Forgot Your Apple ID Password? Best Solutions

Forgot Your Apple ID Password

Forgot Your Apple ID Password: With the number of things continuously on our mind, we are bound to forget a thing or 2, right?

This reminds me of how I keep forgetting my apple Id password and the numerous times I’ve tried to come up with a quirky and relatable password so I can remember it.

How do I retrieve my forgotten Apple ID Password?

If you are an Apple user you will know that the id password is mandatory in case you are trying to make an in-app purchase or even paying for your Itunes!

Here are 3 simple solutions to reset your password

  1. ONLINE      Forgot Your Apple ID Password

This is the simplest method of resetting your password!

            A- Open up safari  and type in the browser (!&page=signin)
            C- Enter your Apple Id and click continue
            D- You will have to now fill in your phone number( make sure your phone number is configured with the apple Id)
Here you may also choose the email method where apple will send you instructions on how to reset your password on your primary email Id.
            E- A message pops up on the screen that says “RESET PASSWORD” click on allow
            F- Enter the passcode you use to unlock your device
            G- The screen shifts to a bar on the top showing “NEW APPLE ID PASSWORD”. Here you can create a new password that you can easily recall and verify it and then click on next!

And that’s all it takes folks. 7 easy steps to reset your Apple Id password.


If you are using 2- factor authentication

  • Go to the settings, click on your name on top and then click on Password and security.
  • Click change password and the screen shifts, here you will have you write down your phone’s passcode. You now will have to enter your new password, verify it.

Do not sign out of the device when the notification pops up!

Answering Verification/security questions

            A- Open settings- Click on your name on the top- Click on password and security

            B- Tap on change password

            C-  2 security questions will be asked and on answering them correctly you will be taken to a reset page and you can now change your password.

            D- after verifying your password click on next

Ensure that your password is strong and something you can easily remember, something you would never forget and also manage to fit that in about 8 characters.


I followed the first method but for some reason, my registered phone number got no code in the second step where you type in your number. In this case.

  • After confirming your phone number the screen will shift to what you see below.
  • Go through the options and click on what suits you best. If all 3 options do not work for you then click on- “ CANT GET TO ANOTHER DEVICE”
  • The screen will shift to what you see below. Click on continue anyway and you will be asked to type out your number again in order to send you a verification code.
  • In the next step, they will ask you about your card details. If you do not remember then click on “DONT HAVE THIS CARD” if you do then fill out the details.
  • After filling in your card details- click continue and the page shows that you will be contacted the next day on the primary email Id for you to reset your password!

This method may take a couple of days for you get finally gain access to your Apple Id( read the paragraph before you hit continue anyway carefully)

These ways we tried and tested 3 ways of resetting the iPhone id password.

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