How to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone?

Download Facebook Videos on iPhone: Social media surfing is one of our most favorite time pass activities. With the accessibility of smartphones and the apps in it, we can browse through social media at any time.

Many people use social media for their business purpose, but most people use it for mere entertainment like watching videos, updates of friend circle, funny memes and more.

Ways To Download Facebook Videos on iPhone

download facebook video

It must have happened with you all that you liked one video so much that you want to share it with your friends, but not on Facebook, or you liked one recipe that you want to try later.

The situation is difficult because Facebook generally allows you to save videos in your account, but not on your phone. To send that to your friends you have to send the link and to watch it later you can add it to your ‘collection’. 

Many iPhone users are not happy with this feature as they want to download the video clips on their phones. If you seek help from Google, you will find numerous ways through which sites are suggesting you download videos from Facebook but there are complaints about the processes as well.

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Download Facebook Videos on iOS

facebook videos on iphone

Most people find them lame that don’t fulfill their purposes. Here, we will share some authentic way outs for you that will surely make it easier. 

Before we start, let’s make it clear that there is no jailbreak is necessary to perform this. Facebook itself will never bring the facility of downloading the videos for the users, but there are many ways to bypass the restriction incorporates by Facebook.

For the iPhone, you will get third party web browsers in the App Store, which enable the file download from the web. An online Facebook downloader is the one of them which will allows you to download and save videos on your iPhone.

The method of getting Facebook videos on your phone is easy. You have to follow simple steps which are below to get it done. This comprehensive guide into two categories; one is focused on the process of copying and the second will be dealing with the downloading part.

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Copying the Link of Facebook Video

copy fb video link in mobile

Many people have confusion with this process. Therefore, before going to the downloading part, the copying issue needs to be addressed. 

  1. If you don’t have the Facebook app on your iPhone, download it from App Store and open it. 
  2. Select the video that you want to get saved in your camera roll. 
  3. Below the video, you will get the share button (if the admin of the video allows it to be shared). Select the option of ‘copy the link’ and thus the link will automatically get copied to your phone clipboard. 
  4. Now the link is yours. You can share it with anyone outside Facebook.

Downloading The Video

Don’t be disappointed because you already know the process! Many are there who have confusion regarding this as well. Moreover, there is a relevance of this process because the copied link will help you to get the video downloaded from Facebook.

Hence, following this process is important to follow the next segment. Okay, so for you who are unable to download and save a Facebook video on your iPhone.

Follow the process step by step as below

  1. We hope that you already have the Facebook app on your iPhone. Make sure the app gets updated, if not, go to the App Store and update. This step is just because many of the features may not work if you don’t have the latest version of the app. 
  2. Now, open the App Store again and find another app called ‘Browser and File Manager for Documents’. Download and install the app. 
  3. Once the installation process is complete, open the application. 
  4. This is basically a browser and you will get a search bar or address bar at the top of it. You have to activate the search bar by tapping and write the link qdownloader.net
  5. This website will open the gateway for you to download videos not only from Facebook but also from YouTube, Instagram and more. 
  6. As you enquired about Facebook video download, first you have to select a Facebook icon from the list of the sites.
  7. After selecting the icon, you will get a search box again on the screen. Tap on it and paste the video link that you have copied earlier. Beside the search bar, you will find a downward arrow that stands for download. Tap on the icon and to initiate the downloading process. 
  8. Next, the page will automatically process a reload and display the download link. You have to scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can get the download button. 
  9. Tap and hold the button and you will see the progress of the download at the top of your phone, at the notification bar. 
  10. Check the progress of the download in the menu bar. Start this process with enough data bandwidth. By doing this the download process will not stick in the midway because of the poor network connection. In that case, you have to restart the process from the very beginning. 
  11. Once the download gets it to finish, you have to switch to the File tab. It will save in the download folder where other download files are stored. Tap on the video you have downloaded now and chosen ‘open in’ from the menu.
  12. Here the iOS share sheet we will get on display. The icon of saving video will appear here and the video will save in your camera roll where other photos and videos will be saved. 

Last Words

Its suggested to get back to the home screen and quit the apps one by one. If required, perform a restart. Sometimes, we can not see the saved content in the camera roll until you restart the device.

Therefore, for a safe side, make it beforehand so that you can get to see the video once you open the camera roll. The process may seem a little complicated for the first time, but once you get a hang with it, it will be a few minutes job for 

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