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How to Stream Mobile Games to YouTube and Twitch Game?

Stream mobile games: A lot of People are obsessed with Internet gaming like crazy lately. Some popular online mobile Gaming apps like Pokemon Go and PUBG immersively popular across many nations, especially PUBG that broke recorder of the highest downloaded app. Apart from gaming.

Watching live games and strategies of players is the new trend now. Twitch and YouTube are the two platform that enhances live streaming of popular Internet games and chat.

YouTube and Twitch are enormous platforms for gamers to showcase their gaming performances if you get lucky, you can even get famous, who knows! Streaming Games on these two platforms is easier than you think and can do through any device.

Why do people have to watch other player’s gaming?

If you have not streamed gaming videos on Twitch or Youtube gaming before here is what you need to know. Skilled gamers share live videos of them playing; commonly, it’s online mobile games. If you are wondering why do people have to watch other players’ gaming, there are a few noteworthy reasons for that.

You may find out the location to collect rewards or weapons. You can see higher levels and how gaming strategies that help players win a game. Yow will know the level of remarkable players that aspire you.

Ways to Stream Mobile Games to Youtube

Youtube is a platform that lets you stream games on mobile phones effortlessly. There are tons of gaming content available on YouTube, and it’s trendy. Youtube brings a Gaming version of its site called Youtube Gaming a dedicated place for all those who have gaming channels and want to upload their gaming videos content.


To initiate the process, you have to download the Youtube gaming app on your mobile Phone and a stable wifi connection.

Here are the steps to follow for the streaming game on Youtube Gaming App

Step1: Click on the broadcast button on the app’s home screen.

Step2: Choose the video quality you want to stream in like HD print ranging from 1080 p to 720p or SD print with 480p. 

Step3: Select from Stream live, Record locally to your Phone choose whatever you prefer doing in the app.

youtube gaming steps

Step4: As soon as you start live streaming, make sure you keep your Phone in ‘Do not disturb mode.’ If you don’t all your phone notification including messages as well as calls would be visible to viewers.

Step5: It’s time to select the game you want to stream Be it GBA games or any other HD games, you will be recommended with a big list og gaming application here, choose the one you wish to play and scroll till you find games apps on your Phone.

Step6: Think of an appealing title for video that makes your video more clickable and attract many gamers. Write down Title along with a short description for the game video.

Step7: You can share your streaming link on social media sites to all your friends so that you get more viewers.


You will now have one screen stating you to prepare for the recording screen; your chosen game will load along with screen loading controls. Before you press the record button, make sure you have all the setup done as you wanted.

When you play the games, your Phone’s selfie camera will record your face. It will display in a small bubble that you can place anywhere on your screen that doesn’t come in your way. When streaming starts, the bubble will appear near streaming controls. Click on it and open up the streaming menu that displays viewership, chat, and more on the bottom of your Phone’s screen. 

Stream Mobile Games on Twitch

Twitch is quite famous in the online streaming community if you are a gamer who plays online games a lot, you must have a heard. It even works for gaming consoles. However, using Twitch is not that easy as it doesn’t allow you to stream games directly from your Android phones to Twitch account. This option might be added in the near future, but you can stream IRL with Twitch using the camera and microphone of your Phone.

twich game

Now for streaming Android games, you will require a trustable streaming app or software. One such app OS Screen Stream Mirroring an all-rounder app for streaming Android Phone’s screen to YouTube and Twitch. This app can even mirror video to another device like a PC. 

With this Application, it becomes easy to get online with Twitch. First, log in to the Twitch account and look for stream key in settings. Select the twitch server nearest to you, and that’s it your stream would be live. With these apps, you can choose the quality of video you want to stream, enable, or disable the front camera and chat and other stuff. To stream these apps, you will need at least the Android 5.0 version of the mobile Phone.

Share your Phone’s screen with your Computer

There are many other streaming applications present on Google Play that will help you stream your gameplay through Twitch. Another popular streaming software is Open Broadcaster software. With this software, you can not only stream gameplay of mobile screen but also records gameplay from other devices like PC, MAC to Twitch. 

You can share your Phone’s screen with your Computer by unlocking the Developer’s option on your Phone. Here is how you can do it:

Step1: Head to setting and tap on About Phone.

Step2: Click on the build number for about ten times till the developer option is unlocked.

Step3: After filling in with the Developer option, enable USB Debugging.

Step4: You now have to download the app that screens your phone content to windows computer. Vysor is one such app.


If you are not sure about spending money on this app, you can try a free trial. The annual subscription will cost you $10 with this you have full control over video resolution. After you set OBS to your Twitch account, your Phone will be streaming on your computer. Your computer webcam would work along with all the graphics.

There’s also one another option for you to consider and it’s Bluestacks. It comes with built-in functionality for streaming Twitch. The best part about using Bluestacks is that it does not rely on Android devices; it is an Android emulator that runs completely on Windows PC. 

Blue stack

So, here is how it works:

First, you download Bluestack software on your Windows PC, then you log into your Google account and then you can download the best Android games from Google’s Play.

That’s it, Fellas! These are the top 

These are two best platforms to stream your gameplay, Start your channel, and showcase your gaming skills; you can get viewers worldwide. Tell us which one of the two works best for you. Stay tuned with to have all tech-related solutions

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