How To Use Emoji on Mac Like a Pro?

Created for excellence, Emoji on Mac has become the go-to laptop replacement for both young creators and other professionals. With its ability to work without any issues and problems seamlessly, MacBook offers all that the audience requires, along with taking care of the issues which one faced by using laptops for too long.

While Mac-book has it all, some people think that in order to make the device a perfection, Apple has missed out on the fun elements like emoji. Well, that is not true. One can easily use a MacBook for chatting with friends and sending those sweet and funny emoji’s one requires to express their emotions fully.

Using emojis on iPhone and iPad to express various ideas, emotions are very common and popular, replicating the same on Mac is still a mystery.

Emoji, Why to Use Them on MAC?

Using Emoji on Mac

Popularised by texting phone users in Japan, emojis are representations of facial expressions, objects and other ideas with the help of a combination of keyword characters.

For some time during the start, actual emoji images were built in the iOS and the Mac to make using them more expressive, fun and interesting.

Using Emoji on Mac

There are many ways in which emoji a be used on Mac.

Some of these methods are:

  1. Using emoji on Mac — the character palette

2. Using emoji on Mac — the Edit menu

3. Using an Emoji on Mac: best keyboard shortcuts

4. Using an emoji on Mac: Latest update

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Using Emoji on Mac — The Character Palette

The step by step guide to using emoji on Mac with the help of character palette is:

Step1: In your, MacBook go the apple menu and from there choose system Preferences.

the character palette

Step2: In System Preference click on the MacBook Keyboard Pane and select the Input Sources tab within.

Step 3: In the menu bar check the box which is placed next to the Show Input Sources menu.

Step 4: Once done, Quit the System Preferences tab.

Step5: On the menu bar click on the Input Sources menu and then select Show Emojis & Symbols.

Step6: A new window will open, within that click on Emoji and then click on the category that you want.

Step7: Scroll through all the emoji’s to find the one you are looking for or browse through the list by typing the emoji search term in the search bar type.

Scroll through

Step8: When you find the emoji that you were looking for, either double-click it or drag it all the way to the text window of the app where you want to use it.

Though the output is an image, the emoji’s behave similarly to text. This is because every emoji has a unique code and has been assigned a Unicode consortium. Thus, you can cut, copy and paste emoji symbols within or between documents very easily.

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Using emoji on Mac — the Edit menu

While Character Palette is one of the options there are easier ways to use an emoji on Mac. There is an option in the edit menu to display any particular emoji.

The step to step guide on how to use it, using the Messages app as an example is given below. A similar method can be used for other apps as well.

Step1: In the messages, whether it is a new message or a conversation, click on the edit menu.

Step2: A list opens from which you will have to choose the Emoji & Symbol present at the bottom of the menu.

Step3: Similar to the above procedure, click on the emoji and the category that you are looking for. You can also browse the emoji symbol by typing in the search bar the emoji search term.

Step4: Once you have found the emoji you are looking for either double click the emoji or drag it onto the text input box in the new message or conversation.

Step5: Once done, the emoji will be displayed in the message, in a way similar to the one displayed if you were using on your iPhone’s or iPad’s message app.

Many times the emoji displayed on Mac is different from the one displayed on other laptops or Android devices.

This is because though the code for the emoji character has been written by the Unicode consortium, the look of the emoji is decided by the operating system developer or phone manufacturer.

Example Using emoji on Mac

A perfect example of this is gun emoji. In android devices it is rendered as a handgun, however, the same emoji is a green water pistol in macOS and iOS.

The developers also have the authority to add multiple skin tones to the emoji for faces and hands. This has recently been done by apple in the latest versions of macOS and iOS.

Using an Emoji on Mac: Keyboard Shortcuts

If you wish to avoid both the above methods and are looking for a simple way to use an emoji in Mac, well this is the perfect method for you. This is a simple, easy and smart way of using the Keyboard shortcuts to create an emoji on Mac.

You can avoid reaching for the mouse or the trackpad and call up the emoji window with just a keyboard shortcut. Below is the step to step guide on how to use emoji Mac keyboard shortcuts:

Step1: In the app that you are working on, in which you want to place the emoji must accept text input.

Step2: Press Control-Command-Space simultaneously while working on the app.

Step3: Use the toolbar which is at the bottom of the window.


Step4: The toolbar will help you in browsing through the various categories of emoji’s that are available for usage.

Step5: Similar to the methods employed earlier to browse the emoji, either scroll down to find your emoji or type the emoji term in the search bar and find the emoji that you are looking for.

Step6: Click on the emoji that you want to insert.

The emoji characters shown through this method are the same as those done by other methods. This is basically just a quick keyboard shortcut method to access the Emoji character.

The traditional method, however, can still be used from the Edit menu, which finally expands into a full-sized Special Characters menu with Emoji icons alongside all other special characters.

This quick emoji panel and accompanying keyboard shortcut is only applicable for a modern version of macOS or Mac OS X, versioned at 10.10 or later. Releases prior to Mac OS X support Emoji, but not in the same quick access panel or with the same keystroke.

Using an emoji on Mac: Latest update

There is one other way of using an emoji on Mac but this method can only be employed in the most recent MacBook Pros which have a Touch Bar. The Touch Bar is connected sensitive.

So, the display and the functions of the buttons on your Mac can change depending on what you are doing at the moment.

The step to step guide for using an emoji on Mac with the help of Touch Bar is :

Step1: Open the app that you are using, in which you wish to insert the emoji, for example, Messages.

Step2: On your touch bar various options will appear. One of the options will be to use an emoji.

Step3: Taping that button will display a list of all your recently used emoji.

Step4: Another option that will be available on the Touch Bar will be to use an emoji. Tapping the button will display a list of and some others will show you a list of all the emojis that are relevant to the word you are typing, similar to what the IOS keyboard does.

Drawbacks of using the Touch Bar:
  • Despite being an easy way there are various drawbacks of using the Touch Bar:
  • The touch Bar support varies from app to app and so does it’s implementation.
  • There is thus no hard and fast rule for using emoji with the help of Touch Bar.
  • In some apps, you can directly tap the emoji to call up the categories and choose one, through this you can choose the emoji that suits your conversation best and the one you wish to use.

While this method is easy, it is not very handy as you will have to try different apps and find out how it works in each.

So using emoji on MacBook is no rocket science. Some methods maybe are a little tedious, but not impossible. You just need to practice and you will be a pro at it before you even know.

Use any of the above methods to use emoji on your MacBook and experience a delightful messaging and chatting experience with friends and family.

emoji on MacBook


If you have any doubts about emojis or MacBook check out our other blogs or drop us your question in the comment section below.

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