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How to Restore Deleted Apps on iPhone iPad iPod touch

restore deleted apps

There are times when few of the apps get deleted from iPhone, iPad and iPod. This might happen accidentally. It becomes difficult for people to restore the deleted apps on an IOS device. Sometimes people intentionally also delete the apps but again they might require in later stages. People think that once the apps are deleted then it is not possible to restore them. However, it is seen that apps in iOS can be easily restored and re-downloaded anytime. Simply it’s not a big deal if few of the apps get deleted. There are few ways through which apps can be restored on the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Different ways to restore deleted apps on iPhone, iPad and iPod

Restoring deleted apps in iOS by name search

  • Firstly open the app store application that is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod. Click on the search box for finding the app name which was deleted. For example, if the Facebook app was deleted then it should be searched by Facebook.
  • From the results, carousel locates the results that are matching. If there are many matches then people can gain more information about the app found just by tapping on it.
  • In order to restore the app, there is a download icon which is the little cloud that has to be selected. Just by tapping on it, the download process will start again. For this, the Apple ID and password will be required.

There are times when the iCloud stores the data of a particular app. So while restoring it, the data also gets restored. This data would not be there if while deleting specific instruction were given. This rule generally applies to all the applications and games.

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Restoring deleted apps from the purchased list in iOS

There are times when a bunch of apps get deleted. Sometimes people are not even sure which apps are deleted. However, there is a list of apps which were downloaded in iPhone, iPad and iPod. To make the restoring process simpler basic steps were followed.

  • Just go the app store. Click on updates and then go to purchase section. This is available at the screen bottom.
  • Then click “Not on this iPad” icon which is at the top. This is similar to the iPhone and iPod too.
  • People have to find out the deleted app in the list available. To re-download the apps, simply click on the cloud arrow icon. After this Apple ID and password is requested by the device.
Apple ID

Apple ID

It should be noted that in the case of iPad the system is a bit different. iPad directly goes to the updates part. In case of iPhone and iPod touch people have to click on the updates button. This generally happens due to the difference in the size of the screen. iPad has a bigger screen and things look a bit different. This is because the screen real estate is more openly available to display buttons.

Restore Accidentally Deleted Apps on iPhone & iPad

All the above process is the same in all versions of iOS. Small differences can be seen in the user interface. This difference can be compared between the older version of iOS and the modern version.

People can use any method for restoring and reinstalling the app. There is no money charged for re-downloading the apps. For this only Apple ID is needed in the first place. However, if the price tag is being shown instead of download the cloud button then the same Apple ID is not being used. Apart from iOS easy restoration can do on iTunes. People can purchase movies, music and TV shows through the iTunes apps.  

The above-mentioned methods are easy and people can do it by themselves. They won’t have to visit the Apple service center. It will be helpful in saving time and money both. Once the methods are learnt, the deleted apps can be restored anytime. People should teach these methods to their friends and family members. It will clarify the doubts and people will not feel the process to be complicated.

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