How To Download Instagram Photos or Videos To iPhone?

Download Instagram Photos or Videos: In this epoch of technology, most of us generally spend a large amount of time on social media. We love to live a virtual life by using different social media platforms. And when it comes to social networking via photo sharing, Instagram has leapfrogged them all.

On this social media app, millions of users share countless photos, videos, and related information on a regular basis. And interested people follow each other to view each other’s photos, videos, and other contents daily.


Download Images or Videos From Instagram on iPhone

Download Images or Videos From Instagram on iPhone

When we see any interesting or beautiful video or image, thought of saving those photos or videos sometimes come up in our mind. We like to keep some of them for further use or to make our Screen saver or iPhone live wallpaper. But, the process of downloading images or videos from Instagram is not as same as it is in other social networking sites.

The method of saving anything from Instagram is a little bit difficult, but there is no fixed way. There are a few different procedures by applying which you can download an image or video from Instagram to your iPhone.

Here three easy downloading methods are illustrated in a simple manner. All you need to do is go through all of them and then execute them by yourself. However, before following all of these below-mentioned processes, you have to be very much careful about the copyright issues of the downloaded photos and videos as well.

Save Photo or Video Through URL



As it has been already stated that there are a few different ways by using which you can download any video and photo as well from Instagram to your iPhone. One of them is to download photos or videos using the URL bar.

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Here, the simple procedure of saving videos or photos directly from Instagram to the iPhone through the URL link is mentioned.

Step1: At first open Instagram and choose the photo or video you want to download.

Step2: Then hit the three dots, which is placed in the top right corner of the photo.


Step3: Then a drop-down box will appear and you need to choose Copy Share URL option.

Step4: Next open Safari or any browser and click on Paste and Go, the URL you have copied from Instagram.

Step5: After that open notes and proceed for a new note.


Step6: Next you need to press the note option to paste the picture and hit Share option.

Step7: Finally, tap the save image or video and you will find the image or video will be there in the camera roll of your iPhone.

If you want to download photos or videos from Instagram to the iPhone with the help of a URL bar, you have to go through the entire procedure. The procedure might seem a little bit lengthy. But once you do it by yourself, then you will get quite familiar with this URL bar based downloading method.

Application Solution

Apart from the previously mentioned downloading procedure, you can also take the help of an application to download and save photos and videos from Instagram to the iPhone.

You can find many applications in the App Store of your iPhone, which offers the facility to save videos and photos from Instagram to the iPhone. However, you need to select a well-reviewed app among the list of applications.

In the long list of applications, Regrammer is one of the good-rated application which is specifically designed to download or save photos and videos from Instagram to your iPhone. By following this below-mentioned method, you can easily complete the download process using the above-mentioned application.

Step1: First you need to download the Regrammer application from App Store.

Regrammer application

Step2: Next, open your Instagram and tap on the photo or video, which you want to download. After that click on the Share icon, which is placed above the photo or video and select the Copy Link option.

Step3: Then open the Regrammer app and paste the copied link from Instagram and tap on Preview.

Step4: Next click on the Repost.

Step5: After that hit the Repost on Instagram option. Then the Instagram Share sheet will appear and the photo or video will automatically save on the Gallery.

By completing these 5 steps you can easily save any photo or video from your Instagram account to your iPhone. All you need to do is to follow the entire procedure accurately.

The Jailbreak Method

Besides these two earlier pre-illustrated procedures. You can also go for a different out of the box solution if your iPhone is jailbroken. In that case, there is a different tweak by following which you can easily download or save both photos and videos from Instagram account to direct on your iPhone.

If your iPhone is jailbroken, then with the help of Cydia you can accomplish the download procedure. Instagram++, InstaEnhancer, InstaBetter, Instatools, and many other apps are available on Cydia. All of these applications can make the download process for photos and videos simple.


So these are the few procedures by following which you can now easily download any image or any video to your iPhone directly from the Instagram account. However, when you proceed for saving or downloading any photo or video from Instagram, be aware of the quality of content, and make sure about the copyright or any legal issue of the same.

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