How to install WatchOS 5.3 beta 6 on apple watch without developer account?

Does your iPhone screen keeps on popping up for update your system? Or, you are out of those who loves to keep it updated? Well, in that case, IOS has launched WatchOS 5.3 beta 6. And, it is said to be better in terms of further refinements and improved performance. This was rolled out on 16 July 2019. In addition to that, it went to have available for the general public. But, before that, it was made available for programmers to test.

Best ways to install WatchOS 5.3 beta 6 on apple watch

This is expected to be the last update before watchOS 6. On the other side, it is expected to be with new books, calculator apps, support for an Animojis. Moreover,  new noise app, new cycle tracking app, new watch faces, new health features are added. Additionally, it will have a dedicated store app. Yes, that’s true!

install WatchOS 5.3 beta 6 on apple watch

Now getting back to our task, for those who have a developer account, the steps are fairly easy-going. Moreover, it is simple with those who don’t have the developer account.

Before we start with downloading and installing WatchOS 5.3 beta 6 on apple watch without a developer account, keep following things in mind. This is a battle against unnecessary issues and annoying bugs in the first place. After that the route to victory is smooth. In any case, if you lose your patience you can choose to step back from this back to your stable version without any tussle.

In case, if you have installed the previous version on watchOS beta 5, the next few steps are very easy. You need to go on an apple watch app on your iPhone, then start heading towards general settings. After that, go towards software updates. Now all you need is to go for the update. Here you are, all set to start with the updated version.

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Those who don’t have a developer account and still want to download and install the new version, follow the mentioned steps:

There are few necessary points which are needed to be taken care of:

  1. Your iPhone should/must be running iOS 12.4 Beta 6
  2. Your device should/must be connected to the Wi-Fi networkuse wifi
  3. Make sure that your apple watch is compatible with WatchOS 5 (Which actually do not support first-gen watches)
  4. Your watch should/must have 50% battery at least.

With these things right in place, let us move ahead to download the WatchOS beta profile.

 Step 1: Launch the safari on your iPhone and visit here
Step 2: Once the website opens, click on the Slow download (Free download) tab.
Now a pop up will appear informing that the website is trying to open the settings to show you a configuration profile.
Step 3: Tap on Allow and then moving forward tap on Apple watch (when the screen display shows that the download has started and asks you to choose a device)

Now, once done with this, the screen will display that the WatchOS Beta Software Profile can get installed. You just need to tap on Install (at the top right). And then the screen will display to enter your iPhone passcode.

WatchOS Beta Software Profile

Step 4: Now the system will ask you for the consent and after going through it you can click on the top right corner Install. Again tap on Install (at the bottom) for double confirmation.

Step 5: Once done with this, a new pop-up will appear on screen asking you to restart your Apple Watch, click on Restart.

Step 6: When the restart is completed, the screen will display that the profile is installed, and at the top right corner you need to click on Done to complete the process.

We are done with the downloading of the WatchOS beta profile.

Now we need to head towards the Software Update section to complete the installation process.

How to Install watchOS 5.3 Beta 6 on Apple Watch

Step 1: Open the Watch app on your iPhone right at the bottom
Step2: Tap on My watch (at the bottom) then look for General settings and tap on General settings and then on Software update.

software update in apple my watch


Step 3: Under the software update section, click on the Download and install tab. Then you will be asked to enter your iPhone passcode. Next up, insert your passcode and then go through the terms and conditions first, and then click on Agree tab.

You might have to wait for a while till it gets completed.

Get, set, go on your WatchOS 5.3 beta 6 on your watch, look into everything where you wanted to explore and be relaxed.

Here, you have successfully downloaded and installed WatchOS 5.3 Beta 6 on Apple Watch without a developer account.

watchOS 5 watches have always brought unique ways to stay connected, stay active, monitor your health with your Apple Watch which includes activity competitions, automatic workout detection, yoga and hiking workouts, podcasts, walkie-talkie, new watch faces, an updated Siri watch face, and improvements to notifications and the heart rate app.

Along with all these features, Apple watchOS 5 also enables website content in an optimized manner when receiving links in mail and messages, add cities to weather app, new metrics like UV index, wind speed, and air quality index in supported regions in weather app, new stocks in stock app, customized arrangement of control center icons,an option to install software updates overnight, answer facetime video calls as audio, add cities to world clock, use of redesigned categories to scroll through and choose emoji in mail and messages, adds support for system language in Hindi and the list still goes on!

Though the way the features are, some may not be available for all countries or for all the states, or cities. Some watchOS features are not available in every region or language and therefore, you can have a look at the link to see in what language WatchOS can be operated.

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