How to Record Audio on Mac the Easy Way with QuickTime

If you wish to record a simple audio on your Mac device, you can do it easily with the bundle app called QuickTime. The app comes installed with the  Mac OS X. When you use QuickTime, you will not need to use any third-party software or applications. This, in turn, will ensure the security of your system is maintained. 

QuickTime is typically thought of as an application used watch movies. However, the lesser popular fact about the application is that it can be used to record video, screen, as well as audio. The comprehensive features make it a functional and powerful application. 

Why is QuickTime Better?

Why is QuickTime Better

Security – This application comes pre-installed with the Mac OS X, which means it is designed for the device. Using an application that is dedicated to your device will ensure excellent compatibility, faultless functionality, and security of your data. 

Multifunction – Another reason to choose QuickTime is its multiuse design. Whether you want to record audio or watch movies, the application will render to your needs. It is an all-inclusive software that also lets you record screen and video. QuickTime screen recording with audio is also possible. You can also record internal audio on Mac with QuickTime.

Compatible with iPhone Ringtones – The next best thing about the software is that it easily captures audio input from a microphone to offer clear sound quality. It then saves the audio as a lightweight M4A file. The format is perfect to record quick voice notes, tutorials, podcasts, conversations, and sound effects. Since, all sounds are saved in a format that is compatible with iPhones (M4A), you will also be able to set these audio files as your phone ringtones, which we all know is a hectic job if you do not want to buy one from the iTunes. 

High-Quality Recordings – All the audios recorded with QuickTime will be clear and with minimum or no distortion. You can use the app with or without an external microphone. The built-in mic does a great job of recording quality sounds. Since, all recordings will be clearly audible, you will be able to play them across different platforms, be it iOS, Windows, or Android. 

No Limit on QuickTime Audio Recording – There is no apparent time limit when it comes recording audios with QuickTime. You can choose how long the audio can be, depending on your requirements and the space available on your device. Just remember that the longer the audio recording, the larger its file will be. However, if you do require a long, recorded audio, you can decide to trim the unwanted long segments or break it in multiple audios for more convenience of saving. 

Audio Editing Features – You will not just be able to record sounds but also edit them with QuickTime. It comes with numerous built-in editing features that let you give your audio the perfect finesse before sharing it with the audience. You can remove noise during post processing stage the mic may have grabbed during recording.

Apple Earbuds Work Great – If you want to use external mics, the white iPhone original earphones with microphone will make great alternative to built-in Mac mic. You won’t need an expensive, high-end pair to record high quality, clear audio. All you need to do is click on the triangle menu and change the source of sound to external microphone. It’s simple to use. 

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Why Use Mac to Record Audio?

Contrary to iPhones, Mac does not have a bundles Voice Memos app and allows simple, free, and quick audio recording. 

How to Use QuickTime Player to Record Audio on Mac?

How to Use QuickTime Player to Record Audio on Mac

You can record any type of audio on QuickTime by following the step-by-step guide listed below. You can use built-in mic or an external one to record the sound.

  • Go to Applications/folder 
  • Navigate to QuickTime and launch the app
  • Click on “File” drop-down menu 
  • Choose “New Audio Recording”
  • Click the red colored “Record Button” to start recording
  • Record the audio
  • Click the red colored “Record Button” to stop recording
  • Go to “File” and choose “Save”
  • Type a preferred name and choose a convenient location
  • Click on “Save”

That is all. Now you know how to record and save an audio file using QuickTime application. As mentioned above in this article, expect the recorded audio to be high in quality and clear in sound. You will be able to play this audio on any given gadget, be it an iOS device, Windows PC, or Android tablet. 

Conclusion to How to Record Audio on Mac with QuickTime:

In this article, we have discussed why QuickTime is an excellent option to record audio on your Mac. The article also provides a step-by-step guide to how you can use the application. 


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