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How to print from your iPhone and iPad with or without AirPrint

How to print from your iPhone and iPad

Many iPhones or iPad users are still unaware with the procedure of printing directly from the device. If you have recently purchased an iOS device or you are using it for a long time, you would always want to know something new related to the iOS device. This time, we have come up with an exciting feature. That is how to print directly from your iOS device. The following article will provide you a couple of options so that you can easily print images and documents directly from your iPhone or iPad.

Print from your iPhone with and without an AirPrint Printer

One of the most prominent ways to print from your iOS device has to be by using AirPrint. This is an in-built protocol developed by Apple, and you can also find various printer brands using the same. This article will help you identify whether you have AirPrint enabled on your iOS device or not. If you want to know How to Print Screen on A Mac? Click here.

On top of that, if you know the AirPrint feature, then it will be easy for you to print anything using it. However, we have also included a secondary option that enables you to print from your iPhone or iPad without AirPrint.

print your iPhone and iPad

Moreover, if you happen to be a person who is running out of ink, then it is quite understandable that you buy a new one. However, we suggest you buy a new printer that has AirPrint enabled. The reason being, the price of ink refills and a new printer would have a nominal difference. You can always choose to buy famous brand printers such as Canon and HP. These printers may cost you around $45.

Note: Our readers must know the fact that the iPhone and iPad do not support wired printers. Hence, we recommend that iOS user to buy a wireless printer.

Printing with an AirPrint Printer 

The procedure to print anything remains the same even if you are using an iPhone or iPad. It is quite similar for both the devices. You can only witness a difference, which is being the placement of the share button. This button may change depending upon what mode you choose. Since there are different modes such as portrait mode, landscape mode, etc.,  the share button may move around. In this article, we are using an iPhone 7 as an example to illustrate the procedure. Without any further delay, let’s move to print a photo.

Step 1: Open Photo app on your device, and find the image that you want to print.

Open Photo app on your device

Step 2: Next up, tap on the share button, which is provided in the upper right area, symbolise as the square with the up arrow.

(If you are portrait mode, you can find the share button in the bottom left corner.)

Step 3: Now, you can see a check mark on each photo that you have selected to print. You can add more photos too. All you need to do is swipe left and right to add photos in your selection.

Step 4: If you wish to print the selected photo, tap next from the top right corner.

tap next from the top right corner

Step 5: Next up, tap on Print. (However, if you can’t find the print option, you can look at the bottom row of option to see more)

Step 6: From the next screen, tap on Select Printer.

select printer

Step 7: Now, if your printer is AirPrint enabled & if it is connected with the same Wi-Fi as your device. The printer will automatically get appeared.

Step 8: Tap on the option. Here, you will find two more options. One for an increasing number of copies and the other is to print in Black & White.

Look at the following image in which we have tried to print an article from a website portal. We have used Portrait mode for the same.

tap print

Note: As you see the share button on the content that means you can easily print directly from your iPhone or iPad without much effort.

Printing with a non-AirPrint printer 

This is another method to print from your iPhone and iPad, which does not require enabled AirPrint. Irrespective of disabled AirPrint, you can still complete the printing process. You can use the manufacturer’s app and a direct access point to perform the printing process. Note that the printer is responsible for creating the wireless access point.

wireless access point

As the marked button mentioned in the above image, you need to find a similar button. Thereafter, follow the steps mentioned below to print with a non-AirPrint printer.

Step 1: Pressed the button as shown in the above image.
Step2: Next up, go to Settings 🡪 Wi-Fi

search for network

Step 3: Now, search for an open network that has your printer mentioned with a model name.

For example, the Canon printer enables users to print remotely with this Canon_ij_Setup network and a Canon iOS application. The majority of the product makers have an application for printing with the iPhone and iPad. Here are a couple of models underneath.

print with iPhone

Additional options

You can always use the third option, which is the third-party software to print from your iOS device.  After extensive research, we have found out some of the most preferred software used by iOS users. Printopia, handprint, and Printer Pro are such apps that are being used by millions of users.

The prime advantage of using third-party software is that it provides flexibility to users while printing. It allows users to print as per the requirement and provides more function regardless of AirPrint disabled.

While being on the research, we have also discovered another exciting way to print directly from your iPhone and iPad. But, for this, you need to check whether your printer is capable of printing from email. If it is, then all you need to link your email address with the printer whenever you opted for product registration. Once you completed the registration process, then you can easily print from your email address even if your printer is far away from you.

One last less regular approach to print from an iOS gadget is through Bluetooth. This typically applies to a few portable printers, check your proprietor’s manual if this applies to yours.

We hope this article will help you print from your iPhone or iPad with or without AirPrint.

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