How to Use the License Activation Key to Use WinZip

WinZip is a software popularly known for compressing large files. Over the time, WinZip has improved its service and now it’s not only limited to compressing files but also has features like unzipping all kinds of files (video files, images, MP3 files), converting into PDF, online account security, and the list goes on. 

WinZip applications can be accessed by purchasing an activation key from their website store. But today, we are going to share working activation codes for you at no cost. All the activation keys in this article are up to date and working keys in 2021. So, without wasting any time let’s move to the WinZip features and it’s activation keys along with steps on how to use them on your PC. 

 WinZip Overview: Winzip Activation Code


WinZip is the world’s number one application/software to zip, manage, share, and protect your files and it is done in a very quick time-thanks to the regular updates and launches of improved new versions from WinZip. It unzips big files of any format, provides strong security to protect banking credentials and you can also access files on different platforms like PC, network, or cloud. 

WinZip gives the flexibility to manage your files from various platforms. You can also connect your WinZip account with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and other cloud-based platforms to perform, access, and manage your file activities. You can easily save and edit your files on these cloud storage platforms with the help of WinZip.

In WinZip’s latest versions like WinZip 24 or other versions, you can access all types of files (Zip, Zipx, RAR, TRA, VHD, and more) with just one click. This is a cool feature by WinZip when you need to do work quickly. With the help of WinZip, you can perform actions like edit, share, or delete files in no time and with a simple process as we do normally. 

The privacy feature from WinZip offers an easy way to encrypt your files because you are likely to have important data in your file. This will save your files from being damaged or getting corrupted by viruses present in the system (PC). You can create read-only PDF files and add a watermark to your files. 

This feature gives a unique identity to your files. Apart from these, you can share files easily via email, social media platforms, or even by messaging. Overall WinZip is a complete solution for your requirements of compressing files along with safety, simple sharing options, accessing files through different platforms, and more. Now let’s see the key features of WinZip.

Top Features of WinZip

Features of WinZip

  • Quick search for files
  • Compress MP3 files
  • Quick find of any zip files from different locations on the cloud, network, and PC
  • Extract zip file content by unzipping files (Zip, Zipx, XZ, VHD, LZH, and others)
  • Quick replacement of zip files into native files
  • Simple switch options between Zip and Zipx files
  • Direct access to the download required files (parts which are needed) from the cloud which are ready to view and unzip
  • Finds unused files in the computer and gives you a choice for deleting them 
  • Simple drag and drop option of zip files directly into WinZip pane
  • Option for setting pin favorite files in the WinZip pane
  • Easy unzip process of zip files on browser, cloud, or network
  • Fast compress and decompress process with the help of ZSTD compression method
  • Works perfectly with touch devices and with the 2-in-1 device (computer & tablet or notebook) optimized operations
  • Easy process to distribute large files without any errors even after failure in downloading or uploading
  • Able to organize photos according to date and your preference in the cloud
  • WinZip 25 Automatic saves files on the cloud to secure your files and work
  • Then WinZip 25 can compress JPEG images by 20-25% without losing their original qualityRead Also:  How to Open and Extract .rar files on macOS

 WinZip Activation Code [2021]

 WinZip Activation Code

Registered to www.sazlina.comRegistration/Activation code: KRHFN-PDVZT-HGC5A-3NZC5-R0AN4-U1TQT
then Registered to: www.imtikhan.comRegistration/Activation code: FFE3V-85A2Y-TV3G8-LPF50-RNAPN-3NJQA
Registered to: www.desyshare.comRegistration/Activation code: EREQE-81AJ4-RDMAW-RFGG3-ML7Y7-7C34R
Registered to: www.sazlinashare.comRegistration/Activation code: LX53V-AUTJF-QGR9R-XK2LE-112U0-L0UXF

WinZip 24 Activation Code


WinZip Activation Code


WinZip Activation codes Updated


WinZip Registration Keys


Winzip Registration Code Free List New 2021:






How to Activate WinZip by the Activation Code:

Download WinZip and install it

  • Download WinZip and install it on your PC.
  • Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the application, open the about page in WinZip.
  • Click on the Register button and the Keygen option will pop-up.
  • Click the Keygen option to open it.
  • After opening it, a form will appear, and you must fill in the required information in the form.
  • After filling in all the required information click the next button.
  • You will find the create button after clicking next, now just click the create button.
  • After clicking the create button, a box will pop-up which asks for the activation code.
  • Enter activation code from this post (see above).
  • Now just click on the next button and you are successfully registered on WinZip with a license key.


We have stated all the essential guides on how to use the license activation key to use WinZip on your PC free of cost. We have seen all the important benefits of using WinZip for compressing files along with additional benefits like security and ease of doing work. So, what are you waiting for? Just follow the steps mentioned in this post and enjoy the WinZip application for free. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive more activation keys for premium software.

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