How to Disable show Recents in iPad dock in iOS 11

The dock has an important role in the usage of the iPad. It is an essential part of the new multitasking workflow. It allows you to run apps in split-screen and slide over mode. It helps you to jump between apps faster than ever. Here we will discuss about how to disable shoe in iPad dock in iOS 11. The Dock is divided into two sections. One side of the Dock displays the list of permanent apps.

The other portion shows the three most recently used apps. The Dock enables you to switch between apps and carry out multitasking with optimum ease. The show suggested and recent apps feature shows up to three apps that are either suggested or recent. The suggested apps are well-read and generate overtime on the basis of app usage habits. The list changes periodically throughout the day and periodically depending on what apps you use.

Disable show recent apps in iPad dock in ios 11

Follow the given below steps:

tap on Multitasking & Dock

  • You need to launch the Settings app on your iPad
  • Then tap on General and then tap on Multitasking & Dock.
  • You need to turn off the switch next to Show Suggested and Recent Apps.
  • Now, the Dock does not show suggested and recent apps.

To find out whether it works or not, you need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the Dock. It has only those apps which you added.

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Remove Handoff icons

iOS 11 formed a vital change to its Handoff feature which now shows up on the Dock instead of the lock screen. The Handoff icons with a tiny Mac or iPhone label to indicate the hand-off appears on the section of the Dock basically reserved for recent apps. Disabling recent apps does not stop Handoff icons from popping up. If you disable Show Suggested and Recent Apps and still find an occasional icon appears on the right side of the iPad Dock, that icon is likely from Handoff. The capability of Handoff is identified by a little device badge hovering over the app icon.

The Handoff feature allows you to pass app sessions from one iOS device to another iOS device or Mac, and vice versa. You need to disable Handoff on the iPad to hide that apps Dock icon as well. If you do not use the feature on your iPad and prefer to keep Handoff between just your Mac and iPhone, you can opt to turn it off. Follow the given below steps to remove Handoff icons:

  • You need to tap General on the Settings screen and then tap Handoff.
  • Then tap the switch next to Handoff to disable it.
  • You can turn on this feature at any time.handoff On

iOS 11 Suggested Apps

The icons stamped with a tiny clock, location, or headset shows on the Dock are the part of the machine learning algorithm in iOS 11. Basically, these icons show up at specific times of the day. Moreover, you may also see apps based on your location. Some apps such as YouTube also pop up when connecting a headset. These are all based on your app usage patterns. This feature enhances the experience of everyone with an iPad that there is no built-in option to turn it off. There is a workaround to remove suggested icons.

This workaround also prevents such apps from displaying within Spotlight search suggestions.

Follow the below steps:

  • You need to select Siri & Search on the navigation pane on the Settings screen.Siri & Search
  • Then you can see the list of installed apps on your iPad.
  • And then select an app that you want to stop from automatically suggested on the Dock.
  • Then tap the switch next to Search & Siri Suggestions to disable the option.
  • You can see an additional option labeled Show Up. You have to disable this as well.
  • Then restart your iPad. To do that, you need to press and hold the Power button. Then swipe across when prompts. When your iPad shuts down, you need to press and hold the Power button again to turn it back on.
  • Now, you do not see the suggested icons anymore. If they still show up, you must also disable the Siri App Suggestions widget.
  • Then press the Home button. Then you have to swipe left to go to the screen with the Spotlight search bar. You can see an option labeled Edit. Then tap it.
  • You need to turn off Siri App Suggestions.
  • Then tap the red-colored Remove icon next to it. Then tap Done to save the change.
  • You need to go to the Home screen now. You cannot see the annoying icon or icons.

Enable Suggested & Recent Apps on iPad Dock

You can reverse this setting any time and enable the suggested and recent apps feature as well. Follow the given below steps to Show Suggested & Recent Apps on iPad Dock

  • You need to open the Settings app on iPad and then go to General
  • Then go to Multitasking & Dock
  • Then locate show suggested and recent apps under the dock section.
  • And then toggle ON to show the apps feature on the right side of iPad Dock
  • You need to return to the Home Screen or the Control Center to reveal the iPad Dock show the recent apps feature available and visible again.

You can also add more apps to the dock in iOS 11. The maximum apps you can use on it are six but if you have an iPad Pro, you can now add 15. Regular iPad users can add 13. The new dock is separated into areas. On the left-hand side, there are apps you pinned there. On the right-hand side, there are recently used apps. There is also an option that allows you to use the Multitasking & Dock menu to disable split-screen functionality and turn off dock gestures. You can disable show recent apps in the iPad dock in iOS 11 from the above-mentioned ways.

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