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PS2 Emulator for Android: Several gaming consoles can be found these days in the market. However, Sony PlayStation consoles are found to be the most favorites among gamers. Sony has launched several PS gaming consoles but PS2 Emulator released in the year 2000 has been the most popular one and also most sold console. 

Top PS2 Emulator for Android

Billions of kids and adults have used this gaming console. Those who have used this gaming device would always be nostalgic to use it again and why not! It has been the best gaming console of its time. 

Here is the good news: the massive success of PS2 gaming consoles has led to the development of PS2 emulator for Android devices. Emulators are applications that allow you to use one external system inside another host system. So, with the PS2 Android emulator, you can run any PlayStation games on your Android device, without needing the actual playstation2 device.

Though there are several PC emulators available that offer great graphic and smooth navigation, playing PS2 games on mobile phones offers amazing compatibility and ease. It’s like a dream come true!

Many PS2 Emulator for Android are made considering the limitations of Android phones. They are optimized and are compatible to be used on Android devices. With each passing year, mobile phones have been improving graphics and processing engines which simplifies installation and usage of high-end PS2 Games on Android. 

Note that all the apps you find online are not PS2 emulators; many of those apps are tweaked emulators which are displayed with a Pseudonym. In this blog, we bring some of the best PS2 emulators which will let you play all the amazing PlayStation games on your android phone.

Here are the Best Free PS2 Emulator for Android to Play all PS Games on your Mobile.


PPSSPP emulators come with a high-end resolution; it is optimized according to the majority of PS2 features. Here, you can enjoy gaming with most of the mobile screen space. 

You can play the majority of PlayStation games on your Android device as well as on your Windows computer. It can be stated as one of the finest emulators because of millions of downloads and average 4.2+ user ratings on the play store.  PPSSPP PS2 Emulator for Android

PPSSPP is a smooth gaming emulator. However, you can experience some lagging occasionally which depends on your phone’s Ram and gaming resolution.

Features of PPSSPP

  • Enhanced rendering capabilities 
  • Save states
  • Network playing support
  • On-screen controller
  • Support for different hardware controllers
  • Very good game compatibility
  • Battery saver
  • Fast forward
  • 100% speed emulation even on some older devices

Price: Free

To download PPSSPP emulator, click here

2) DamonPS2

The DamonPS2 emulator is known to be one of the fastest emulators. However, the gaming speed and resolution will also depend upon your phone’s processor and Android version. The emulators work effortlessly on Snapdragon 835\845. 

DamonPS2 emulator

With this emulator, you will be able to enjoy 90% of PlayStation games on your Android phone. However, it works best with 20% of games. The emulator is available for free, but to enjoy ad-free gaming you have to go for the pro version. 

Features of Damon PS2:

  • One of the best features of this emulator is that it can scale up the graphics and at the same time, sustain performance with high graphics.
  • Damon PS2 supports multithreading
  • Supports NEON Acceleration
  • Users will not have to use PS2 BIOS or PSP bios
  • Supports 2X~5X PSP Resolution (1080p HD)
  • Supports Gamepad and Control Mapping
  • High-quality sound and resolution

To download Damon PS2 Emulator for Android, click here

3) Play!

play emulator

Play! the emulator is designed for several operating systems. It allows you to play games on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, Linux devices. With this emulator, you can play several 128-bit games. So far, the Play1 emulator app is independent and doesn’t come under any gaming company.

Like any other emulator, Play! has drawbacks too, the emulator last released an updated version in 2017, and since then there are no updates. So, you can expect some bugs or lag, but it will depend on the device you use.  Loading time is not as high as other high-end emulators.

Feature of Play! 

  • Cross-platform App
  • Supports .bin or ISO file format
  • Easy to configure

To download Play! Emulator, click here

4) Golden PS2 Emulator

Golden PS2

Golden Ps2 also known as Pro PS2, comes with a lot of gaming features. The best thing is it is compatible with several Android phones, and you don’t need to use BIOS files. The new app update supports various ROM formats, so you can play numerous PS2 and PSP games on your phone.

Features Of Golden Ps2:

  • Neon Acceleration 
  • Multithreading among others which exceeds its sibling emulator
  • 16:9 widescreen gameplay enhances the gaming experience
  • Multiple Rom supports

Price: Free

To Download Golden PS2 Emulator, click here

5) Pro PlayStation

Pro PlayStation will definitely be in the search result of the best PS2 Emulator for Android. It stimulates sony Playstation games with 100% results in both older and newer devices. This emulator lets you dump games into your SD card and allows you to play with saved games.

Pro PlayStation

It’s easy to install and set up; however, there are some minor drawbacks as it is a cross-platform transformation. Few of the titles might not work well on the App even for those who are using high-resolution phones. But, the good news is that most ROMs work with high graphics and the emulator Pro PlayStation optimizes games to run smoothly on mediocre resolution phones.

Features of Pro PlayStation:

  • Enhanced GPU rendering
  • Save the game progress
  • On-screen controller and mapping
  • Support for different hardware controllers
  • Very good game compatibility
  • Fast forwarding and more

To download ProPlaystation, click here.


ptwoe emulator

PT WOE is an emulator that is available on Play Store since it was being received well by the gamer but was removed from the Store for unknown reasons. But, it is available to download from its official site. The developers have released two versions of the App. One is faster but is a little buggy while another one is slower and more stable. Test both the versions to check which one is more stable.

To install the PT WOE just run the emulator, if you need the BIOS file, the App lets you download it quickly (click Download). Then, place the BIOS file in a directory.

Android → data → com.ptwoe → data → BIOS

If you are facing any issues then find the location and create a folder called “BIOS” and place the BIOS file in that folder.

To download the PS WOE emulator, click here.


This was the list of some amazing PS2 Emulator for Android from our end. These emulators will cherish your old memories of playing PS2. It’s also great for newbies who wish to experience PS2 gaming in a cost-effective way.

Please note that none of the emulators mentioned here are official PS2 apps. In fact, the official emulator app for mobile phones has not been released yet.

Important note: we don’t own the authority of developing any of the apps mentioned in the list. Respective developers are reliable for app making or any discrepancies.

We hope the blog came to your assistance, try one or many emulators from the list and pick your favorite, also feel free to share your reviews about using these apps. 

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