How to Use new Apple emoji on your Mac

Emojis helps to increase the reach of social media posts and foster engagement. You can use Emojis to communicate online. You can use them in your instant message, tweet and Instagram post with smiley faces, birthday cakes, and many more. They are basically a fun way to show others what you mean or how you feel. There is no such icon to use emojis on a Mac. You can get and use emojis on Mac without any difficulty. Here are the steps to get emoji on Mac including emoji keyboard shortcuts:

How to use new Apple emoji


 Type emoji on Mac

  • You need to go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  • Then click on the Keyboard pane and select the Input Sources tab.
  • Then check the box next to Show Input Sources menu in the menu bar.
  • Then quit System Preferences.
  • You need to click on the Input Sources menu in the menu bar and select Show Emojis and Symbols.
  • When a window appears, click on Emoji and then click on the category you want to type.
  • You need to scroll through the emoji or type a search term in the search bar.
  • Then double-click or drag the emoji that you want to use or type.

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Use emoji on Mac – The Edit menu

Use emoji on Mac

There is an option in the Edit menu to display emoji in some apps. Follow the below steps to use emoji on Mac by taking an example of the Messages app.

  • You need to click on the Edit menu in Messages with a new message.
  • Then choose Emoji and Symbols at the bottom of the menu.
  • Then click on Emoji and the category you need to use.
  • Then search or browse for the emoji symbol you need to use.
  • You need to double-click or drag the emoji onto the text input box in the new message.
  • Then the emoji character displays in the message.

Emoji keyboard shortcuts

You can use the emoji window with a keyboard shortcut. Follow the below steps to use emoji Mac keyboard shortcuts:

Emoji keyboard shortcuts

  • You need to press Control + Command + Space in any app that accepts text input.
  • Then use the toolbar along the bottom of the window that opens to choose a category.
  • Then browse or search for the emoji you need to use.
  • Then click the emoji to insert it at the cursor.

If you have one of the most recent MacBook Pros with a Touch Bar, there is one more way to use emoji on a Mac. The Touch Bar is connected sensitive. Its display and the functions of its buttons change depending on what you are doing.

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If you type in an app that supports emoji, Messages, one of the options on the Touch Bar is used for emoji. Sometimes, when you tap on Touch Bar, it displays a list of your most recently used emoji and at others, it shows emoji that is relevant to the word that you type as the iOS keyboard does. In most apps, you can tap an emoji to use the categories and choose one then choose the emoji you need from there. Touch Bar support differs from app to app and its implementation also varies.

Type emoji and other symbols

  • You need to click the place in your document or message where you need the character to appear.
  • Then press Control + Command + Space bar.
  • Then the Character Viewer pop-up window appears – Emoji menu
  • You need to use the search field at the top of the window,
  • Then click a category at the bottom of the window or click the Custom View button in the upper-right corner to expand the window and reveal more characters.
  • You need to click or double-click the character to insert it into your text.
  • You can also see the Character Viewer popup when you click the Emoji button in the Messages and Mail apps.

You can use emojis within messages, tweets, and all kinds of communication. From the above-mentioned ways, you can easily use emoji on your Mac.

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