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How to Quickly find Apple TV aerial screensaver locations

Apple TV aerial screensaver locations

Apple TV has some unique features that give it a standout authority over the other brands and one of the unique features is Aerial Screensavers because this feature allows you to set your wallpaper of aerial view pictures of many cities and geographical locations. Most of the Apple users are already using these screensavers on their television. But some people don’t know how to find Apple TV aerial screensaver locations.

Find Apple TV Aerial Screensaver Locations

An Apple TV displays beautiful screen savers when it is idle for a certain number of minutes. You can start the screen saver at any time by going to the top-left corner of the home screen on your Apple TV and press the menu button on your Apple TV Remote. The locations of the city skylines and aerial views are common when you casually sit on your couch, have a visit of a friend, or when you are throwing a party.

If you want to change the number of minutes before a screen saver starts, you need to go to Settings then General then Screen Saver and select Start after.

Aerial Screen Savers

Apple introduces new Aerial screen savers regularly and each one is an amazingly beautiful image with an immense amount of detail. You may only have enough storage space on your Apple TV to store a limited number of Aerial screen savers but you can control how often they are updated. When you choose Aerial as the active screen saver, you can set the Download New Videos frequency to Never, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Every new screen saver downloads automatically as per the schedule you have set and downloads are up to 650MB each.Aerial screen savers

Quickly find Apple TV aerial screensaver locations

Find out where an Aerial was filmed

If you want to know the city or location you are watching in an Aerial screen saver then you can see the location of an Aerial by tapping the touch surface on your Apple TV Remote while an Aerial is playing.

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Switch to a different Aerial screen saver

If an Aerial is playing, you can also switch between locations On your Apple TV by just swipe right or left on the touch surface of your Apple TV Remote. And if you are listening to music on your Apple TV when an Aerial is playing then tap the right or left the side of the touch surface to play the next or previous song.

You are not able to choose a specific Aerial to play on your Apple TV but you can set how often new Aerials are downloaded. For that, you just need to go to Settings then General then Screen Saver and select Download New Video. You can download the number of Aerials depends on the storage that is available on your Apple TV and to manage storage on your Apple TV. You need to go to Settings then General and then Manage Storage.

Download more Aerial screen savers

If you really enjoy Aerial screen savers, you can download new Aerial screen savers for your Apple TV regularly and automatically by opening the Settings on your Apple TV and select General then click Screen Saver and select Download New Video and you can choose from Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

Download more Aerial screen savers

Universal Screen Saver Commands

All the screen savers provide the following settings:

  • Start After: You can choose to launch screen savers after 2, 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes of inactivity or not at all.
  • Display during Music and Podcasts: This Yes or No selection Controls whether music or a podcast that is playing through your Apple TV is audible after the screen saver playing. A Yes means you can play your favorite Apple Music tracks while watching your choice of the screen saver on your TV.
  • Preview: You can use this to launch your screen saver choice immediately.

If you look at your iCloud image libraries using an Apple TV you may have spotted the Set as Screen Saver option at the top right of the image window. If you like that collection then just tap that button and it becomes your screen saver until next time you change it.

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