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How to Back Up and Restore WhatsApp Messages with Google Drive?

Restore WhatsApp Messages: WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging applications worldwide; it has. Whatsapp can be used for important stuff as well like like sharing doc and media, location, to schedule meetings or more.

For all such things, it’s necessary to restore WhatsApp messages, so you don’t lose it accidentally or system damage. Backing up Whatsapp text in Google Drive is the easiest way to save your WhatsApp content. You can quickly restore your content to your device or any other device easily. 

How to Restore WhatsApp Messages with Google DriveBackup & Restore WhatsApp Messages With Google Drive

Note that, you can restore WhatsApp messages from Google drive only on Android Phones. Moving WhatsApp content from an Android Phone to an iPhone is something you can’t do right now.

Android Phones use Google Drive to Backup and restore, while the iPhone uses iCloud for the same functions. Though you can download an iOS version of Google Drive, you will not be able to restore your Android WhatsApp content from it. The iOS WhatsApp on your iPhone can only interact with iCloud and not Google Drive.

How to back up your WhatsApp chats to Google Drive?

The automatic backup features of WhatsApp, all your text, and chats get saved on your Phone’s storage. You can make a slight change to save chats to Google Drive instead of the Phone’s storage.

Google Drive is an easy and secure way to save all your important WhatsApp texts. Wish to uninstall WhatsApp or face accidental damage of Phone or wish to switch to a new phone you can secure your WhatsApp chats from any of these cases.

Here’s how to backup with Google Drive

How to back up and restore your WhatsApp messages with Google Drive

Step1: Open your WhatsApp on your mobile Phone

Step2: On the top right corner of your screen, click on the three vertical dots.

Step3: Click on Settings.

Step4: Go to the Chats option and click on chat backup to immediately back up your files and to set a backup frequency click on Backup with Google Drive. We will here choose Daily, so all your text will be saved daily on Google Drive.

Step5: Select the Google Account you want to save your WhatsApp content into and tap Allow.

Step6: If you want to include videos in the Backup, tap on include Videos and then tap on Backup to initiate your Backup.

Step7: If you have not signed up to a google account you can do it right here by clicking on Add account when prompted.

Important Things to note while backup content with Google Drive

Try to Backup connecting Wifi as using a cellular network will charge you additional data charges. Click on Backup Over to choose a network you want to use for WhatsApp backup.

  1. restore WhatsApp massages text in Google Drive will not alter the default backup settings. In simple words, WhatsApp back will also be stored in your Phone’s storage along with Google drive. 
  2.  Whats backup stored in your phone consumes your mobile’s storage. You can delete WhatsApp backup on the Mobile Phone as you have already saved it in Google drive. You can also take the help of some file managing apps to go through WhatsApp files. File managing apps will help you delete unnecessary stuff, for example, you can use ES File Explorer.
  3. Plug your Phone to power as the first Backup will take some time, it depends upon the size of your chat. You don’t have to worry about the time after the first Backup is done; for next Backup, only new content is saved instead of starting. This is a better option to save time and space.
  4. The best thing about backing WhatsApp with Google drive is that it doesn’t add in the Drive’s storage quota. 
  5. There is one drawback too; if you don’t update WhatsApp in Drive for a year, it gets deleted automatically. To avoid this, you should regularly update WhatsApp backup.
  6. You can alter the setting of Backing up like your Google account, Backup frequency, the connection you use for Backup. You can change all of these by going through the following.
  • Click on three dots on your screen that’s the more option
  • Tap on settings
  • Setting
  • Chats
  • Chats Backup

Each time you make a Google Drive backup with the same Google account, the previous Backup gets overwritten. There is no option for restoring the previous version; you can only restore the updated backup version. 

In Google Drive, the media backup such as photos and videos are not protected with WhatsApp end-to-end encryption.

Once the Backup completes, you are capable of restoring your WhatsApp text as and whenever required. 

How to Restore or transfer WhatsApp backup from Google Drive:

Restore or transfer WhatsApp backup from Google Drive

In case you accidentally damage your phone or switch to a new mobile phone or reinstall WhatsApp you will need to restore WhatsApp messages. Here is when you can reinstall WhatsApp data from Google drive. 

How To Restore WhatsApp message from Google Drive backup?


Step1: Install and launch WhatsApp on your Phone.

Step2: Agree to the terms and conditions.

Step3: Add your mobile number to verify your account.

Step3: click on Next and press Ok when the dialog box appears.

Step4: Tap continues to further the process.

Step5: Click on the Restore button when prompted to.

Troubleshooting solutions causing Backup and restoration

However simple it is to back and restore WhatsApp messages from Google drive; in certain scenarios, you might face an issue that interrupts the process. You don’t have to worry about that anymore that we have some troubleshooting solutions for your problems. 

Google Drive Backup Troubleshooting solutions

Google Drive Backup Troubleshooting solutions

When you face any issue while Backing up WhatsApp in Google Drive, try the following steps:

  1. Check if you added the right Google account on your Mobile Phone.
  2. Check if Google Play service is installed on your Mobile Phone. 
  3. While Backing up if you use a mobile network, then make it has enough data for WhatsApp and Google Play services.
  4. One of the major reasons for a backup failure is a network issue. So try switching to another network like a different cellular network or Wifi and check if it works or not.  When you face any issue while restore WhatsApp messages from Google drive, try the following steps:

If you are not able to restore your Backup there could be multiple reasons for that, such as following:

  1. Check that you are restoring with the same mobile number that you used for WhatsApp Backup in Google Drive.
  2. Make sure that you have logged in to your Google account and have installed all google services.
  3. Check your mobile storage if it has enough space to store your Backup or not.
  4. Check your battery or plug it into a power source at the time of restoring data.
  5. Make sure that you a strong Internet network; otherwise, the process of restoration will be interrupted. You can switch networks like connecting to Wifi might help.


Try to resolve these while restoring or backing WhatsApp data. If you want to transfer WhatsApp back from one device to another, Google Drive is the easiest way for that. You can also use local files for that, but then you will need a computer connection or SD card.   

This was all about backing and restoring data using Google Drive; we hope you find this article useful. If you have any queries, connect with us through the comment section below.

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