How to Get iPhone Emojis for Android (Root & No Root)

How to get iPhone Emojis

iPhone emojis for Android with root: We all know, Android and iOS both are the current driving forces in the digital world. Additionally, with the advent of new features in both the platform, the consumer is experiencing the commencement of new models with distinctive facilities and appearance. There are only a few differences that you can pick when you compare both Android and iOS operating systems.

Users have their own requirements and based on that they purchase the iPhone or Android. If users need an affordable device with almost every feature, then they prefer to buy smartphones with Android devices. On the other hand, if users are inclined to experience very distinctive features and have nothing to worry about not the budget, then they prefer the iPhone.

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Ways to Get iPhone Emojis for Android Device

As we know, there are a few things that you can differentiate from both the platforms. Otherwise, devices with any of two operating systems have many satisfied users since the devices are being used ideally within the provided boundary. Apart from all, there is one significant feature of the iPhone that would make Android users jealous, and that is the iPhone’s Emojis.

The inclusion of exclusive and attractive Emojis in the iPhone is one of the facilities that Android users are still not presented with. You might have heard an Android user praising iPhone emojis, and this adulation of iPhone Emojis is evident. However, Android has launched an update recently, but we have noticed that not every android user liked the emojis. In fact, many users are in utter disappointment when it comes to using Android emojis.

How to Get iOS Emojis on Android without Root

Why Android users need an alternate option to use emojis? Why are iPhone emojis more preferred even by the Android user? These are some of the frequently asked questions, and with the same concern, we are providing you the complete guide to use iPhone users on your Android device. You can use either of the two methods mentioned below to install iPhone Emojis on to your Android device.  

The first method will help you install iPhone emojis for Android with root, and the remaining one will work without rooting your smartphone. Both the techniques are straightforward, and you can complete the whole process of installing iPhone Emojis for Android in no time.

Install iPhone Emojis for Smartphones with Root 

With this method, you can quickly get iPhone emojis for Android smartphones with root. This method is not complicated, and with a few simple steps, you will have an iPhone emojis on your Android device. To do this, you need to install the iOS emoji Magisk Module on your Android device. It is basically a zip file works as a container for iPhone emojis. All you need to do is download the zip file and get it installed on your Android smartphones. Follow the mentioned steps below to install iPhone emojis for Android smartphones with root.

  1. Click on the link given below to download the zip file of the iPhone emojis. Link:  click here
  2. Install zip file on your Android device and give permission if required to proceed further.
  3. Here, you need to toggle on unknown source downloading as this app is not available on Google Play Store.

    iPhone emojis

  4. Once you finish the installation of emoji Magisk modules, launch it on your device. In the app, locate the add the “+” button which is placed at the bottom. Next up, you will find different options appearing in front of you, from there; select “”. Now, you need to wait until the installation of the module gets completed. Once the installation is over, you will find a dialogue box from that you need to choose the “reboot” button.installation of emoji Magisk modules reboot
  5. After reboot, you will find iPhone Emojis on your Android device and you are all set to use them in your conversations.iPhone Emojis 1

That’s all from this method. Isn’t it easy? There is one significant feature of the emoji Magisk module that it doesn’t leave any modified files while installing. 

Install iPhone Emojis for Android Smartphones without Root 

You might have downloaded some apps which pretend as they would help you to install iPhone emojis on your Android device. Unfortunately, this is not true in the first place. In these apps, the format of the emojis remains the same, and the emojis are received the same as Android. Therefore, you need an app that really changes the form of emojis and help you use the original iPhone emojis on your Android device. Hence, in order to get the iPhone emojis on your Android smartphone, you need to install “emoji font 3” on your device. Follow the mentioned steps below to get an idea of how you can commence the procedure.

  1. You will not find this app on Google Play Store as it is already removed from there. Therefore, you need to install this app from open source. Click on the link below to download the apk file. Click here

    As you are downloading this app from unknown source, you need to grant the app permission from device setting.

  2. Once you download the apk file, it will automatically lead you to an app store known as “aptoide”. From this app store, search for emoji font 3 and install it on your Android smartphone.

    download the apk file emoji font 3

  3. Now, it’s time to make some amendments on your Android smartphone after you install the app. Launch setting 🡪Display 🡪Font Style. Tap on Font style and you will be asked to select one option from the list of fonts.

    Android smartphone

  4. After you select Emoji Font 3, you will find the change in font size. To fix this problem, you can resize the font on your device.
  5. After the completion of the installation process, you need to install Google Keyboard from the Google Play Store. Search for “Gboard” in Google Play store and download it. If you own stock android, then you would already have this keyboard so no need to download it.
  6. Next up, after downloading Gboard, click on “Select input method” and choose Gboard from the input methods. Once you select the input method, Google keyboard will automatically get set as your default keyboard.Gboard

This is it. Now, you are all set to surprise your friends who own Android user with iPhone emojis. Both the methods are easy and quick to install for both rooted and unrooted Android Phones. Here is a sample image of iPhone emojis on your Android device which you will see after the completion of methods mentioned above.

We hope this article will help you install iPhone emojis on your Android device. If you have any queries regarding the iPhone and Android, please let us know by commenting in the section below. We will make sure to deliver appropriate solutions for all your technical issues.

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