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iPhone has a lot of features because of the advancing technologies. There are times when some problems might crop up in iPhone. It is difficult for people to fix those problems without any kind of guidelines. Here the problem is in low music volume in iPhone. As seen the volume controls are quite simple in iOS devices. These buttons do control playback and ringer volume.

People can easily change the volume from the settings and then clicking on sounds. However, the low volume problem cannot be solved in this way. There are times that the volume becomes so low that’s it becomes inaudible. This problem involves defaults in the settings of the music app.

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Different Ways to Fix Low Music volume on iPhone

Removal of the maximum-volume cap

Step 1: Go to settings.

Step2: Then keep scrolling down and then click on music.

Step 3: After this, the volume limit needs to be checked. It has to be OFF. However, if not then click on it.

Step4: The slider has to be swiped right in order to make the volume full. Once the slider is set right it means that there’s no limit set for volume.

Step 5: Lastly return back from the arrow. Then see that the label for volume limit is kept OFF or not.

volume limit

Then just quit settings and go to re-open the music app. Finally, see if the volume problem is cleared or not.

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Soundcheck setting up

One of the useful features is the soundcheck one. Once this is enabled the iPhone can automatically detect if a song is naturally having low volume levels. If this thing happens then it has to be adjusted dynamically. This will help low volume issues to be compensated. There are times when some of the songs are naturally of low volume. That’s why the low volume issue is caused. However, this thing can be repaired by just a few steps.

Step 1: Go to settings and then music

Step2: Soundcheck should be enabled.

enable soundcheck

Step 3: The music app has to be quieted. Then try reopening it and see if the volume problem is fixed.

There are other three ways in which the volume issues can be fixed in the music app. These suggestions are mostly given by readers. It is seen that Facebook can be one of the problems if there are issues in the volume on the iPhone. People should disable the in-app sound and try closing the Facebook app in the background.

Steps to Disable the in-app Sound in Facebook of iPhone

Step 1: Facebook should be launched on the iPhone.

Step2: In the bottom menu, click on more option. Then click on the settings.

Step3: There will be a menu coming up with three options Account settings, Activity log and News Feed. Then click on Account settings.

Step 4: The sound option should be clicked.

Step5: The in-app sound should be toggled OFF.

Disable the in-app Sound in Facebook of iPhone

These might help in fixing the music problem of iPhone. If the problem still continues then the Facebook app that is running in the background should be closed.

Steps to follow in order to Close the Facebook App which is running in the Background

Step 1: If any other app is being used then just go back to the home screen of the iPhone.

Step2: The home button should be pressed twice.

Step 3: And Then a screen will be coming up which will show the list of applications that are running in the background.

Step4: Then by swiping from left to right just find the Facebook app.

Step 5: Just by swiping the Facebook app, close it.

apps running in background android

Turning off EQ from the Music App

Step 1: The setting app should be launched on the iPhone. Then scroll down and music app should be opened.

Step2: Then keep scrolling downwards to the playback section. After this see if the EQ is on or off.

Step 3: If the EQ option is on then click on that option.

Step4: Click on the first option that is off. People can see that a tick mark will be appearing against the off option.

Turning off EQ from the Music App

There are so many ways to solve the low music volume on the iPhone. People can follow any of the ways. All are easy and will solve the problem in just a few minutes. They don’t have to visit service centers for such small problems. This will be saving some money and time.

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