Fixing Wifi Connection in all Android Variants

Fixing Wifi Connection in all Android Variants

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How To Fix An Android That Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

Technology has changed the way we operate in present times and has definitely been a boon for humans. We have traveled a long way to reach where we are standing today being highly equipped and efficient. The communication in earlier days restricted to fixed telephone lines which we called the landline.

fix wifi problem

Then came the Pager and a few years down the line we had robust sized cellphones in our reach. With the need to stay more connected, aware, entertained, and technology savvy “Android” phones took its inception. These phones worked on the internet to make our work much more faster, hassle-free and connected. People were zapped how connecting got so swift across the globe through the WiFi technology that came into existence. WiFi proved to be an edge over the generic internet connection we used to have with the slow data exchange between servers.

Why won’t my Android Phone connect to WiFi

Having an Android Device connected with WiFi connection people could access faster internet connectivity at workplaces and home. WiFi became an indispensable part at most importantly workplaces, however, homes were addicted too at the same time. However, with everything going at a smooth pace what if your device fails to connect with the WiFi? This issue can occur on an Android-driven cellphone, tablet, etc.

In this situation, all you think of is calling an internet service guy who mostly mints money by making big holes in our pockets. On the contrary what if we tell you that with few procedural steps you can achieve a resolution to your problem? Gives you a sigh of relief right? Yes! that’s the whole point of articulating how the knowledge of technology itself can come as a rescue too!

In conjunction with this, as we know that there are various cellphone brands across the globe. So, we will endeavor to cover most of them to give you the solution that would best suit your Android device. These methods would interchangeably be applicable to specific as well as generic Android devices. These brands will include LG, HTC, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, etc.

Mentioning below exhaustive pointers as solutions to rectify WiFi connectivity issue:-

1) Fixing WiFi for specifically on Samsung and other Android devices:

The switching on and off theory mostly works successfully on an Android device and on Samsung it sure does flawlessly. This is especially helpful when your WiFi connection keeps dropping in and it becomes extremely frustrating. All you need to do is to reach out the notification quick setting panel and check for the WiFi icon.

Now switch off the WiFi and wait. After passing considerable seconds try switching it on. Now as soon as you switch on, you will get to see the nearby WiFi attached connections and your WiFi will get connected too. This is no rocket science trick to get onto things back in their state in every possible Android device.

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2) The Airplane Mode Method:

Talking about the tricks that can fix this issue with a blink of an eye, here is another solution on the list. This has successfully brought a smile on the users face as it mostly requires simple and quick steps. All you need to do is to look for the notifications panel and switch on the Airplane Mode and wait for few seconds.


Now, the way we tried the switch on and off theory in the above-mentioned method, same way apply it here too. This means turn from the Airplane On Mode to switching it off. Just when you do this you are more likely to fix the WiFi connectivity issue.

3) Refrain from using “Suspicious Applications” on your device:

There are instances when you use the WiFi with smooth connectivity and suddenly after a few days, your connectivity gets hampered. You feel baffled that what went wrong all of a sudden. Now at this point, we suggest you to have a good look at your device. By this we mean that did you download any new app off lately that might be giving hiccups to the internet connection? If yes, then scan it through the antivirus or malware detector. Post doing this if we gather conclusion that which application has been a botheration then instantly uninstall it. You will be good to go with your usual WiFi connectivity.

4) Forgetting the Existing WiFi Network Method:

It’s always a good step to move on, and this theory we apply to fix this issue as well. Hey, don’t worry and hold your horses as we don’t literally mean this. All we wish to convey is that in order to retrieve the past behavior of the WiFi connection you need to do this.

Follow these Steps one by one:

  1. a) Reach out to the Settings Section in your phone.
  2. b) Now you will see the Wireless and Network Heading at the top section.
  3. c) Considering this section, now choose WLAN
  4. d) Now switch on the WiFi
  5. e) The moment you do this you will get to see a list of nearby WiFi connected devices.
  6. f) Now select your device connection and choose the Forget Option

This way the network will lose out the previous information stored with it. Now again try connecting your device with  WiFi by entering the Username and Password. This will connect your device with the WiFi immediately. This method works like a charm mostly on all Android devices.

5) Accessing the WiFi from an appropriate distance:

It might look all fine from the exterior, however, there are high chances that the Wireless router is placed wrongly. When we say placement all we mean is the distance between the wireless router and the android devices. If there is a large distance between these devices it will result in poor WiFi signal strength. So we highly recommend to place the WiFi wireless router at a central location where all other Android devices can connect with it easily.

6) Factory Reset Method:

We would not recommend you to opt for this method unless all other methods have gone in vain. As this method wipes all your precious data (Documents, Images,etc.) Settings, Applications, etc. However, if you don’t have an issue in that then sure it will work like magic.

So, if you are going with this method then to be on a safer side keep the backup of your data. This will make your phone appear fresh as it came to you for the very first time. In addition, it will remove all the bugs that were present on your device resolving connectivity issues.

How to do it:
  1. a) Go in the Settings section.
  2. b) Now look for the “Backup and Reset” option that might differ in its name (varies from handset to handset).
  3. c) Now choose “Factory Reset”
  4. d) Finally, wipe all the Data present on your device.

    factory reset

After performing these steps you will need to set the WiFi connection just the way you would have done the first time. That means selecting your WiFi network device and it’s password thereon.

7) Cache Partition Wiping Method:

We often tend to use our phone regularly without removing unnecessary files that keep storing. This method helps in wiping off the cache files thereby improving the performance and fixing bugs. This also includes resolving the WiFi connection issues that occur in your Android phone.

How to do it:
  1. a) You need to switch off your phone.
  2. b) Now you need to boot the phone in recovery mode.
  3. c) Now you will get to see the “Wipe Cache Partition” option.
  4. d) Choose this, and once it is done then Exit.

8) Power Saving Mode Method:

In order to save the battery, we switch on the Power Saving mode and tend to face issues in WiFi Connectivity. Therefore, we need to make sure that the Power Saving mode should be inactive so as to have seamless WiFi connectivity.

power saving mode

9) Same Name Connection Confusion:

There are possibilities that you might have mistaken your WiFi connection with some other connection with the same name. In that case, you can either change the name of your network connection or connect with the right one which is yours.

change wifi name

10) Updating the Operating System at regular intervals:

It is imperative to keep the system updated so that we fix all the issues that are faced by the Android device. This also includes rectifying the usual issues in frequent internet connection drop.

11) Letting the WiFi switched on even during Sleep:

The Android users make their devices enter the sleep mode, which makes the connection slow and it, in turn, drops the WiFi connection.

This ends the article for today that revolved around Fixing the WiFi Connectivity issues. We are sure that after going through so many methods to fix this technological issue you must have gained a lot more knowledge. Also, it is as good as saying that every lock comes with a key, so does the problem with a solution. It is just a bit of research and trial required to save your money from the malicious technician.

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