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How to Enable Flash for Front Facing Camera on Older iPhone

The older iPhones have a selfie flash for brightening the photos. You can turn on the flash to click a picture in the low-light environment. There is also an option of Auto to set your selfie flash. This article guides you on how to enable flash for front-facing camera on the older iPhone. There are also some apps that you can use to enable flash for front-facing camera on the older iPhones.

How to Turn Selfie Flash On & Off on iPhone

Follow the below-given steps:

  • You need to go to the Camera app. You can also go to the Control Center and then click the camera icon.
  • If there is 3D Touch on your phone, you can go directly to the selfie mode by 3D Touching the Camera app and choose to Take Selfie on iPhone.
  • Then click the camera icon in the lower right corner to turn on the front-facing camera on your iPhone.
  • And then go to the lightning bolt tab.
  • Then you need to choose Auto, On, or Off.
  • If you want to turn your selfie flash on, you need to click the On option.
  • And If you want to turn your selfie flash off, you need to click the Off option.
  • If you want to enable your camera to decide when the selfie flash is required, you need to click the Auto option.

Best 10 Apps for Turn on Flash on Older iPhones

1.  Lit Mirror:

Lit Mirror is one of the best apps that you can use to take fascinating selfies in the dark environment.

lit mirror app

  • You just need to click on the screen to enable the flash at the time of taking photos.
  • You find ads in the free version of this app but if you download a pro version, there are no ads.
  • If your iPhones running iOS 8 or later, this app is appropriate and provides supports for the iPhones as well as iPad.

2. Selfie Cam App:

Selfie Cam App

Selfie Cam App is also a great app for capturing photos in the dark environment.

  • This app provides the best flash mode for taking captivating pictures in a low light atmosphere.
  • Selfie Cam app also has the best feature that enables you to enhance your photos with a wide range of stickers and frames.
  • This app is the best if you want to decorate your pictures with various editing tools.

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3. Flashie:

Flashie is also another great app to capture a photo in the low-light or in the dark atmosphere.

Flashie app

  • This app helps you to take a good-looking selfie in the low light atmosphere.
  • You can also edit your photos with this app by selecting multiple filters to improve the quality of your photos.
  • This app also allows you to hide your favorite pictures on your iPhone as it is integrated with SafeCam.

4. Selfree:

This is one of the best apps for capturing selfies in the dim light.

  • You can take fascinating selfies or photos with this app in the low-light atmosphere.
  • Then you can capture photos with a front flashlight that provides different colors as well as effects.
  • You can also enhance the look of your selfies with the instant photo filters.
  • Selfree app allows you to save your best-clicked selfies with this app to the Camera Roll of your iPhone.

5. Moonlight:


Moonlight app is a great app to take excellent selfies in the low-light atmosphere.

  • You can capture four photos at one time and merge them into attractive looking pictures with its camera app.
  • This app enables you to lighten your photos or selfies in the dark environment.
  • Your photos look so fascinating when you click with this app and you can also share them on Instagram, Twitter, and many other social apps.
  • You can also enhance your pictures with a huge collection of filters in this app. 

6. Selfshot – Front Flash Camera:

Selfshot is an excellent app to capture pictures in the dark or low-light atmosphere.

  • This app is appropriate with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that runs iOS 7 or later.
  • It has the best feature as a self-timer that you can use to click pictures without any hassle.
  • This app enables you to capture ten pictures at once.
  • This app is very reliable and functions well as it has neat UI and great useful features.
  • You can unlock more features through in-app purchases. There are also no ads in the premium version.
  • You can decorate your pictures with the various frames, filters, and stickers with the premium version of this app. 

7. Front Flash Camera HD:

Front Flash Camera HD App is the best app to enable flash for front-facing camera on your older iPhones.

  • This app allows you to include white balance to capture the best pictures.
  • And it also has the option to adjust the brightness of the screen so that you can capture attractive photos in the darkness.
  • You can easily enhance the look of your pictures with a huge variety of filters available in this app.

8.  6Selfie with front flash:

This app is considered as the great functional user-interface.

  • You can capture the captivating pictures in the low-light environment by easily adjusting the brightness of the screen.
  • This app is very unique and provides compatible performance that enables you to take selfies without any hassle. 

9. Selfie – Glow:

This app is a great app for enabling flash for the front-facing camera and also provides various features.

  • You can take selfies or photos in the low-light or dark environment.
  • Then you can also edit your selfies easily with various editing tools.
  • You can also enhance your selfies or photos with several filters, frames, and many other decorating tools.
  • There is also an option of timer that you can utilize to capture better photos.
  • You can also save photos that you capture with this app and share them with on social apps.

10. Night Selfie:

Night Selfie is a great app as it provides two flash modes that enable you to capture your selfies or photos in the low-light atmosphere.

Night Selfie App

  • You can easily decorate your photos with several filters available in this app.
  • If you are not able to take a better selfie, this app’s filters enable you to remove the blemish with ease.
  • You can capture selfies or photos with eight different flash colors and great lighting effects.

You can easily enable flash for front-facing camera on your older iPhone with the above-mentioned method. Then You can also use the above-mentioned best apps to capture captivating selfies or photos in the low-light or dark atmosphere. These apps allow you to adjust brightness as per your requirements and preference.

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