What is EasyAntiCheat.exe, and Why is it on My Computer?

Several online games such as Fortnite require its players to use the Easy Anti-Cheat to play the game. It is an application found as “EasyAntiCheat.exe” in the Task Manager and it acts like a tool to monitor the PC while the game is being played. It does it in an attempt to stop cheats from working. If Easy Anti-Cheat detects a problem with a player’s game ethics, the player can be banned from playing games online.

What is Easy Anti-Cheat?

Easy Anti Cheat

Developed by Kamu, Easy Anti-Cheat is, as the name suggests, an anti-cheating tool. It does not just stop but also catches cheaters playing a multiplayer online game. This designed to run on both the platforms: macOS and Windows. The application runs in the background so as to not disturb or interrupt during the game. As stated by its marketing content, the application focuses on disabling the root cause of cheating altogether on a technical level. Application does not just stop and ban the cheaters but rather stops them from working at all. 

How Does Easy Anti-Cheat Work?

Anti Cheat Work

Kamu abstains from telling everyone how the tool actually works to keep the players from learning any loopholes or cracks. However, its marking content explains a little when it says that the tool uses a hybrid approach that combines driver code and machine learning. The official website shows that it works by looking for miscellaneous game-related files such as corrupted memory, unknown game files, debuggers, and untrusted system files in the computer of the player. 

The application is designed as such that it won’t function unless system security features like driver signature verification are disabled. It is hard to notice the tool working in the background unless a user begins to experience a problem or fidgets with the operating system. 

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Which Games Use Easy Anti-Cheat?

Which Games Use Easy Anti-Cheat

Most multiplayer online games use this anti-cheating tool to ensure fair play. The exact list of games using their anti-cheat program is mentioned in the Portfolio Page of their original website. It is evident that Kamu’s tool is trusted by some of the popular games such as Far Cry 2. Anyone willing to know which game was it that installed this program to their computers can look at the entire list on their website. Those facing an issue with the program can look into the Support page for help. 

Others that do not use Easy Anti-Cheat are either using their own built-in anti-cheat program such as Blizzard games or they use some other solution like VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat System)

Is Easy Anti-Cheat Always Running in the Background?

Since it is not a tool that is activated manually, one might worry whether it ever deactivates in the background. The good news is that it does. Easy Anti-Cheat is only active when a user is playing a game that supports this tool. It automatically kills once the player exits the game.  

Can A Player Uninstall EasyAntiCheat.exe?

uninstall EasyAntiCheat.exe

Easy Anti-Cheat is a tool that comes built-in with a game. It installs with the game and uninstalls once the game is uninstalled. But if the question is whether a player can uninstall the tool without having to uninstall the game, then yes, it is possible. However, the player will not be able to run and play the game until the tool is reinstalled. Therefore, uninstalling it will not be of any use.

Can A Player Reinstall EasyAntiCheat.exe?

If a user has already uninstalled Easy Anti-Cheat without any clue about how it would affect the game, they can reinstall

l it by finding the installation directory of the game and running its setup file. 

For instance, if someone wanted to reinstall the Easy Anti-Cheat for Fortnite, then they would require to go to:

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame\Binaries\Win64\EasyAntiCheat

Just double-tap the EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe file just like one would do to run any other setup file. The same link and file can also be used to uninstall and repair the tool. 

Conclusion to What is Easy Anti-Cheat and What is It on My Computer

Easy Anti-Cheat is a popular anti-cheating solution for many online multiplayer games such as Fortnite and Far Cry 2. Developed by Kamu, this tool offers an easy way to ensure that the game is played and won fairly by all players. However, the application runs in the background and can easily go unnoticed unless a problem is detected. This article will provide all the information about what the tool is and what does it do.

The article also informs how a problem can be fixed using its Repair Service. It can also be installed and uninstalled. Readers can learn everything by going through the content here.  

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