How to Activate or Set up iPhone without SIM Card

setup iPhone without simcard

Whenever we purchase a new iPhone, we cannot control curiosity, and we want an instant activation of the iPhone. Usually, we insert a SIM card first to start the setup process, but what if you don’t have a SIM card and you are eager to activate your new iPhone. Note that you will not be able to use the iPhone’s features unless you activate the iPhone. There are four other methods that can help you activate the iPhone without any concern to SIM cards. With these methods, you do not need a SIM card to activate your iPhone.

Activate iPhone without SIM Card

There are five commonly used methods to set up the iPhone even if you are not provided with the SIM card. Listed below are those methods, you can go through with these methods and select any of them as per convenience.

  1. Set up iPhone with iTunes
  2. Setup iPhone using R-sim/X sim
  3. Setup iPhone using Jailbreak
  4. Unlock your iPhone to Bypass the activation
  5. Setup iPhone via an emergency call

Set up iPhone with iTunes

This particular method is one of the most widely used techniques as it doesn’t require you to have a SIM card.  Additionally, the simple structure of the process will ease your efforts to activate your iPhone. Follow the mentioned steps below and get to know how you can easily set up your iPhone with iTunes.

  1. Firstly, you need to make a connection between your iPhone and computer using USB cable
  2. Launch iTunes on your PC
  3. Select “Set up as new iPhone” and tap continue.

    Set up as new iPhone

  4. A new option will pop-up once you select continue, you will find “ Sync with iTunes” on the screen. Now, you need to tap on “Get Started”.
  5. Next up, select “Sync” Sync
  6. That’s all, now let the process finish, after that you can disconnect your iPhone with computer and carry on with the activation process on your iPhone.

Setup iPhone using R-Sim or X-sim

If you don’t occupy an original sim card, you can try using R-sim or X -sim to activate your new iPhone. Follow the mentioned steps below to continue with this method.

Setup iPhone using R-Sim or X-sim

  1. Install R-sim or X-sim on your device
  2. Now, you need to select the carrier provider from the list of network providers. Make your selection and confirm it.
  3. Next up, restart your iPhone. To restart your device, press and hold the power button.
  4. During the process of restarting, you will observe that your iPhone would look for a carrier and this way, your iPhone activation process will get accomplished.

Unlock iPhone to Bypass the activation process 

This method will work for you if you firmly decide to unlock your iPhone in order to set up the device. You need to navigate to the official website that provides iPhone Unlock facility. Here is how you can take a trial of this method.

Step 1. Launch official iPhone Unlock website on your computer, from here; you need to select iCloud Unlock. The link for the website click here.

Step 2: Next up, you need to provide all the necessary information related to your device such as Phone model number, IMEI number, etc.

That’s all, within 3 days, your iPhone will be activated.

Setup iPhone using the emergency call 

This is another unique method to set up your iPhone without SIM card. You can use Emergency Call feature of your device. For this process, you don’t need to place the call, and you only need to use the Emergency Call Feature. Follow the mentioned steps below and get to know how you can. Use the emergency call feature to set up your new iPhone.

  1. When you are working on the activation process of your iPhone without having a Sim card, you will get notified with the message “ No SIM Card Installed.” At this time, you need to press the home button, which will open the Emergency Call Feature.Setup iPhone using emergency call
  1. Next up, you can try dialling 999 or 112 to call. You need to quickly press the power button after you have called any of the emergency numbers and disconnect the call.
  2. Once you complete the step number 2, you will be asked to disconnect or cancel the phone. Tap on cancel and you will find your new iPhone has been activated.

Setup iPhone using jailbreak

Setup iPhone using jailbreak

You could jailbreak your iPhone if none of the above-mentioned fulfilled your requirement of activating iPhone. This could be a last resort that you can try in order to activate or setup your new iPhone. What will happen when you jailbreak and how it can help you activate iPhone without SIM card? The answer is simple; when you jailbreak an iPhone, it will automatically eliminate all the restriction which protects the activation process.

This technique is mainly used by many to unlock old iPhone models.

The process requires a good amount of time and concentration. However, it is observed and checked that once you jailbreak your iPhone, you will be able to set up your iPhone without installing a SIM card on your device. There are many tools available that will help you jailbreak your iPhone; you just need to select the right tool according to the device you use.

We hope this article will help you activate/set up your new iPhone without SIM card. If you have any queries regarding Android and IOS, let us know your concern. You can mention your question in the comment section below. We will make sure to provide you the best and convenient solutions for all your issues.

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