Best Photo Collage Apps to Combine Photos on iPhone

Best Photo Collage Apps

Collages are a way of sharing multiple images at once! Giving you, at times the ability to explore your artistic abilities using apps and not the hefty software. Here we will discuss about best Photo Collage Apps for iPhone.

Photo Collage Apps for iPhone

Let us take you through 9 such apps that are not only the top-rated but also have the easiest and user-friendly UI.

1) PHOTO GRID : Photo Collage Maker App


A simple app that allows you to manipulate photos with features such as adding borders, adding stickers, changing the filter, and changing the background

A simple app that lets you make the very basic changes like adding borders, stickers and changing the background and also doubles as a photo editing app much like its contemporaries! You will be easily able to figure out how to use the app, it is quite self-explanatory and you will not face difficulty. Not a big fan of the app as there isn’t much to offer as the others before this in the list.



You can add backgrounds, add quirky stickers, customize your layouts, cut out your images and even draw on your collages! Woah, that is a lot for one App! The UI is again super easy to get fluent with and gets your creative juices flowing rather easy. No qualms with the app apart from the layout and the very “Japanese” feel to it. You will not be bothered by the random advertisements while using it and that is frankly just the best. If you are a business owner and don’t have the knack for graphics and creating creative stories then Live Collage is a must download!

3) PICS ART-  Photo Collage App Free

PicsArt app is an “all-in-one” editing app and a creative community that lets your imagination run WILD,  taking your basic collages and images to a whole other level. Offering you some premium tools like photo blending, artistic filters, AI-powered photo effects, Photoshop-style layering and drawing tools, cropping, text overlays and much more.


What I loved about the app was that they provide you with existing artworks to modify and work on. AND the community showing you artworks by others is very inspiring. The app is a must download especially for business owners who need to stay relevant on social media! It has all the right layouts for your stories and posts. Finding your way around the may be laborious.

4) MIX GRAM- 4.6

Super easy to understand and get a hang of, too easy until you realize that to use the desired layout you will need to subscribe monthly, i.e- pay a monthly fee to access the layouts of choice. What I loved was you can easily turn images into stickers and save them.

Comes with an array of templates but you can only access those once you’ve paid the monthly fee.MIX GRAM photo collage app

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The app is the plain Jane of the lot! Rather easy to use and straight forward but that leaves no room for experimenting, also adjusting your images in the collage will be difficult so it is best to use it for the most basic of collage making. The app is mediocre but great for making those 2 by 2 collages that is if you are not a social media fanatic and don’t care much about what you upload!LAYOUT BY INSTAGRAM

6) MOLDIV- 6

One app multiple uses! Apart from having 312( YES you read that right) cool layouts for you to choose from it also doubles as an editing app that edits your images rather seamlessly, you also have the option to click images using its camera on the app. The UI however childish and very “ Japanese” is rather easy to understand and navigate through. You can choose from a variety of magazine-style layouts to make your collage reach perfection and also has the cool feature of squaring out your images for Instagram uploads.

Best Photo Collage Apps to Combine Photos

I would it give 4 stars for its dual nature but 3 for the distasteful Layout. The app layout plays a very big deal when downloading apps! I prefer mine with a more minimalistic approach and sadly this app does not strike the chords with me.

7) CANVA-  Photo Collage online Free App


The app is as minimalistic as possible and you can sense that right when you see the logo. Majorly the app is used for creating quick graphics for social media posts or otherwise. Has special templates for Instagram stories cutting down your effort on creating creatives!

You may design logo’s, posts, stories and contains an array of Pinterest worthy layouts for presentations/posts/banners/brochures, etc.

It is clean and crisp making it easy for you to find your way into making the necessary content! The 4.8 stars given to the app are justified. I have used many photo collage apps but Canva is the best free online photo collage maker app.


8) PIC STITCH –  Photo and Video Collage App

The app apart from having the very same layout system as its contemporaries it has a very special feature that lets you add short video clips in your layouts which is unlike any other app!w

You can even add music to it, if that doesn’t excite you to download the app right now and make an uber-cool post then I don’t know what will! You can add filters, reduce the length of your video like any other editing app.

PIC STITCH  App for Photo Collage

9) DIPTIC- 4.6

The app costs about Rs249! Why is it worth your money?

The only app that lets you explore more than just solid colors as backgrounds. It offers creative custom layouts and can even change the size of your borders and frames.

Apart from that, the layout styles are pretty much the same as the others where you can choose your layout style and go about exploring.DIPTIC

Did you find this helpful? Do you know of any other apps? Tell me in the comments below!


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