods
  • Tap to open the drop-down menu and choose the setting you want.

Share with Limitations

What if any other person tries to use your AirPod in your Absence. If this happens, a message will be sent to them featuring that the AirPods are not theirs. However, the other user can connect their device by using the flush button on the AirPod. But they will know that they are using someone else’s device which they shouldn’t.

Audio Sharing Feature

If you are using Apple iOS 13 on your iPhone, you can use the Audio Sharing feature. When listening to a song, you can share the song to your friend or family member having AirPod. Ask your friend to hold their iPhone above yours, follow prompts using the Audio sharing Feature.

Sharing AirPods: Share music, not calls

Sharing AirPods Share music, not calls.

Sharing AirPods is just like sharing earphones except for the hassle of wires. While you are sharing your one AirPod with your friend for listening to music and more, it doesn’t let two people use the mic at a time. Two people can not simultaneously use the mic feature; only one can speak while the other can listen to the conversation.

You can choose the microphone feature with your preferred AirPod tap the following options:

  • Setting
  • Bluetooth
  • Click on ‘i’ button
  • Select Microphone and choose the AirPod you want to dedicate the microphone feature.

Check if The firmware is updated

New Firmware gets released by Apple to improve AirPods performance. AirPods do not need manual updates if a new firmware is released by Apple, it is automatically updated. However, you can check if you are using the latest version of AirPods.

  • Settings
  • Go to General
  • Click About when you have put on your AirPods

You will see an AirPod tab at the bottom of the page, click on it to see AirPod information including model, serial number and Firmware version.

Optional Wireless Charging

The second-generation AirPod case comes with a built-in feature of wireless charging. Apart from the second generation AirPod Apple has launched a new case compatible with Qi-based charging case.

If you are not amazed by the wireless charging case, you don’t have to buy it. Buying AirPod will cost you $159 featuring Hey Siri and a decent battery. If you want to have AirPod with wireless charging case, it will cost you $199. The latest AirPods Pro with a standard charging case comes with the price of $249.

If you are happy with your first generation AirPod but still wish to use the wireless charging without switching to the other AirPods, you do have an option. Apple has made an AirPod case for the first generation Apple AirPods with wireless charging feature that with a price of $79.

Common AirPod Questions People Have

People you have not yet purchased AirPods might have some questions related to it.

Here are some commonly asked questions on online sites with their answers:

Are AirPods comfortably stay in ears?

Considering online reviews and our experience, we feel that AirPods do comfortably stay in ears. However, everyone is different and have different shaped ears so Airpod might not be equally comfortable to all.

AirPods stay entirely in the ears and don’t fall out as quickly, but you should note that it isn’t meant for gyming or sports activities.

Is AirPods sweatproof or WaterProof?

AirPods are not at all waterproof, it can resist moisture at a certain level. You will not see any remark on the water-resistant rating. AirPods are not designed for workouts or any kinds of sports. The current two versions of AirPods is not waterproof.

What are the accessories of Airpods?

AirPods accessories are the trendiest thing you see in the digital shop; there are new numerous AirPod accessories in the market, including exclusive protesting cases, wireless charging case and more.

Below are some excellent case covers you can put on your AirPods:

  • PowerPod wireless charging case – $30
  • HyperJuice Wireless Adapter – $20
  • AirSnap from Twelve South – $35
  • Catalyst Waterproof AirPods case – $25
  • Airfly from Twelve South – $40
  • Spigen AirPods Strap – $8.99
  • EarBuddyz Ear Hooks – $11.95

Where can I purchase AirPods?

AirPods are available on any Apple store as well as many online e-commerce sites. The price range for Apple AirPods range from $150 to $259. The price depends on the AirPods version and wireless charging case. You can find AirPods in discounted price with third party retailers, looking for the best deals on AirPods have a look at AirPods deal guide.


AirPods is a great gadget for iPhone users, who enjoy listening to music and video streaming. Apple adds new features to AirPods regularly, one of the latest AirPod features that you in AirPod is Siri can read your messages.

There are other amazing features too, like the reminder app access and a dedicated dark mode. The third generation of Apple AirPods will be launching in new feature; we will keep it updating on your blogs. This was everything you need to know about AirPods.

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