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How to Direct Message on Instagram in Windows PC & Mac [5 Methods]

Direct message on Instagram: Have you shared pictures of your recent visit to Goa yet? Or you stay in a luxurious hotel? We are living in such a digital time where we want every happy moment should be shared on social media. And, that’s what we do, aren’t we? We share photos and videos, memes, news, and many more through social media.

Social media is not only a platform where we only share moments but also it is turning out to be a bridge by which we share beneficial information. We can discover new products and services; we can explore new cultures and countries, we can create our own virtual company through social media.

Know About Instagram Direct Messages


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc. are the current social media monsters where we mostly share our ideas or promote our products and services.

Since Facebook has owned Instagram, both Facebook and Instagram have been used by a myriad of users. Today, we will be focussing on Instagram, a photo-sharing app that emerges as a strong social media platform.

Instagram is the most popular application with which people share their memories through photographs! A famous photo-sharing app across the world, with over 1 billion active users. At first, it looked like people were only using this application to share photographs, but as time passes, the way of utilization has been changed significantly.

At present, people use Instagram to share and promote new ideas, to become entrepreneurs, to sell and purchase products & services. And why not? As we know, Instagram provides one exciting feature that is Direct message; with it, you can direct contact to the concerned person without any hassle.

Though Instagram is a responsive app that runs both in both computer and mobile devices, it is primarily designed as a phone application. Since it is obvious that the number of mobile users is always greater than the number of computer users.

One may not afford to buy a personal computer, but it would have carried a cell phone for sure. And, many would have both cell phones as well as a personal computer. 

What if you have owned both the devices and you want to open Instagram on your computer to send a Direct Message. You might have come across a situation where your phone is out of your reach, but the computer.

Suddenly, you receive a notification, mentioning that someone has DM (Direct Message) you on Instagram. Now, what would you do? Will you leave your work and put aside your computer in order to check your mobile or you would think that is it possible to DM through the personal computer?

Now, we have a solution for it too. Whether you are using a Windows PC or Mac, you can easily launch Instagram on your device and that too, without carrying any difficulties. This article will highlight some key methods so that you can send DM from your device. But before we start, let’s understand what actually DM is and how does it work on Instagram.

What is Direct Message (DM) on Instagram?

What is Direct Message (DM) on Instagram?

DM is basically an abbreviation for Direct Message. It is a feature available in Instagram that allows the user to send a private message to the specific user or a group.

Besides text messages, you can also share links, photographs, videos, location and hashtags by DM. It is similar to WhatsApp; you can do most tasks that you use to do in WhatsApp.

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How to Check DM on Instagram from a Desktop?

The evolution in mobile technology has spontaneously grabbed everyone’s attention. It’s been a decade where we used a mobile phone just to send texts and receive calls, but now, smartphones are no longer tied in a boundary.

Presently, mobile devices are easy to use and function the same as your personal computer. Since they come in a small size, it turns out to be easy and convenient to carry them wherever we go.

Mobile phones are an essential tool in order to sustain smooth communication across the world. With the advent of smartphones, sharing a piece of information becomes easy.

Earlier, there were only texts and calls to connect with your loved one, but thanks to the technology, now; there are so many social media apps that you can use to share your content. And, Instagram is among the best social media apps that have been successfully satisfying the needs of the users.

Using smartphones makes things very convenient and quick, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy sharing information on a large computer screen. While you use a computer, you tend to have a full keyboard and a larger screen. To some extent, it is still possible to utilize Instagram on a personal computer rather than on mobile devices.

Let’s assume that you want to check and revert your direct message on Instagram from your PC, then how you would do that? You may try browsing Instagram on your computer, but sorry to say, you won’t find Direct Message option over there.

If you wish to use Direct Message on your computer, simply look and real the following methods which will help you to send DM from your PC.

List of methods which you can use to check and revert DM on Instagram from your PC

  • Instagram App for Windows 10
  • Use Bluestacks for Windows/Mac
  • third-party apps for Instagram DM
  • Instagram Direct Message Chrome
  • Use Flume

Instagram App for Windows 10

Instagram App for Windows 10

Windows Store does contain Instagram app now which enables users to share photos, videos, text messages, links, and many more as direct messages, from your personal computer. For this, you need to download and install Instagram app for Windows and then log in with your account to use DM from your computer. 

  • Download and install Instagram app from Windows Store
  • Open Instagram app on your computer which runs on Windows operating system
  • Sign-in with your current Instagram account
  • Tap on the DM (Direct Message) symbol and choose respective contact person whom you want to DM
  • In order to view Instagram messages, select the arrow icon and navigate to the conversation selection.

However, it is the most convenient technique to direct message, only users of Windows 10 can get the advantage of this method.

Bluestacks for Windows & Mac

Bluestacks for Windows

Bluestacks players are a free Android app that emulates your device’s system and makes it behave like an Android device. Basically, your computer will work as an android device. Thereafter, you can log-in to your google account or Apple id to install Instagram on your computer which is actually a virtual android device for the time being. And, now you can easily direct message from your PC and Mac

  • Download and install Bluestacks from its official website.
  • Open Bluestacks on your computer
  • Sign in to your Google Account.
  • Tap the “Right Arrow” provided at the bottom side of the screen
  • After that, you will be led to the Bluestacks dashboard. Now, go to Google Play store and search for the Instagram App
  • Install Instagram app and launch it. Now, sign-in in your Instagram account
  • Tap on Instagram Direct and select the concern person to start the chat

Meanwhile, Bluestacks carries some bugs which may slow down your PC. If this is the case, you can uninstall it and search for better methods to use Instagram on your computer.

Third-party Apps for Instagram DM


There are a few third-party apps which allow users to handle their Instagram account from mobile device to computer. IG: dm is one of such apps which are free and can be installed from open source as well. it is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

All you need to download the appropriate version of IG:dm on your desktop and you will be all set to direct message to the concerned person from your personal computer. Follow the steps mentioned below in order to install IG:dm on your Mac to direct message someone.

  • To download IG:dm, go to its official website and download Mac version
  • Install IG:dm, launch and verify IG:dm

Once you launch IG: dm and logging menu, you will be asked to enter a code which you can get from your email. Now, sign-in into your Instagram linked email account and enter the code.

Now, you will be forwarded to the IG: dm interface. Simply write the username of the person to whom you want to direct the message. You can also share pictures, videos, links from your Mac.

You cannot view the IG posts of other users, even you will not be able to check your   Instagram feed. The only purpose of this app is that it is used only for Direct Message.

Instagram Direct Message Chrome

If you purpose to check DM only and don’t want to download any social media app, then this technique will bail you out with the issue. Direct Message Reader for Instagram enables users to read the latest Instagram messages on the computer.

Instagram Direct Message Chrome

If you have an Instagram Direct Message Chrome extension, then you can get the notification of Instagram messages. With just a single click, you can read all your Instagram DMs. Note that this Chrome extension is currently developed to read-only, there is no sign how you can send/revert the Instagram messages.

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Flume App

This app works in your Mac as Instagram does on your mobile device. With this app, you can search for new pages and users, in fact, it is available in as many as 25 languages that provide you the ease of search.

If you want to upload an image then you need to download the Pro version of the flume. On the other hand, if you only want to direct the message, then you can look for the free version available on Flume Website.

Open the Flume App

Flume App

It is easy to use Flume App on your Mac. In case you face any difficulties, follow the steps mentioned further. Once you launch Flume app, you can resize the window size and the view of the post by selecting respective icons which are kept at the top left & right corner.

If you want to get access of functions like uploading pictures, explore page and view starred posts, all you need to move your cursor to the bottom where you’ll find all the respective icons.

Select DM Function

To direct the message, you need to use DM function. To do this, select icon which looks like a paper airplane at the bottom of your computer screen.

Enter User’s Instagram handle

Now, you happen to see a search area at the top where you can search for the user name to whom you want direct message. For example, if you want to send a query regarding Instagram, you can search ‘Instagram’ in the search bar in order to direct the message.

Now, finally, you need to type the message and tap Enter to send it. Interesting thing is that you can also send smileys and emojis, and even photos if you have the pro version of Flume.


We hope that this article will help you use Instagram app its direct message feature on your personal computer. Let us know if you have been facing any problem regarding Android and iOS device, we will provide the best possible solution for it.

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