iPhone FaceTime Bug & it’s 6+ Best FaceTime Alternatives

Best FaceTime Alternatives: A notable bug has been found in FaceTime that has put several questions before the developers of the app and to Apple’s fame. Social media refers to the bug as a spying trait of the app, which lets you hear the audio of the person you are calling even before they respond to the call.

What can I use instead of FaceTime??


The bug has got all the attention from Tweeps, and they’re ridiculing Apple and its local app FaceTime. It was 9to5mac who first discovered the bug and reported the full effect on its official site and after which, there are a series of tweets and memes we have found on social media platforms.

You might be stunned, but guess what? You’re not the only one. Since 9to5mac has reported the bug on Face time, many FaceTime users have encountered it on their iPhone.

Some have experienced it with their parents, while some might have been spied on by their girlfriends. The thing is that you too might have checked it out with your colleague or someone you’re too close with.

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Chances are you may end up surprised or shocked if the person on the other end already knows something personal about you! So what are you going to do? Report the bug in the feedback of the app?

Hurl bad words under the review section in the App Store? If you want, you can join the thread of sarcastic tweets on Twitter, maybe using the trending FaceTime hashtag.

But all of it isn’t going to work as an official statement from the authority has already been released stating that they’ll be fixing the issue in the upcoming update.

Well, the response from Apple was something nobody expected. As an everyday FaceTime user, everyone wants Apple to fix up the bug as soon as possible.

Anyway, to the bug which Apple took over a week to respond, you can’t keep using FaceTime until they come up with the solution.

But if you still feel that FaceTime was a significant part of your everyday social media life, and with that, you used to enjoy face-to-face conversations with someone special, don’t worry, you can take help from alternatives.

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6 Top FaceTime Alternatives For iPhone

It’s hard to substitute FaceTime if you really don’t want to compromise on the quality of audio & video on your iPhone. But still, you can peek into the App Store for options and find out apps that are rated top among all video calling apps.

You can take help from user ratings and reviews of these apps and try out every individual option on your own.

Or, can refer to some of the best video calling apps mentioned below here. These apps have almost standard features like group video chats and audio & video recording that can replace your everyday FaceTime, whether it’s friends & family you chat with or occasional live business conferences.

1. Skype: FaceTime Alternatives

Skype is one of the oldest video calling apps, and it offers free and smooth HD video calling. With Skype, you can make a group video call with up to 24 people, so it’s a great option if you chat with your colleagues or old school friends regularly. It is best-known for group video calls and online educational and business meetings.

Skype FaceTime Alternatives

Skype requires you to create an account and add friends from your contact list that are already using the app. You can also send an invitation to join Skype to people you would like to connect with.

We can update the app with the most modern features like recording, sharing and saving video calls.

2. IMO: FaceTime Alternatives


IMO is one of the top-rated video calling apps available on the App Store. The app is free to use and also you can make group video calls.

It has features of an instant photo and video sharing with hundreds of stickers similar to Instagram and Snapchat animoji and emojis.

3. Viber: FaceTime Alternatives

Viber is another great video calling app with features of messaging, audio & video chat and file transfer. It lets you communicate through a series of stickers, gifs and emojis that are inbuilt in the app.


An important thing to note about Viber is that you can make a phone call to even a landline number. Apart from calls, you can join popular events available in the locality near you and exchange video chats with them.

You can also play games that are available while still holding onto the video call that makes Viber a whole lot different and a unique video calling platform.  

4. Facebook Messenger: FaceTime Alternatives

Netizens have been using Facebook Messenger mostly for exchanging texts with their friends on Facebook. But the video calling feature is something that has overlook since the Messenger took a different route from Facebook in 2014.

Facebook Messenger

You can make video calls to any Messenger contact from anywhere free of cost. Messenger includes Snapchat-like fun filters, supports group calls and has excellent navigation functions. Video chat is easily accessible from the app version and via the Facebook Dashboard.

5. Google Duo: FaceTime Alternatives

Google Duo

Google Duo has had Hangouts for so a long time now, which includes a video calling feature; however, it didn’t sit well with its master plan. It is released as a mobile video calling app with video & audio recording.

The app also supports live video chats and is capable of group video calling. It has easy-to-navigate functions and a cool UI which users have found pretty good to deal with. 

6. WhatsApp: FaceTime Alternatives

WhatsApp is the most used social media apps of all time and ranks at the top as the most downloaded app in 2018.

In terms of video chat, WhatsApp can easily replace Skype and Facebook Messenger with fast connectivity, high video & audio quality, and a simple navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. With WhatsApp, you can make a video call up to 10 people.

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Apple’s negligence over the FaceTime app might affect the number of users using the app. Nowadays, many social media apps can easily replace FaceTime with features like quality video chats, group video calling and audio & video recordings.

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are some of the common social media platforms that you might have been using. They both have simply awesome video calling features.

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