10 Funny Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

Photo Editing Apps for iPhone: Instagram’s selfie filter launch is 2012. You now want a 3D effect image that changes hopefully as your head moves. The filtered selfie met the dull pout. It is in line with your rainbow-off-mouth effect.

One of the first applications was Snapchat for popularizing facial filters but there is now a plethora of such applications specializing in turning your old face into something you can or cannot imagine. Would you like to put cat whiskers on? Read on to know more.

List of Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

Photo Editing Apps for iphone

1. YouCam Fun

YouCam Fun

Have you ever thought what you’d look like when you turn 70 is a 25 years old woman?  Okay, with YouCam Fun you will find out. YouCam Fun has everything to do with fun filters.

The UI of the app is close to the Lens interface of Snapchat. You can switch from camera mode to video mode. Just swipe and you can also toggle between the filers. Open your mouth or move your head and on the screen and things occur. YouCam Fun has a wide range of facial fillers.

In this app, you can be whatever you want. You can be everything. You can save the photo to the cameras or post it directly on your favorite social media platforms, once you have clicked the perfect selfie.

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2. B612


B612 is one of the most robust filter applications available. It has over 1500 adhesives and filters. There’s a feature that distorts the face (mainly for slimming or bigger eyes) and AR mode.

B612 is popular for its amazing filters that make you beautiful instantly, but the app has much more. You will find a wealth of great filters and stickers, all responding to your emotions and the environment. All of this is there from the conventional heart filter to the cat whiskers. And the slider can be used to make your face toned.

3. Snapchat


Now that Instagram Stories provides the same thing in a better package, you might not use Snapchat anymore. But the lens game Snapchat remains strong. However, even third parties’ apps such as YouCam Fun are better than most apps there.

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And if you have an iPhone X, there is no odd difference on access to a different option of AR face filters. The technology used by Animoji is the same and the results are wonderful.

4. Photo Lab Filters

Photo Lab Filters

Everything about fashion is Photo Lab. It’s more about fun filters than that. The application has more than just effects. To catch all your styles and different moods, this one is the best.

Photo Lab is a little different to all the Photo Editing Apps for iPhone. You start with a feed view instead of starting from a camera view. You select an effect first, then take a photo. The app will automatically find and display the latest selfie that you can use with the effect when you show an effect. A new image can also be pressed.

Contrary to other face filter apps in the list, the app does not have a live preview, so you have to wait a second or two while the application is processing the image and applying the effect. The application uploads the effect to its processing servers. You can stay away from this app if you don’t want to share your photos with the company.

Here, all the usual suspects will be covered, including painting, dual exposure, mood shifts, costumes, stylized effects, sketches and much more. In this sense, you will find more.

5. Enlight


Enlight is a wild side tool used for grade photo editing professionally by this Photo Editing Apps for iPhone. It has a wonderful set of features that enable you to remix your photos. You can make amazing two-picture pictures, illustrations, combine images into text, and use templates in order to effectively turn your photos into pieces of art, including your own.

Enlight is not a hassle-free application and the learning curve is a bit like that. But once you master it, with some amazing graphics, you will be able to create something different from the rest. If you are interested in improving your Instagram play, Enlight is worth $4.99.

6. Fatify


Here’s something you’ve never heard of – a fatter iPhone app! Sure, it’s there. And it’s a lot of fun, really. You can see how you’d look if you’d be ten kg heavier or 100 kg using a simple scale!

Fatify app essentially enlarges your cheeks and adds triple chin on it, but it is funny. And you can grab video, of course! Add a loud voice to the mix and the races are here!

7. Prisma


Without a nod to Prisma the app popularizing the genre of fun and art filters, there is no enjoyable image editing list. Prisma transforms the image into works by well-known peers. The app uses its AIs, to turn your photos (including yourself) into modern art, as it was drawn by a famous artist such as Picasso.

And that’s still Prisma’s appeal, but recently the app has added many more functions and filters to the app. Besides the classic styles, you also have access to a few everyday styles. The app is also fed so that you can navigate some of Prisma’s best pictures.

In Prisma, your selfie can be detected and simply add effects to the background while leaving your face unmodified. It’s really cool for you.


MSQRD : Photo Editing Apps for iphone

On the heels of Prisma, MSQRD came right. The software was purchased upon Facebook and is not long overdue. You also have some of the great video life filters on the iPhone, however. It’s the best way to put a mask on your face with your hands down.

9. Facetune 2

Facetune 2

Facetune 2 is iPhone’s best-automated editing feature. It is known for its elegance, but with the software, you can do much more. The Facetune 2 is developed by the very same Enlight developers. Airbrushing tools are available for your face. You can whiten your teeth, enlarge your eyes, make skin defects smooth, and more. You also have access to live filters with Magic Camera software.

10. Pop Camera

pop camera

Pop Camera gives you the joy of using an older toy camera without having any problems. A digital version of a movie camera is included on the phone. You are going to get the whole kit, vignettes, light leaks, contrast, seed, etc. You can change to a 16 shot camera between one shot. The app takes a series of pictures and puts them together to give you a perfect look.


These are the fun Photo Editing Apps for iPhone that you can install on your iPhone and have a great experience of clicking selfies. What are some of your favorite photo filter applications? Share your suggestions and thoughts with us.

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