Best iPhone Games that You and Your Friends can Play Together

Now you can enjoy a beautiful summer afternoon or a winter holiday with your best friend. Or perhaps you are a gamer who is dealing with a boring day in the office. Either way, cheer up the day by playing two-player games on your iPhone. Take new and harder multiplayer challenges and get into the most exciting gaming vibe.

Best Two-Player iPhone Games Incoming!

If you are looking for the perfect online game to play with your friends, then the options are plenty. There are battle games, building games, brainstormers, simple one-click games, and Many other iPhone Apps and Games from different genres and styles to pick from. However, who says you have to opt for just one? Here is a list of some most mind-blasting games which you and your friend can play together. A new day, a new game!

Kill boredom, get ready for some head-to-head competition (or connection), and fall in love with gaming all over again with these fun games to play with friends online.

Red Hands

We have all played red hands or slapjack as kids (and some of us, even as adults). It is fast, fun, and requires some serious reflex talents. Nonetheless, its digital iOS version is not just nostalgic but also a great way of having a good time with a friend. It re-creates the happy childhood memories by keeping the animations sketchy and cartoony.

red hands app

When you download and launch the game, it will take you to a split the screen with one hand on either side. Now all you have to do is be fast so that you are able to slap the hand of your opponent. You also have to be fast to be able to pull away from the hand when it is your friend’s turn to slap yours.

The hands will begin to bruise up and redden with each slap and the first one to earn 10 points will be the winner. The game doubles the fun by letting you choose from different hand designs. You can be the Hulk or even Frankenstein!

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Word Scramble™

Word Scramble™ App

Show off your vocabulary and ability to find tens of words off jumbled letters with Word Scramble™. It is not just your usual horizontal, vertical, or diagonal swipe games. Word Scramble demands you to be more observant and find a word, even if it means swiping through the scramble irregularly. The best word on the board wins a trophy and the highest score.

The game includes three modes named Play Classic, Blitz, and Marathon. While Marathon has no time limit, the Play Classic mode gives you a time limit of 2 minutes to find all the words.

Fun and educating at the same time, that is what Word Scramble is!

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Cats Carnival

Cats Carnival

Another one with cartoony visuals, Cat Carnival is one of the most popular 2-player games.It has a collection of 10+ competitive one-on-one games, some including battles. In addition, it also has a Single Player mode which lets you play any of these intriguing games without the need of a partner. In case, you are alone and still want to play 2-player games, Cat Carnival offers an AI opponent as well.

No matter how easy it may feel, the game has excellent levels of difficulties that will keep challenging you. New characters appear in time as you play and earn more points. While the free version only offers 10 games, you can unlock all of them for just $1.99.

Finger Fights

Finger Fights is another 2-player iPhone game that will ensure you have a good time with your friends. The colorful and clean visuals make this game even better to play. Finger Fights is a collection of sporty, battle, racing, tactical, and brainy games. From soccer to math reactor, you can play different types of games to keep yourself and your friend entertained. The games are simple but engaging. Rest assured you are going to have a good time.

finger fights Game

If you find yourself alone and still want to play the Finger Fights, switch to the single-player mode and enjoy 8 different games. While the game is free of cost, you can purchase its premium version for $0.99. There are other in-app purchases that are available for a maximum price of $4.99. However, none of these purchases are mandatory.

Psych! Outwit Your Friends

Psych! Outwit Your Friends

Psychis a fun game that will keep you and your friends guessing for the right answers. What makes the process of finding the correct answer so much fun is that the opponents can add their own silly answers as options. Every time your friends click on your fake answer, you get one point. It is a game that will have you cracking with laughter. It’s games like this one that create memorable funny stories to tell for days to come. All you have to do is grab onto your phones, gather around, and try not to get PSYCHED into picking each other’s mind-boggling fake answers.

You can double the madness by adding Ellen DeGeneres to your game.

Psych again is a free game. But it shows ads. If you want the ads to stop or decks, then you will have to make a purchase.

Duel Otters

Duel Otters is another head-to-head, local two-player game and probably the cutest one.It has a wide collection of simple and fun mini-games that require fast reflexes, great timing, and coordination. Every game in this collection is competitive, be it pong-type battling game or speed clicking matches. Whichever player gets to win 3 matches out 5, wins it all. You can pick a game or let the game decide for you as you hit ‘Random’. There are other modes also where you can hone your gaming skills before facing off with your friends. You can start off with Training Mode and slowly reach up to harder AI with special challenges.

Cute, colorful, and fun, Duel Otters is a free game that offers optional Expansion Pack purchase for just $3.99.

Fruit Ninja®

Get into a fruit-slicing challenge with a friend by playing head-to-head Fruit Ninja®. Now designed with attractive HD animations, the game is both, addictive and satisfying. There is also a Classic Mode that lets you challenge yourself in a single-player mode. The Arcade Mode lets you score while honing your ninja skills. To warm up, there is a practice mode, called Zen. The game now provides a multitude of blades and dojos to help you cut your way to the best scores.

A new player mode, called the Play Event, throws you into a really challenging battle against other ninjas. Win as many face-offs as possible to increase the chances of earning unique blades and dojos.

The game offers optional in-app purchases that you can make or disable.

Chess – Play & Learn

No list of two-player games is ever complete without the classic game of Chess. It is the ultimate one-on-one gaming option that is both, competitive and engaging. Now available with 20+ themes for check boards, pieces, and backgrounds, this game is as visually stunning as it is addictive to play. Don’t you know how to play chess? No problem. This game is full of video tutorials, tips, and lessons on how to play it. With an average Internet connection, you will be able to play chess online with friends even if you are not in the same room or continent for that matter. The chat feature allows you to correspond while playing the game.

Chess can be downloaded for free however purchasing one of the three (Gold, Platinum, and Diamond) memberships will remove ads and unlock more puzzles, tactics, coaching lessons, tournaments and more for you.

The Ludo Kingdom

The Ludo Kingdom

Another classic two-player game, Ludois an unmissable gaming option. It is both nostalgic and fun to play. As kids, it is the game that brought the most competitive streak out of us. This digitalized version of Ludo for iPhone does not require the Internet for you to enjoy it with friends and family. It is easy and yet addictive. With 12 challenging rooms, it sets you up for the perfect face-off against the opponent. When not with each other, you can invite a friend online and have a match in Online Multiplayer mode. The chatbox feature lets you share emojis and texts while you enjoy the nostalgic game.

8 Ball Pool™

8 Ball Pool™ is a popular 2-player iPhone game by the famous game company, Miniclip. The new simple and attractive interface makes it even more addictive than it has always been. When a new match begins, each player loses some coins and places a bet. Whoever wins gets the coins of both the players.

The game can be downloaded for free. However, it only a trial a period and to keep playing more matches you will need to buy a weekly or monthly subscription for $7.99 or $19.99 respectively.

Conclusion: The Best Two Player iPhone Games

This article is a list of all the fun two-player iOS games that you can play with your friends on iPhones. While, most games can be played on a single device, some of these two players iPhone games for two phones. The list includes all kinds of options including arcade games, battle manias, racing challenges, brainy puzzles, and more. There are games you can play head-to-head while sitting in the same room, while some of these are online games you can play with friends over the Internet. With these games downloaded on the phone, you will never spend a second in boredom.

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