iPhone Keeps Asking for Apple ID Password? How to Fix It!

Apparently, every time you update your iPhone to the latest iOS version or restore it to the factory default, it keeps prompting for Apple ID password. The repetition of which is certainly frustrating for each one of us. Even though there is not a single app is being downloaded on your device, or you are not putting the wrong password, you still need to compel the issue.

Even after providing the correct Apple ID Password, your device gets stuck into an endless loop and keeps asking you for Apple ID Password. The reason could be anything! One of the possibilities can be, an inappropriate download running on the background. Another possibility can be wrong account information or activation. Several such known and unknown reasons stand behind such irksome action on your iPhone. But our focus here is more on the side of providing the solution, rather than merely quoting the possible problems!

How to Fix iPhone Keeps Asking for Apple ID Password?

The Solution is Here!

As mentioned above, there are multiple reasons why your iPhone might continuously ask you to enter the password for your Apple ID. Regardless of what the reason might be, let us present you with a host of solutions that can help you fix this issue for once and for all. 

  1. Restart Your Device

Whenever you face a minor software glitch, restarting the device is the first thing that you need to attempt to solve the issue. Generally, it eliminates insignificant bugs that lead to those constant pop-ups on your iPhone, asking for your Apple ID Password. Sharing the step-wise guide for the actions to be performed to reboot your device; along with bifurcation as per your model:
Restart iPhone

  • STEP 1: For iPhone 8 and old model users: First press and hold the power button until the power off slider is visible.

For iPhone X and newer model: Press and hold the Side button, along with pressing either of the volume buttons, until the power off slider is visible.

  • STEP 2: Once the power slider is visible, swipe the red icon from left to the right to turn off your iPhone.
  • STEP 3: Now, to switch on your iPhone, you need to press and hold the power button until the Apple logo is visible on the screen. Thus, your device will restart again. Now check whether your issue is fixed or not.
  1. Ensure that All Installed Apps are Up-to-date:

More often than not, if any app faces a download issue or if it does not get a successful update, then it is propelled to ask you about repeated Apple ID Password. As we know, whenever we install a new app on the device, we need to provide Apple ID Password. In addition to that, if you have configured Screen Time Setting, then depending upon the settings, your iPhone will tend to ask for Apple ID Password whenever you update any app. Follow the below-mentioned steps to check and update all the installed apps on your iPhone.

  • STEP 1: Launch App Store
  • STEP 2: Tap on the ‘Updates’ tab
  • STEP 3: Tap the‘ Update All’ tab on the right side of the display, which will update all the installed apps to the latest date.
  • STEP 4: Search for the app that indicates ‘Waiting…’. This is the app that is stuck in the loop for getting updated and leads to all those prompting messages on your iPhone for Apple ID Password.
  • STEP 5:Tap on the respective App. This will initiate the installing process.
  1. Sign-out & Sign-in Again

The most common way to solve the issue is that you can opt for signing in again with your Apple ID. It will trigger a fresh start, and you might get your problem solved in no time. Follow the steps mentioned below to initiate the process:

  • STEP 1:Launch the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone
  • STEP 2:Tap on the Apple ID banner
  • STEP 3:Tap on ‘Sign Out’
  • STEP 4: Provide your Apple ID password and choose to Turn OFF.
  • STEP 5: Lastly, you will have the option to keep a copy of the data or remove it. In order to keep a copy of the data, you need to enable the switch next to the Calendars, Contacts, Safari and Reminders. After that, you can tap on ‘Sign Out’ and Confirm.

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  1. Check-out the Purchased Apps

Make sure that all your purchased apps don’t have download issues. Follow the steps mentioned below to check out the apps that you have purchased from App Store:

purchased Apps

  • STEP 1:Launch the App Store.
  • STEP 2:Tap on ‘Your Profile’
  • STEP 3:Tap on ‘Purchased’
  • STEP 4:Tap on ‘My Purchase’

Make sure that you check the apps, including the ones that are currently not available on your iPhone. Furthermore, we recommend you to update all the apps to their latest version. You can also choose a specific app for updating; all you need to do is tap on the update option provided next to the particular app that you’re willing to update.

  1. Restore iMessage and FaceTime

By now, we presume that you have encountered a hard time solving the issue. But, don’t give up so easily for we have several other solutions listed in here which might surely help you out! By the way, have you yet checked the iMessage and FaceTime application, and their respective settings? To a certain extent, iMessage and Facetime do optimize the Apple ID even though they are not in use. You need to make sure whether there is an issue with the account or its activation.

In the first place, you can turn off iMessage and FaceTime. Don’t worry; you can re-gain them over a few simple steps. But first, check whether your issue is fixed or not. Once it is fixed, move forward to re-activate both your accounts viz. iMessage & FaceTime. In order to do so, follow the below steps:

  • STEP 1:Launch ‘Settings’
  • STEP 2:Click on ‘Message’ & ‘FaceTime’, one after the other, as per your priority.
  • STEP 3:Enter your Apple ID Password, respectively under each option, to activate iMessage and FaceTime on your iPhone. 
  1. Reset Your iPhone to Factory Settings

If your iPhone still keeps asking for Apple ID Password, then you may need to opt for the factory reset option. Clearing out all the existing settings and getting back your iPhone to factory default would undoubtedly help you to solve the issue. Follow the steps mentioned below to reset your device to the factory settings:

reset iphone

  • STEP 1:Launch ‘Settings’ on your iPhone.
  • STEP 2: Tap on ‘General’ tab
  • STEP 3: Scroll down & Tap on the ‘Reset’ option.
  1. Reset Your Apple ID Password

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to reset your Apple ID Password.

  • STEP 1:Launch ‘Safari’ on your device and visit the web address –
  • STEP 2:Enter the incorrect password and then tap on the ‘Forgot Password’ option
  • STEP 3:Authenticate your email address by answering the security questions, which were set by you
  • STEP 4:Follow the on-screen instructions, and you’re all set to create a new password for your Apple ID 
  1. Update iOS to its Latest Version

Updating iOS is the most effective solution for any kind of issue related to your device. Sometimes, due to a software bug, your system has to deal with poor performance. Therefore, it is better to update your device to the latest version of the Operating System. Follow the steps mentioned below to do so:

Update latest iOS versions

  • STEP 1:Launch ‘Settings’ tab on your iOS device.
  • STEP 2:Tap on General
  • STEP 3:Tap on Software Update and follow the on-screen instructions & you’re all set
  1. Restore Your Device

A little complicated one, but certainly an effective solution – Restore Your Device. The first thing that you need to do before implementing this solution is to take a backup of your device’s data. Follow the steps mentioned below to restore the device:

Restore your iPhone

  • STEP 1: Connect your iPhone with the Mac or PC using the USB cable.
  • STEP 2: Launch iTunes on your computer
  • STEP 3:Select your device from the top left menu of iTunes
  • STEP 4:Click on ‘Backup Now’
  • STEP 5:Once the backup is done, tap on the ‘Restore iPhone’ option.
  1. Reset Network Settings

Sometimes, the Wi-Fi network turns out to be a culprit that prompts that ‘Enter Your Apple ID Password’ pop-ups on your phone. So, here we share a solution the issue occurred from this very reason. Check it out:


  • STEP 1:Launch ‘Settings’ on your iPhone
  • STEP 2:Tap on General
  • STEP 3:Go to ‘Reset’ options
  • STEP 4:Click on ‘Reset Network Settings’
  1. Check Apple Server Status

Sometimes, the origin of the problem does not merely occur due to the hardware or software side. Occasionally, the variation in Apple Server leads to heavy heavy traffic issue, which eventually results in this Apple ID password issue. Many a time, when Apple is going through system maintenance, you often end-up facing such challenges.

In order to assess the exact situation, you need to go to the Apple’s Server Status page and ensure that there’s a green dot available next to your Apple ID. However, if you don’t find the green dot, it means that there are many more users, facing the exact same issue as yours. In such a case, you have to wait until the Apple Server comes back into action and then the issue will be resolved automatically.

  1. Put iPhone on DFU Mode

Sometimes, it’s due to some software glitch that your iPhone keeps asking you for Apple ID Password. In this case, you can perform DFU (Device Firmware Update). It restores your iPhone from the core. It completely erases every single code available on your iPhone, and hence you can quickly eliminate the possible software glitch.

However, if you cannot fix the issue even after performing DFU mode then it definitely means that your Apple ID account has been affected. Hence, the problem can only be solved by the authorized Apple service centre. Also, note that whenever you decide to put your iPhone on DFU mode, you must take the backup of your device in order to be able to retrieve it later.

  1. Contact Apple Support

The complex and significantly challenging issues can only be solved by the official Apple service centre. And one must also trust only them for authentic, accurate & reliable solution. In order to get in touch with them, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • STEP 1: Launch Safari on your device & navigate to Apple Support Page


Click on the following link:

  • STEP 2: Next up, click on iPhone 🡪 Apple ID & iCloud 🡪 The topic is not listed
  • STEP 3: Describe the issue in short, for eg. “Device keeps on asking for Apple ID” and press ‘Continue’
  • STEP 4: Select one of the two given options – ‘Talk to Apple Support Now’ or ‘Chat’. Follow the instructions on the screen and you’ll get the solution via the chosen mode of communication.

The Closing Thoughts for Apple ID Password

We hope this article must have helped you in solving the issue, where the iPhone keeps asking for Apple ID Password. If you have any queries regarding this or any other topics around Apple and Android accessories, feel free to write to us.

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