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How to Buy iPhone Storage? 

How to Buy iPhone Storage

This has to be the one little annoying issue that every iPhone user needs to deal with. Not lucky enough, iPhones do not offer to facilitate their users with microSD slots. Unlike Samsung and other brands, the iPhone does not allow any space for extra storage in the device. However, you surely have some other options for how to upgrade iCloud storage.

How To Buy more Storage on iPhone?

buy more storage on iphone

In this article, we will explain how you can buy storage. This would surely help you store photos, music, movies, vidoes, and many more into your device.

Local Vs iCloud Storage

The first iPhone introduced had only 8GB of storage. Now, they have increased it up to 512GB. In a few years, the company has managed to take a huge jump, giving users little more space to store their data. This is a local storage we are talking about. With this, users are free to store anything without the need of the internet.

On the other hand, Apple does facilitate its users with extra 5 GB of cloud storage. iCloud is the place where you can add your additional data if your device runs out of storage. However, this facility comes with a drawback. Since it is accessible through the internet, you cannot use it having limited data or while travelling in the plane.

How much Storage would one need?

It is totally dependent on the users; where and how they live. The default storage sometimes seems less, let’s say a photographer would always need an extra space to store photos. Similarly, the more you download apps, the more storage it will occupy. So, as a user, if you are someone who has tons of applications installed in order to manage your business, personal life, etc. then you might need to purchase extra storage.

Apart from this, everytime any update rolls out, you need extra space to adjust the changes in the app size. Hence, if the data is more important to you as well as the app, you need to purchase extra storage, it hardly costs you an average $ -4 per month.

Upgrade iCloud Storage : Why is iCloud a Good option?

Once you have purchased the new iPhone, you must check what is in offer with iCloud. Even if you have enough storage on your device, it is worth checking iCloud for some extra space. The best thing about iCloud is that it enables you to access your files from anywhere. You can use those files in multiple iOS devices if you have your iCloud login credentials. Another best feature of iCloud is that you can use it as a backup manager where you can safeguard your important data.

What are Storage options for iCloud? 

storage options for iCloud

The basic and default option that every iPhone user gets is 5 GB free storage for their icloud account. Unfortunately, most iPhone users still find a lack of storage. Here are the best paid options for iPhone storage upgrade.

  • $0.99/month: 50GB of storage
  • $2.99/month: 200GB of storage
  • $9.99/month: 2TB of storage

Most of the iPhone users are satisfied with the first option, they find 50GB storage is sufficient for them. 200GB storage would work ideal for people having multiple devices. Rarely, people go for a 2TB storage plan, unless they have multiple iCloud accounts or have a family.

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How to Buy Storage on iPhone :  iCloud Storage Plans

Follow the steps mentioned below to buy iCloud storage on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

  • Open Settings on your iOS device
  • Tap on Apple ID provided at the top of your device screen
  • Next, tap on iCloud
  • Tap on Manage Storage
  • Tap on Change Storage Plan
  • Finally, tap on the available plan to upgrade/purchase storage.

upgrade icloud storage

Similarly, you can downgrade your storage plan just by selecting Downgrade Plan from the Manage Storage option. The plan will be activated from your next billing cycle.

External storage option for iPhone

At present, you can easily get iPhone compatible storage devices. With the same plug-in slot, they all get into the lightning port easily. Hence, you can easily transfer photos, videos, and other important data through respective applications.

However, if we compare these options with iCloud storage, you may find these options are touch expensive ranging between $20 – $40. Therefore, we recommend you to look for purchasing in-built storage or iCloud storage.

Manage your Storage 

These days, we tend to capture every moment in the form of photographs, download the whole series, and each application in the App Store without really thinking about it. Whether or not to maximize the limit on both your iPhone and iCloud or go for more reasonable choices, you ought to deal with your storage capacity.

Troubleshoot your gadget and erase applications, music, and recordings you never again use. It’s so natural to now require many pictures with iPhones right away. Revisit your photographs and erase all the hazy, out-of-center ones to exactly what you really want. Attempt to do this in some measure one time each week and you’ll observe things are more available.

Conclusion on How to buy iPhone Storage 

So to say, you have three primary options to buy iPhone storage. First, you can purchase the iPhone with more external storage. Second, purchase iCloud storage, and the last one, you can use any third-party external device for your storage support. We hope this article will help you buy iPhone storage as per your need. Tell us what you think about this article, share your views in the comment section below.

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