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How to Get iMessage on PC For Windows

How to Get iMessage on PC 2019 Edition

iMessage is the iOS app that is used to send messages. Nowadays, iMessage is very famous among iOS users than using WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. It is the best and reliable message service using cellular data. iMessage for PC is used for sending a message between iPhone and Mac. iMessage for PC works only with Apple devices. The iMessaging app does not use any text quota from your cellular account.

iMessage On PC: How To Get iMessage For PC

It is important to connect your device with the internet to send a message through iMessage. iMessage App which is available on iPad and iPod touch uses WiFi only. iMessage app offers various features than a basic messaging app such as you can send Text, Images, Audio, Video, location and many things with the help of iMessage on PC.

If you want to use iMessage on Windows PC then you need to follow the below steps before you go. As there is no official released iMessage for Windows PC version by apple. But there are some methods to get this on to your PC. By now can choose any method from the below-stated methods that suit you.

Use iMessage online on Mac OS Computer

If you have Mac that is working with an internet connection, follow the below instructions to get iMessage online to Mac OS:

imessages on PC

  1. You need to launch a safari web browser on your Mac computer and visit the iTunes page.
  2. Then type iMessage in the search bar for the iMessage online app and click on iMessage.
  3. Then install the iMessage app on your Mac computer.
  4. When you have installed the iMessage app, you can use an existing  Apple ID and password to login to the iMessage online app.
  5. After logging into the iMessage online app, you will be able to send any message to your iOS friend free but with the use of the internet.

Use Chrome Remote Desktop Service

The use of the Chrome Remote Desktop extension is the simplest way to get iMessage for Windows but you need to have a Mac.
Use Chrome Remote Desktop Service

  1. You need to install Google Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop extension on both your Mac and your Windows PC.
  2. Then launch the app on both of your computers and click Get Started under My Computer.
  3. Then click on Enable Remote Connection on your Mac then download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer.
  4. You need to open the installer and follow on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  5. Then you can remotely connect two computers and use iMessage on Windows PC.

Install Apple’s iMessage on Windows PC Using iPadian

It is an emulator based iMessage installation. There are few more emulators available to get this done but it is safe to use in your windows computer. Follow the below instructions to install Apple’s iMessage on Windows PC Using iPadian:

USe ipadian

  1. Install the iPadian emulator on your Windows PC by visiting its official site to get the iPadian installation.
  2. Then launch the iPadian emulator when you have installed the iPadian emulator. Now your windows PC looks like Mac OS.
  3. Then click on the search button and type iMessage and install the app to your Windows PC using iPadian.
  4. You can launch the iMessage app from your Mac and log in to iMessage using Apple ID and Password.

You cannot run iMessage directly from your Windows computer as when you use iMessage again you need to launch an iPadian emulator and run the iMessage app.

Being able to integrate your iOS device with your Windows PC. iMessage is one of the best ways to ensure that you do not miss out on any important iMessage and you can remotely access iMessage or your iMessage history. No matter the above-mentioned you choose but it is important that you must follow the instructions provided and enjoy interacting with iOS users from your Windows device.

iMessage is the best instant message service for iOS and Mac users. And with the help of some emulator and other software, you will be able to get install iMessage for PC windows. All of the above-mentioned methods will help you to get in iMessage on PC.

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