How to Leave a Group Chat in Messages for iOS on iPhone and iPad

How to Leave a Group Chat in Messages for iOS on iPhone

Group chat in Message is a convenient way to interact with friends and colleagues. iMessage is a more popular destination for group chats with its secure and private network but sometimes maybe because of a busy schedule or when you are on vacations or some other reasons, you want to mute or leave Group Chats in Messages on your iPhone and iPad.

When you mute a group message, you basically hide alerts. Mostly Apple users use iMessage on their Mac as they can type group messages quickly and there is a different method to mute alerts or leave group messages for them. You can leave a group message conversation and stops the messages from coming into your iPhone, iPad. This feature will enable you to leave a conversation in Messages only when all of those in the message thread are using iMessage and if it is a group SMS and there is also an Android user in the thread as well then you cannot leave the chat.

Leave yourself from Group chats in messages for iOS on iPhone and iPad

How to Leave a Group Chat in Messages for iOS

If you want to leave a group chat in messages for iOS on iPhone and iPad, you need the latest version of iOS. Though the people you are communicating with, do not necessarily have the latest version as they are still using iMessage. Follow the below steps to leave a group chat in messages for iPhone or iOS on iPhone and iPad:

  1. You need to open the Messages app and choose the group message chat that you want to leave.
  2. Then tap on the Details button in the corner.
  3. Then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the options and choose the red button stating Leave This Conversation.
  4. When you click on Leave This Conversation, you remove yourself from a group Messages chat.

You can leave a group message if there are at least four participants in the group including yourself. You can delete the thread as well from the Messages app or restart a group conversation yourself with the same people that you just left the conversation.

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Mute Group Messages Chat on iPhone and iPad

Mute Group Messages Chat on iPhone and iPad

There are two methods on your iPhone and iPad that you can apply:

  1. You can hide alerts from the main screen of the Messages app.
  2. You can go inside the group message and then hide alerts.

Follow the steps to mute group messages chat on iPhone and iPad

  1. You need to launch Messages app on your iPhone and iPad.
  2. Then tap on the group name.
  3. When you tap on the group name in the center above, the three options will spread out there:
    1. Audio
    2. FaceTime
    3. Info
  4. You need to tap on info (i) then you are now on a screen that shows all the details such as the name of the group, group members, adding a contact, sending current location, and many more.
  5. Then scroll down and you can see Hide Alerts option.
  6. Then toggle this Hide Alerts option OFF by tapping on Done button from the top right corner. You can see a crescent moon icon before the group name on the main screen of Messages.

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Another simple method to mute group messages on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. You need to open Messages app on your iOS device.
  2. Then scroll up or down and find the group.
  3. Swipe from right to left on the group, you can see two slabs in purple and red colors where the purple slab shows Hide Alerts and the red slab is for deleting the group.
  4. Then tap on Hide Alerts.
  5. You can also swipe left over the group text and tap Hide Alerts and when Hide Alerts is on, you will find a crescent moon next to the conversation.

You will still receive all other messages and notifications on your lock screen because Hide Alerts only stops notifications for a specific group text but not your device.

Remove others from the group

Remove others from the group

Sometimes, there will be very likely that you need to remove someone from a group iMessage whether someone whom you have added accidentally or has no bearing. This process is very easy and straightforward as same as leaving the conversation. You can also remove a person from a group iMessage that has at least four people including you.

Follow the below steps to remove someone from a group iMessage:

  1. You need to open the Messages app.
  2. Then select the group message chat.
  3. Tap the profile icons at the top of the message and then choose info if you are using iOS 12 or later and in older iOS, you need to tap Details or the info i in the top right-hand corner.
  4. Then swipe left over the name of the contact you want to remove and tap Remove.
  5. If you do not see the option Remove, it is likely there are less than four total people in the conversation or there is a combination of Apple and non-Apple devices on the message thread.
  6. Then tap Done and iOS automatically removes that person from the group.

This process keeps your group name in-tact along with any of the history of the chat. It is important to remove users if you want to keep the history of the entire conversation.

If you go to leave a messages conversation and find the option greyed out, it is almost certainly because one of the users in the group chat is not using iMessage, was using iMessage or lost a signal or have disabled the iMessage service. Generally, if you are in a group chat with standard SMS messaging, the option will not appear at all and in that case, you can ignore the conversation. In Messages, you can leave a group text at any time as long as there are four people on the thread including you but it is necessary that all participants are using iMessage if you want to leave a group text.

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