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How to Put iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR into Recovery Mode

How to Put iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR into Recovery Mode

There are many problems that the iPhone faces from time to time, such problems can only be recovered by DFU mode or the Recovery mode. However, when it comes to iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR or even iPhone 8 Plus and 8 the method of recovering is different and it can create confusion for users. So we have this guide specially for the newest model users to help them put their phone on the Recovery mode without any hassle. 

How to Put iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR into Recovery Mode [Method is Same for iPhone 8 Plus and 8]

When you have an issue with the iPhone, do try other easier fixes as Recovery Mode can be a big challenge, specially for people who have important data on the phone and need to use the phone constantly. But if nothing else works, Recovery Mode is the best solution. Some very difficult to solve issues like the dead screen which may be unresponsive to touch can only get resolved by Recovery Mode. 


If you are wondering what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Recovery Mode, then read below to find out more. Recovery mode has both advantages and disadvantages. For some users, it is a very safe and appropriate choice for others a feared option. So it is better to know what are the benefits and limitation of this process. 

Before getting to the steps of putting the phone to Recovery mode, get to know its prospects well. 


  • You will be able to restore your previous iPhone settings and use the iPhone just as before. With updates, there would be minimal to no data loss (but it depends on whether you backup or not)
  • It helps resolve an issue with iPhone that no other fix can help achieve.
  • You can update to the latest version.
  • Get all your email and other content that has iTunes involved in it. Like all apps bought from App store or downloaded with iTunes. 


  • If you do not regularly backup, you will lose the data. 
  • Even if you backup regularly, chances are there that the phone may lose some data and settings. 
  • You will also lose all apps that you have not downloaded through iTunes or App stores.
  • The process is lengthy and time-consuming.

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Here is our step-by-step guide to put iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR (As well as iPhone 8/8 Plus) on Recovery Mode

iphone recovery-mode-and-dfu-mode

But before you begin, check the iTunes on your computer has the latest version or not. You can use a PC or a MAC but the latest iTunes will be required to successfully perform the function. 

  • Start by connecting the iPhone with the computer. Use a good USB cable. Now launch the iTunes. If your iTunes had been open, shut it and connect the phone ad the computer then you can re-open the iTunes option.
  • This step will need a bit of your hand coordination action. You are required to force restart the iPhone. In order to do it, you must press the up Volume button, release it and press volume down button again release. You must be very quick while taking these steps. Now you will have to press the side bar, you will soon see the Recovery mode screen appearing.

From here you will be given two options. Which are the following.

  • Restore –

    • If you select the Restore option then the phone memory will be erased. All data that you have been so far stored in the phone will get lost. It is a huge step that many users may want to avoid unless necessary. Followed by the restoration, the latest ios will get installed on the device. If that is what you want to get rid of previous data and install the latest version, then this will definitely serve your purpose.
  • Update –

    • Many users who value the stored data and content will want to choose this option. This will let you update to the latest software version while you get to keep all the data so far stored in the phone. This step will not even alter anything in the settings. Upon clicking Update you will see iTunes downloading the software.
    • Sometimes you may notice the download prolonging beyond 15 minutes, in such a case the Recovery mode will be exited. You must the download continue till its finished. After that you can repeat the earlier steps. So after the Restore or Update is completed, a set of instructions appearing on the computer. Follow them step-by-step and your device set up will be done.

If you find your phone stuck in the Recovery mode, here is what you should do. 

  • Disconnect the iPhone from the PC or MAC. Simply unplug the USB that connects them.
  • Press on to the sidebar, you will see the phone restarting.

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Recovery mode with Third-party software

Recovery mode with Third-party software

There are many online solutions or free software that you will be offered online to help put the phone on Recovery mode. But unfortunately, such software can be dangerous to your phone and your personal data. So avoid using such free software. But if you do not want to take the hassle of going through so many steps, you can get a trusted software like RecBoot which can get the phone into Recovery Mode in a click. It also helps with other fixes and troubleshooting of iPhone issues. 

Recovery mode is a great way to remove any corrupted files and fix problems that can not otherwise be resolved. But before performing Recovery, make sure you have been practicing backing up your content. In case you have ignored that, you can easily lose a lot of valuable data. 

There are many issues that absolutely require you to put the iPhone on Recovery Mode without which the phone simply refuses to work. Recovery Mode can be also performed when you are unsure of any solution and want to recover and use the phone. With this guide, you will be able to perform Recovery Code without any issue. 

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