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How to Turn Off Find my iPhone

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iPhone generally has a lot of complicated features and people have a problem to understand those features. At the time of selling an iPhone, people have to ensure that find my iPhone is turned off. This is will not create any issues for the new owner in case of tracking services. Another reason for turning off find my iPhone is that nobody wants to be tracked.

Find my iPhone is a feature of iOS which generally helps to find the iPhone or MAC devices or iPad. Turning off this feature is one of the trickiest tasks ever. The find my iPhone will help the person to locate the device through a map. It will then remotely lock it and the contents will be wiped off. So given below are some steps which help in disabling find my iPhone.

Steps for Turn Off Find my iPhone:

1) First click on settings.

2) Then click on iCloud.

open icloud on settings

3) Just scroll down to find my iPhone. Click on it.

4) When the next page appears just click on turn off find my iPhone. If it is off then the switch will be grey.

find my iPhone off

5) Next is to enter the Apple ID and password so that find my iPhone can be turned off.


6) Finally find my iPhone is disabled for a particular iOS device.

Then click on reset the device to get the factory settings. For this first, go to settings, then general. Click on reset and remove all the content and settings.

If someone wants to disable find my iPhone on some other device then Apple ID and password is required. However, it is seen that this feature is very important for all Apple devices. Without this feature, people cannot find their lost iPhone. However, if someone is buying the iPhone second hand then the original owner should disable this feature.

Just by following the above steps it is easy to disable this feature. People don’t have to visit the service centre for such problems. By surfing the internet and reading blogs Top mobile Tech, all questions can be answered. This saves a lot of money and time.

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