Google Maps App Update Brings ‘Measure Distance’ Feature to iPhone and iPad

Google maps app update: Google Maps is one of the most used apps by billions of people across the world, whether it’s to visit a new place, locating a new store near your area or looking for a good restaurant, a place to chill or a medical store, Google maps have simplified our life in so many ways.

Know About Google Maps App Update in iPhone

Besides providing you with the route to your destination, Google Maps have introduced a new feature for iOS. You can now measure the distance between different locations. This distance measuring feature saves you from various unnecessary third-party apps and all the struggle with the calculation, you can leave everything to Google maps now.

Google Maps’ distance feature can be used on any iOS device. With this feature, you can know the exact distance between any two locations, such as the distance between two shops, buildings, or cities. The Map allows you to draw any route on the Map to know a measured distance.

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Here is how you can measure distance on Google Maps for the iOS device

Measure Distance Feature

  • Step1: Open Google Maps on your iPhone or iPad and mark the first point, the location to begin. Press anywhere on the Map and hold on for a second, a red pin will pop on your screen. After you have marked the site, add a name to the site at the bottom.

When you press a visited or known place it will open an informative panel on the left side.

  • Step2: When you mark the first pin, a new option will feature on the left side panel called Measure Distance. Go to the place’s page and scroll to the measure distance option and click on it.
  • Step3: Now add the second location on the Map. The target pin appears with a connecting line. By moving the Map, place the black circle or crosshairs where you wish to mark the second location. Now give the marked area a preferable name,  and that’s it.
  • Step4: Google will now display the distance at the bottom, measured in kilometers and miles You can also remove and change the initial or final location marks. Tapping Undo twice will remove the last marked point. To clear both ends, press more at the top right corner and then press clear.

Note that when you activate the measuring feature on the Map, the pin initiates with your current location by default. But at times you might search for unvisited places, which could be in another town, city, or even a country. For such instances, you will have to scroll your map and adjust the measuring string.

Multiple Distances Tracking

add point in google map : google maps app update

When you calculate the distance between a path, you add other points on your way by clicking on the Add point option. With this option, you can know the distance between places as well as routes or even round trips. The measures will update as soon as you move the circle near the Map.


So, that’s all to know about how to use the new distance measuring feature in Google Maps. Simple, isn’t it? You can calculate the distance of different routes and compare them to find the nearest one. Which way will take you quickly to the hospital, or which is the nearest petrol pump and how far it is, you can know it all, using Google Maps.

If you are one who chooses Google maps over Apple maps on the iPhone, you will be using these features a lot. Google maps always amazes us with new functionality and simple navigation.

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