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Best Pokémon Go Movesets

Pokémon Go Movesets: It was back in July of 2016 when the amazingly wonderful game of Pokémon Go that had an entire generation of children up and running on the streets, out in the world enjoying life, albeit through an Augmented Reality medium.

Know About Pokemon Go Movesets

Pokemon Go Movesets

Thus, the craze for the game did die down a few months later as everyone now had hoards of Pokémon’s in their Pokeballs with Pokemon go Hacks. Now came the most important task of Gym Raids and training as you help your captured assets to evolve in order to help you with raids between fellow game players.


Best Pokemon Go Movesets for Attack & Defence

Every Pokémon that you catch in this game has a certain Combat Power (CP) along with Stats (IV). These are basically a numerical representation of the powers and capacity your Pokémon has and helps in deciding the extent to which yours is either better or worse than your opponents.

Although playing and talking to big league players of the game, one factoid became glaringly obvious and it was the fact that IV was more essential when it came to winning as compared to CP.

However, an equally important factor of the game, each individual Pokémon’s Moveset was considered just if not even more essential in combat as CP or IV. A move set is basically a set of moves, typically two, which your Pokémon uses in combat.

How a moveset is more important than CP or IV is due to the fact that movesets are randomly selected for different Pokémon’s, but each and every Pokémon has a particular move set which renders the Pokémon extremely powerful. We here have prepared a list of all such Pokemon go move sets that you might want to try out. 

In the image below you can see how a Pokémon stat screen looks like. The move sets written at the end are the ones it currently knows how to perform.

It is important that you understand how movesets are selected for different Pokémon’s. It is a common fact that you either catch a Pokémon or evolve a caught one. We are not discussing the Pokémon obtained from your opponent after a raid right now.


A Pokémon, furthermore Snorlax for example, that you catch has a predetermined move set and you cannot do anything about it. At the same time, the case with the other ones is different.

The evolved Pokémon’s and the confiscated ones have a move set determination through the roll of a dice. This move set though if it isn’t optimal according to you, you can even change it through the use of TM’s (Technical Machine’s)which essentially help you re-roll.

Here we have laid out the best Movesets for a total of 450 Pokémon’s none of which are repeated. The list does not include unobtainable Pokémon’s or Movesets.

450 Pokemon Go Movesets none of which are Repeated

1 Mewtwo   Confusion   Future Sight
2 Rayquaza   Dragon Tail   Outrage
3 Deoxys   Zen Headbutt   Hyper Beam
4 Salamence   Dragon Tail   Draco Meteor
5 Metagross   Bullet Punch   Meteor Mash
6 Dialga   Metal Claw   Draco Meteor
7 Gengar   Lick   Shadow Ball
8 Rampardos   Smack Down   Rock Slide
9 Dragonite   Dragon Tail   Outrage
10 Garchomp   Dragon Tail   Outrage
11 Alakazam   Confusion   Future Sight
12 Moltres   Fire Spin   Sky Attack
13 Blaziken   Counter   Blast Burn
14 Breloom   Counter   Grass Knot
15 Espeon   Confusion   Future Sight
16 Honchkrow   Snarl   Sky Attack
17 Roserade   Poison Jab   Solar Beam
18 Kyogre   Waterfall   Hydro Pump
19 Flareon   Fire Spin   Overheat
20 Porygon-Z   Hidden Power   Hyper Beam
21 Machamp   Counter   Dynamic Punch
22 Electivire   Thunder Shock   Wild Charge
23 Weavile   Feint Attack   Avalanche
24 Sceptile   Fury Cutter   Frenzy Plant
25 Latios   Dragon Breath   Dragon Claw
26 Exeggutor   Extrasensory   Solar Beam
27 Entei   Fire Spin   Overheat
28 Raikou   Thunder Shock   Wild Charge
29 Zapdos   Thunder Shock   Thunderbolt
30 Magnezone   Spark   Wild Charge
31 Gardevoir   Confusion   Dazzling Gleam
32 Magmortar   Fire Spin   Fire Blast
33 Mamoswine   Powder Snow   Avalanche
34 Luxray   Spark   Wild Charge
35 Glaceon   Frost Breath   Avalanche
36 Groudon   Dragon Tail   Solar Beam
37 Charizard   Fire Spin   Overheat
38 Jynx   Confusion   Avalanche
39 Typhlosion   Ember   Blast Burn
40 Banette   Shadow Claw   Shadow Ball
41 Lucario   Counter   Close Combat
42 Sharpedo   Waterfall   Hydro Pump
43 Heracross   Counter   Close Combat
44 Swampert   Mud Shot   Hydro Cannon
45 Haunter   Shadow Claw   Sludge Bomb
46 Cacturne   Sucker Punch   Grass Knot
47 Toxicroak   Counter   Dynamic Punch
48 Tyranitar   Smack Down   Stone Edge
49 Absol   Snarl   Dark Pulse
50 Gyarados   Waterfall   Hydro Pump
51 Kadabra   Confusion   Shadow Ball
52 Hariyama   Counter   Dynamic Punch
53 Venusaur   Vine Whip   Frenzy Plant
54 Latias   Dragon Breath   Outrage
55 Ursaring   Counter   Hyper Beam
56 Leafeon   Quick Attack   Solar Beam
57 Gallade   Confusion   Close Combat
58 Jolteon   Thunder Shock   Thunderbolt
59 Golem   Rock Throw   Wild Charge
60 Feraligatr   Waterfall   Hydro Cannon
61 Togekiss   Charm Fast   Dazzling Gleam
62 Houndoom   Snarl   Foul Play
63 Rhyperior   Smack Down   Earthquake
64 Infernape   Fire Spin   Flamethrower
65 Aerodactyl   Rock Throw   Rock Slide
66 Mismagius   Hex   Shadow Ball
67 Manectric   Charge Beam   Wild Charge
68 Arcanine   Fire Fang   Fire Blast
69 Tangrowth   Vine Whip   Solar Beam
70 Staraptor   Quick Attack   Brave Bird
71 Pinsir   Bug Bite   X-Scissor
72 Granbull   Charm Fast   Play Rough
73 Victreebel   Razor Leaf   Solar Beam
74 Floatzel   Waterfall   Hydro Pump
75 Ho-Oh   Extrasensory   Fire Blast
76 Yanmega   Bug Bite   Bug Buzz
77 Magneton   Spark   Zap Cannon
78 Lugia   Extrasensory   Sky Attack
79 Vileplume   Razor Leaf   Solar Beam
80 Torterra   Razor Leaf   Solar Beam
81 Scizor   Fury Cutter   Iron Head
82 Giratina   Dragon Tail   Shadow Ball
83 Primeape   Counter   Close Combat
84 Empoleon   Metal Claw   Hydro Pump
85 Ambipom   Scratch   Hyper Beam
86 Flygon   Dragon Tail   Dragon Claw
87 Shiftry   Feint Attack   Leaf Blade
88 Rapidash   Fire Spin   Fire Blast
89 Kabutops   Waterfall   Stone Edge
90 Nidoking   Poison Jab   Earth Power
91 Carnivine   Vine Whip   Power Whip
92 Raichu   Spark   Wild Charge
93 Ampharos   Charge Beam   Zap Cannon
94 Crawdaunt   Waterfall   Night Slash
95 Camerupt   Ember   Overheat
96 Celebi   Confusion   Hyper Beam
97 Hitmonlee   Low Kick   Close Combat
98 Tangela   Vine Whip   Grass Knot
99 Sneasel   Feint Attack   Avalanche
100 Dodrio   Steel Wing   Drill Peck
101 Kingler   Bubble   Water Pulse
102 Kingdra   Dragon Breath   Outrage
103 Swellow   Wing Attack   Sky Attack
104 Meganium   Vine Whip   Frenzy Plant
105 Porygon2   Hidden Power   Hyper Beam
106 Electabuzz   Thunder Shock   Thunderbolt
107 Starmie   Water Gun   Hydro Pump
108 Hitmonchan   Counter   Close Combat
109 Aggron   Iron Tail   Heavy Slam
110 Crobat   Air Slash   Sludge Bomb
111 Scyther   Air Slash   X-Scissor
112 Sunflora   Razor Leaf   Solar Beam
113 Roselia   Poison Jab   Sludge Bomb
114 Gastly   Lick   Sludge Bomb
115 Omastar   Water Gun   Hydro Pump
116 Magmar   Ember   Fire Blast
117 Blastoise   Water Gun   Hydro Cannon
118 Mr. Mime   Confusion   Shadow Ball
119 Poliwrath   Bubble   Dynamic Punch
120 Machoke   Karate Chop   Dynamic Punch
121 Skuntank   Poison Jab   Sludge Bomb
122 Mew   Shadow Claw   Solar Beam
123 Rotom   Thunder Shock   Overheat
124 Vaporeon   Water Gun   Hydro Pump
125 Rhydon   Mud-Slap   Earthquake
126 Muk   Poison Jab   Gunk Shot
127 Cloyster   Frost Breath   Avalanche
128 Drifblim   Hex   Shadow Ball
129 Hippowdon   Fire Fang   Earth Power
130 Armaldo   Fury Cutter   Rock Blast
131 Snorlax   Lick   Hyper Beam
132 Chatot   Peck   Sky Attack
133 Donphan   Counter   Earthquake
134 Fearow   Peck   Sky Attack
135 Milotic   Waterfall   Surf
136 Weepinbell   Acid   Power Whip
137 Melmetal   Thunder Shock   Hyper Beam
138 Ludicolo   Bubble   Solar Beam
139 Sandslash   Metal Claw   Blizzard
140 Ninetales   Fire Spin   Overheat
141 Piloswine   Ice Shard   Avalanche
142 Spiritomb   Feint Attack   Shadow Ball
143 Xatu   Air Slash   Future Sight
144 Articuno   Frost Breath   Ice Beam
145 Zangoose   Shadow Claw   Close Combat
146 Nidoqueen   Poison Jab   Earth Power
147 Clefable   Charm Fast   Meteor Mash
148 Froslass   Hex   Shadow Ball
149 Walrein   Waterfall   Blizzard
150 Golduck   Confusion   Hydro Pump
151 Lunatone   Rock Throw   Rock Slide
152 Solrock   Rock Throw   Rock Slide
153 Grovyle   Quick Attack   Grass Knot
154 Cherrim   Razor Leaf   Solar Beam
155 Drapion   Bite   Sludge Bomb
156 Abra   Zen Headbutt   Shadow Ball
157 Beedrill   Poison Jab   Sludge Bomb
158 Parasect   Fury Cutter   Solar Beam
159 Hitmontop   Counter   Close Combat
160 Seadra   Water Gun   Hydro Pump
161 Stantler   Tackle   Wild Charge
162 Bellossom   Razor Leaf   Leaf Blade
163 Murkrow   Feint Attack   Foul Play
164 Abomasnow   Razor Leaf   Blizzard
165 Girafarig   Confusion   Psychic
166 Cranidos   Zen Headbutt   Ancient Power
167 Politoed   Bubble   Surf
168 Beautifly   Infestation   Bug Buzz
169 Raticate   Quick Attack   Hyper Beam
170 Mothim   Bug Bite   Bug Buzz
171 Slowking   Confusion   Blizzard
172 Chimecho   Extrasensory   Shadow Ball
173 Weezing   Infestation   Sludge Bomb
174 Graveler   Rock Throw   Thunderbolt
175 Sudowoodo   Rock Throw   Rock Slide
176 Electrode   Spark   Thunderbolt
177 Octillery   Water Gun   Gunk Shot
178 Slowbro   Confusion   Psychic
179 Luxio   Spark   Wild Charge
180 Regice   Frost Breath   Blizzard
181 Wigglytuff   Pound   Hyper Beam
182 Lopunny   Pound   Hyper Beam
183 Arbok   Acid   Gunk Shot
184 Wailord   Water Gun   Surf
185 Grumpig   Extrasensory   Shadow Ball
186 Glalie   Frost Breath   Avalanche
187 Grotle   Razor Leaf   Solar Beam
188 Tentacruel   Poison Jab   Hydro Pump
189 Ivysaur   Vine Whip   Power Whip
190 Bronzong   Confusion   Heavy Slam
191 Magnemite   Thunder Shock   Thunderbolt
192 Pelipper   Wing Attack   Hydro Pump
193 Torkoal   Fire Spin   Overheat
194 Venomoth   Infestation   Bug Buzz
195 Skarmory   Steel Wing   Sky Attack
196 Seviper   Poison Jab   Crunch
197 Gliscor   Wing Attack   Earthquake
198 Plusle   Spark   Thunderbolt
199 Qwilfish   Water Gun   Aqua Tail
200 Bibarel   Water Gun   Hyper Beam
201 Suicune   Extrasensory   Hydro Pump
202 Lickilicky   Lick   Hyper Beam
203 Masquerain   Air Slash   Silver Wind
204 Forretress   Bug Bite   Heavy Slam
205 Shelgon   Dragon Breath   Dragon Pulse
206 Gastrodon   Mud-Slap   Earth Power
207 Furret   Quick Attack   Hyper Beam
208 Lairon   Metal Claw   Heavy Slam
209 Tauros   Tackle   Earthquake
210 Dugtrio   Metal Claw   Earthquake
211 Cresselia   Confusion   Future Sight
212 Lapras   Water Gun   Surf
213 Gloom   Acid   Sludge Bomb
214 Carvanha   Snarl   Crunch
215 Cacnea   Sucker Punch   Grass Knot
216 Seaking   Waterfall   Ice Beam
217 Purugly   Scratch   Play Rough
218 Mightyena   Bite   Play Rough
219 Noctowl   Wing Attack   Sky Attack
220 Cradily   Infestation   Grass Knot
221 Krabby   Bubble   Bubble Beam
222 Charmeleon   Fire Fang   Flamethrower
223 Doduo   Quick Attack   Drill Peck
224 Marowak   Hex   Shadow Ball
225 Bellsprout   Vine Whip   Power Whip
226 Porygon   Hidden Power   Hyper Beam
227 Golbat   Wing Attack   Shadow Ball
228 Relicanth   Water Gun   Hydro Pump
229 Dragonair   Dragon Breath   Dragon Pulse
230 Pidgeot   Air Slash   Hurricane
231 Combusken   Ember   Flamethrower
232 Castform   Powder Snow   Weather Ball
233 Persian   Feint Attack   Foul Play
234 Hypno   Confusion   Future Sight
235 Marshtomp   Water Gun   Surf
236 Altaria   Dragon Breath   Sky Attack
237 Butterfree   Confusion   Bug Buzz
238 Kangaskhan   Low Kick   Outrage
239 Houndour   Feint Attack   Flamethrower
240 Slaking   Yawn   Hyper Beam
241 Steelix   Iron Tail   Heavy Slam
242 Anorith   Struggle Bug   Ancient Power
243 Quilava   Ember   Flamethrower
244 Monferno   Ember   Flamethrower
245 Magcargo   Rock Throw   Overheat
246 Claydol   Confusion   Earth Power
247 Kricketune   Fury Cutter   Bug Buzz
248 Vigoroth   Scratch   Body Slam
249 Nuzleaf   Feint Attack   Grass Knot
250 Nidorino   Poison Jab   Sludge Bomb
251 Sableye   Shadow Claw   Foul Play
252 Mawile   Bite   Play Rough
253 Dusknoir   Hex   Ominous Wind
254 Minun   Spark   Thunderbolt
255 Gabite   Mud Shot   Dig
256 Exploud   Bite   Fire Blast
257 Smoochum   Pound   Ice Beam
258 Grimer   Poison Jab   Sludge Bomb
259 Tropius   Razor Leaf   Leaf Blade
260 Lanturn   Water Gun   Thunderbolt
261 Prinplup   Bubble   Hydro Pump
262 Flaaffy   Charge Beam   Thunderbolt
263 Blissey   Pound   Hyper Beam
264 Miltank   Tackle   Body Slam
265 Vespiquen   Bug Bite   Bug Buzz
266 Ariados   Infestation   Megahorn
267 Probopass   Rock Throw   Rock Slide
268 Geodude   Rock Throw   Thunderbolt
269 Swalot   Infestation   Sludge Bomb
270 Registeel   Metal Claw   Hyper Beam
271 Medicham   Counter   Dynamic Punch
272 Ponyta   Ember   Flame Charge
273 Oddish   Acid   Sludge Bomb
274 Togetic   Extrasensory   Dazzling Gleam
275 Trapinch   Mud Shot   Dig
276 Staravia   Quick Attack   Brave Bird
277 Mankey   Karate Chop   Cross Chop
278 Quagsire   Water Gun   Earthquake
279 Magby   Ember   Fire Punch
280 Yanma   Wing Attack   Aerial Ace
281 Misdreavus   Hex   Ominous Wind
282 Lumineon   Waterfall   Blizzard
283 Wormadam   Bug Bite   Bug Buzz
284 Whiscash   Water Gun   Mud Bomb
285 Dewgong   Frost Breath   Blizzard
286 Mantine   Bubble   Aerial Ace
287 Omanyte   Water Gun   Rock Blast
288 Bulbasaur   Vine Whip   Power Whip
289 Metang   Metal Claw   Psyshock
290 Elekid   Thunder Shock   Discharge
291 Linoone   Tackle   Grass Knot
292 Teddiursa   Scratch   Play Rough
293 Umbreon   Snarl   Foul Play
294 Bayleef   Razor Leaf   Grass Knot
295 Sandshrew   Metal Claw   Blizzard
296 Snubbull   Tackle   Dazzling Gleam
297 Treecko   Pound   Grass Knot
298 Bonsly   Rock Throw   Rock Slide
299 Growlithe   Ember   Flamethrower
300 Pupitar   Bite   Dig
301 Volbeat   Struggle Bug   Bug Buzz
302 Illumise   Struggle Bug   Bug Buzz
303 Spearow   Quick Attack   Sky Attack
304 Drifloon   Hex   Shadow Ball
305 Gligar   Wing Attack   Dig
306 Riolu   Counter   Cross Chop
307 Machop   Karate Chop   Cross Chop
308 Natu   Quick Attack   Drill Peck
309 Croagunk   Poison Jab   Sludge Bomb
310 Mime Jr.   Confusion   Psyshock
311 Munchlax   Tackle   Body Slam
312 Stunky   Bite   Sludge Bomb
313 Torchic   Ember   Flamethrower
314 Corphish   Bubble   Bubble Beam
315 Lombre   Bubble   Grass Knot
316 Croconaw   Water Gun   Water Pulse
317 Electrike   Spark   Thunderbolt
318 Wartortle   Water Gun   Hydro Pump
319 Kabuto   Scratch   Ancient Power
320 Pikachu   Thunder Shock   Wild Charge
321 Vibrava   Dragon Breath   Bulldoze
322 Jumpluff   Infestation   Solar Beam
323 Azumarill   Bubble   Play Rough
324 Koffing   Infestation   Sludge Bomb
325 Delcatty   Feint Attack   Wild Charge
326 Rhyhorn   Mud-Slap   Bulldoze
327 Spoink   Zen Headbutt   Shadow Ball
328 Nidorina   Poison Sting   Sludge Bomb
329 Wailmer   Water Gun   Heavy Slam
330 Shinx   Spark   Thunderbolt
331 Mareep   Thunder Shock   Thunderbolt
332 Paras   Bug Bite   Seed Bomb
333 Ekans   Acid   Sludge Bomb
334 Aron   Metal Claw   Iron Head
335 Staryu   Water Gun   Bubble Beam
336 Corsola   Bubble   Power Gem
337 Sealeo   Water Gun   Aurora Beam
338 Turtwig   Razor Leaf   Seed Bomb
339 Farfetch’d   Air Slash   Leaf Blade
340 Kirlia   Confusion   Psychic
341 Aipom   Scratch   Swift
342 Poliwhirl   Bubble   Bubble Beam
343 Horsea   Bubble   Bubble Beam
344 Buneary   Pound   Fire Punch
345 Eevee   Quick Attack   Last Resort
346 Shuppet   Feint Attack   Ominous Wind
347 Lickitung   Lick   Hyper Beam
348 Snover   Ice Shard   Ice Beam
349 Psyduck   Water Gun   Aqua Tail
350 Charmander   Ember   Flamethrower
351 Cyndaquil   Ember   Flamethrower
352 Lileep   Infestation   Grass Knot
353 Loudred   Bite   Stomp
354 Slowpoke   Confusion   Psyshock
355 Rattata   Quick Attack   Hyper Fang
356 Voltorb   Spark   Thunderbolt
357 Buizel   Water Gun   Water Pulse
358 Chinchou   Bubble   Thunderbolt
359 Chimchar   Ember   Flamethrower
360 Chingling   Zen Headbutt   Shadow Ball
361 Exeggcute   Confusion   Seed Bomb
362 Nidoran?   Poison Sting   Sludge Bomb
363 Dunsparce   Bite   Rock Slide
364 Gible   Mud Shot   Dig
365 Slugma   Ember   Flame Burst
366 Bagon   Bite   Flamethrower
367 Chikorita   Vine Whip   Grass Knot
368 Remoraid   Water Gun   Water Pulse
369 Pidgeotto   Wing Attack   Aerial Ace
370 Hippopotas   Bite   Dig
371 Goldeen   Peck   Aqua Tail
372 Diglett   Metal Claw   Mud Bomb
373 Numel   Ember   Bulldoze
374 Glameow   Quick Attack   Play Rough
375 Ledian   Bug Bite   Bug Buzz
376 Mudkip   Water Gun   Stomp
377 Dratini   Dragon Breath   Aqua Tail
378 Unown   Hidden Power   Struggle
379 Dustox   Confusion   Sludge Bomb
380 Skorupi   Infestation   Sludge Bomb
381 Dusclops   Hex   Shadow Punch
382 Spinarak   Bug Bite   Signal Beam
383 Budew   Razor Leaf   Grass Knot
384 Clefairy   Pound   Moonblast
385 Meltan   Thunder Shock   Thunderbolt
386 Starly   Quick Attack   Brave Bird
387 Snorunt   Powder Snow   Avalanche
388 Piplup   Bubble   Bubble Beam
389 Delibird   Present   Ice Punch
390 Taillow   Quick Attack   Aerial Ace
391 Cherubi   Bullet Seed   Seed Bomb
392 Totodile   Water Gun   Water Pulse
393 Mantyke   Bubble   Aerial Ace
394 Skiploom   Bullet Seed   Grass Knot
395 Pachirisu   Spark   Thunderbolt
396 Venonat   Bug Bite   Signal Beam
397 Larvitar   Bite   Ancient Power
398 Vulpix   Powder Snow   Blizzard
399 Meowth   Bite   Foul Play
400 Bastiodon   Iron Tail   Stone Edge
401 Poochyena   Snarl   Crunch
402 Shellder   Tackle   Bubble Beam
403 Wingull   Water Gun   Ice Beam
404 Drowzee   Confusion   Psyshock
405 Whismur   Pound   Stomp
406 Squirtle   Bubble   Aqua Tail
407 Poliwag   Bubble   Bubble Beam
408 Surskit   Bug Bite   Signal Beam
409 Pineco   Bug Bite   Gyro Ball
410 Nidoran?   Poison Sting   Sludge Bomb
411 Jigglypuff   Pound   Dazzling Gleam
412 Makuhita   Rock Smash   Cross Chop
413 Nosepass   Rock Throw   Rock Slide
414 Onix   Rock Throw   Stone Edge
415 Phanpy   Tackle   Bulldoze
416 Tentacool   Bubble   Bubble Beam
417 Spinda   Sucker Punch   Dig
418 Barboach   Water Gun   Aqua Tail
419 Ditto   Transform   Struggle
420 Finneon   Water Gun   Ice Beam
421 Spheal   Water Gun   Aurora Beam
422 Ralts   Confusion   Psyshock
423 Sentret   Quick Attack   Grass Knot
424 Pichu   Thunder Shock   Thunderbolt
425 Bidoof   Tackle   Hyper Fang
426 Skitty   Tackle   Wild Charge
427 Meditite   Confusion   Psyshock
428 Shieldon   Iron Tail   Heavy Slam
429 Pidgey   Quick Attack   Aerial Ace
430 Seedot   Quick Attack   Grass Knot
431 Shroomish   Bullet Seed   Grass Knot
432 Shellos   Hidden Power   Water Pulse
433 Cubone   Mud-Slap   Dig
434 Gulpin   Pound   Gunk Shot
435 Seel   Lick   Aqua Tail
436 Baltoy   Confusion   Dig
437 Hoothoot   Peck   Sky Attack
438 Swinub   Powder Snow   Rock Slide
439 Hoppip   Bullet Seed   Grass Knot
440 Igglybuff   Pound   Shadow Ball
441 Beldum   Take Down   Struggle
442 Cleffa   Pound   Grass Knot
443 Chansey   Pound   Hyper Beam
444 Lotad   Razor Leaf   Energy Ball
445 Wooper   Water Gun   Mud Bomb
446 Luvdisc   Water Gun   Water Pulse
447 Swablu   Peck   Aerial Ace
448 Ledyba   Bug Bite   Aerial Ace
449 Togepi   Peck   Dazzling Gleam
450 Zubat   Quick Attack   Air Cutter



This was all about the best Pokemon go movesets for your Pokemon to get the most optimal performance out of them in Gym and Raid Battles. For more technical detail and information subscribe to our blog and if you want to know more on any topic leave us a comment.


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