How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 11 & 12

Making a screenshot has become a regular thing that we do on a mobile phone or tablet. This involves recording an image of whatever appears on the screen at a particular moment. Taking a screenshot on iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 is pretty simple. 

Multiple applications are available on an iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 that do the job with precision and ease. The iOS 13 comes preinstalled with such applications which eliminate the need to install a third-party app. 

Best Trick for Taking Screenshot on iPhone 11 & 12

Screenshots can be shared on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, etc., in the form of posts, messages, or stories. You can even take a screenshot of a Facebook photo or video frame, an Instagram post or story, or a WhatsApp chat. 

Here are the steps you can follow to easily take a screenshot on your iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. 

Step-1: Open the screen that you want to take a screenshot of. This can be a webpage, application, or chat. 

Step-2: Simultaneously, press the Volume Up and the Power keys on your iPhone 11 or 12 and quickly release the buttons. 

how to take screenshot on your iPhone

Step-3: Your screenshot will be created and a thumbnail of the image will appear at the bottom left corner of the screen for a few seconds. In case you want to make edits or share the image, you can click on the thumbnail before it disappears. You can ignore the thumbnail and continue taking screenshots if you don’t feel the need to use the images at that moment. 

Step-4: Once you’ve clicked on the thumbnail, the screenshot edit window will appear where you have tools to make changes to the captured screenshot. You can add a comment bubble, cut the image, erase stuff, draw, use a magnifying glass, or add arrows, circles, signatures, or text.  

Step-5: After making the necessary edits, you can save it in the gallery of your iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 by simply pressing the “OK” option. Before saving, the editor will ask your permission to save the image in the gallery or delete it. 

Step-6: If you want to send the capture press the share button, select the app where to share, once shared press “OK”, it will ask for confirmation to save the capture or delete it.

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Alternate Way To Make a Screenshot on iPhone 11 & 12

  1. Open the screen you want to capture on your iPhone 11 or 12.

  2. Select the “Capture” option in the notification bar.

  3. After the screen is captured, a thumbnail will appear at the bottom left of the screen. You can edit it using the editor where you have the option to add text, signature, arrows, a comment bubble, or circles. 

You can magnify the image using the magnifying glass tool, draw things on it or erase stuff. Once you are done with editing the image, it can be saved in the gallery or deleted by tapping “OK” and giving the desired permission. You can select the app and share the screenshot in a chat, story, or post by tapping the share button.

Capturing a Full page in iPhone 11 and 12

Capturing a Full page in iPhone 11

Those who want to capture an entire web page on their iPhone 11 or 12 should know that this is only possible on Apple’s Safari browser. 

Screenshot in iPhone 12

  1. Open the Safari browser and enter the address of the web page you want to capture with the scroll on the browser. 
  2. Take the screenshot using the above-mentioned method. A thumbnail will appear at the bottom left corner of the screen of your iPhone 11 or 12. 
  3. You can access the editor by clicking on the thumbnail. You will see that the text “Full Page” appears on the top right corner of the screen. The full screenshot can be seen by tapping on the “Full Page” option. You can use the scroll option on the right side of the screen to view the entire screenshot. 
  4. The editor allows you to crop, rotate, draw, add notes, and share the capture on various apps. Just press the arrow on the top right corners of the screen which will let you choose the app you want to share it on. 
  5. To save the changes in the editor, press “Done” and your image will be saved in the photo gallery of your iPhone 11 or 12. 

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