How Visitor Management System Aids Emergency Evacuation

A visitor management system has stood the test of time to prove that it is highly valuable for organizations, especially when it is related to government. But, along with signing in and monitoring guests, it has also proven its worth in case of an emergency evacuation. 

It is highly important to act quickly in an emergency, and only the right kind of technology can help you achieve that kind of response and allow you to respond effectively.

Deploying the right application is important to ensure the safety of people available in the facility, and iLobby for government departments has proved to be that solution.  

How Does a Visitor Management System Work?

Visitor management system

It can effectively help the emergency crews by identifying every individual’s location. The modern-day hybrid working models can specifically benefit from them.

This blog will cover how visitor management systems can prove to be of value in emergency evacuation:

Prompt Evacuation Mode

In case of emergencies, time is always the essence and you need a solution handy that can work quickly and has responsive technology.

If, instead of using iLobby for government departments, you are still stuck with using  traditional visitor services, then it can cause the following issues:

  • A visitor management system is known for its ability to maintain records of any work safely and securely. Trying to do it with a physical visitor book means having no backup. 

And in any case, if you lost the original copy, it will be very difficult to account for all individuals in the building promptly and accurately during an emergency.

  • Sign-ins of guests using a paper and pen method could be tiring and time-consuming.
  • The system does not provide flexibility due to its static nature in case of emergencies.

Keeping all the benefits in mind, it is smart to choose a visitor management system that uses agile technology and is ready to deal with every situation. iLobby for government departments offers an ideal choice for dealing with such situations. 

Improve Productivity and Effectiveness of Organization

Improve Productivity and Effectiveness

Hybrid working agreements are taking over the business world and will be more common in the future. They are undoubtedly great for enhancing the productivity of a workplace.

Although, the mixed bowl of people working from the office and different places around the world could create an issue when it comes to signing-in employees manually through the pen and paper method. 

There has to be a better way to ensure effectiveness without wasting too much time. Adopting a VMS is a solution that could save a lot of time and other resources while improving the efficiency of the system. 

With the help of technology offered by the VMS system, you can keep track records of each member while marking them safe with minimal effort. The solution also allows you to keep all the employees in sync across different devices. 

Access Data in the Cloud with Auto-backup

Access Data in the Cloud with Auto-backup

The traditional systems are losing their effectiveness for being outdated and new technologies are overpowering them by far. The physical book system not just costs an organization its time and money, but also risks the security of its information. 

With cloud data storage you can access the entire information much more effectively without any safety concerns. It allows you to view the data stored even while being offline, and hence, proves to be highly valuable for an emergency. 

A Good VMS System Streamline Your Evacuation

It is vital in times of emergencies to have multiple exit options. In a time of disaster situations, it is quite normal for employees and visitors to panic and while trying to escape the situation they can make things worse by overcrowding, trampling, and blocking exits. 

However, a VMS system can streamline the whole evacuation process by showing the exact location of everyone on-site, and with its help, you can direct people to different exits and routes. The system also assists you in evacuating the premises faster and ensuring that everybody is following the protocols properly.

Improve Your  Building Evacuation Procedures with a VMS

It is highly crucial to stay prepared at the time of emergency because things can escalate quickly and a calm and quick response can make you take over the situation effectively. 

Visitor Management System by iLobby checks all boxes for being an inclusive solution for any organization, especially when government facilities ease in everyday tasks and save a ton of resources. It is also compliant with all systems so that you can integrate it with your own pretty easily. 

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